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The Adventure Worth One Billion Words

Novel By: King Goblin Smasher
Action and adventure

The challenge: to make a story with exactly 1 billion words. This is a story about a young squirrel eager for adventure but is secluded in his hometown, denied of leaving the area. Little does he know, however, that his wish will soon be fulfilled when he finds a white raccoon and a map of the area, thus beginning his adventure that spans one billion words. View table of contents...


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The ground shook more and more, large rocks started flying everywhere. Something was coming out from the ground. The sharpshooter, who was surprised at the instance of the knife appearing before him was lucky enough that he did not end up standing on the sharp blades but rather on the handle. The very same handle that had two giant hands grasped around it! With no hesitation, he quickly jumped off the knife and landed on the shaking floor. The rumbling was fierce and our 4 heroes had to lay low on the ground to not lose their footing. However the tremor was starting to slow down because what was coming out of the earth would soon be revealed. First was the knife and its hands, then a large spout like protrusion was seen. Next came an eye followed by a giant mouth. At last, the creature submerged.
A tall monster that was 3 times bigger than our heroes. His head was on the bottom as a round shape. His mouth exposed his gums for he had no lips but his lower jaw was covered in his purple armor. The back of his head had rivets from his clad armor. His body was nothing more than a giant protuberance that looked more like a massive hump on top his head with small wings on the very top. Just before these wings, two giant arms with purple hands in armor were holding the knife. The hands were disturbing as they mimic those of a humans. This truly was a strange monster.
Our heroes stood still on the ground. The shaking had stop but the appearance of this creature had them stunned for they have never seen anything like it. They stared at it in amazement and awe for they did not know what they were looking at.
The monster roared as he quickly flew high up in the air. This startled Nuttingham as he jumped up and ran away while the others stood their ground. At a quick pace, the monster clutched his knife and dived down at an incredible speed, targeting the knife at our heroes. Our heroes saw through this however and quickly got out of the way before the knife began to lunge. The sorcerers took to the skies while the sharpshooter rolled back into Nuttingham who stopped at a good distance away from the beast.
"WHAT IS THAT UGLY MONSTER!?"yelled Nuttingham in a panicking tone.
"You just answered your own question." said the sharpshooter. No sooner that he said this, the giant knife was flung into their direction but thanks to their quick reflexes honed after many years of fighting off the bad guys, they managed to avoid the impact. The monster screamed as he was flying to retrieve his knife. His mouth unhinged a wide 90 degrees. He was a very frightening creature indeed. While Nuttingham ran for cover, the sharpshooter jumped up in the air and with his pistol ready, began blasting his arrows at the beast one after another. This was all in vain for the arrows merely bounced off the purple clad armor of the monster.
Nuttingham stopped on his tracks. Apparently he ran so far that he returned to the chasm caused by the space ship earlier. "Oh no." he said, "I forgot all about this giant hole."
The sharpshooter kept shooting and shooting but only scratches were achieved on the creature. "ARGH!" he shouted. "His armor is too strong." As he was saying this, the sorcerer girl was flying in for a fire attack, however the monster, willingly or unknowingly, swung his knife to strike and in a flash, hit the girl with his blade. The girl was pushed aback along with her broom, though both of them headed a different angle with the girl going further. "NOOOOO!" screamed the sharpshooter as he witnessed the girl flying off to the chasm.
"OH NO!" Nuttingham shouted as all he could do was watch as the girl and the broom were about to fall into the deep gap right in front of him. The broom had fallen in and was sucked by the darkness. The girl was nearing her end but suddenly a swift wind came about. It was the sorcerer boy. He quickly snatched her up mid way to her demise. "I GOT HER!" he screamed.
"You did it!" congratulated Nuttingham. "Now to take care of that monster!".
The sharpshooter was worried about the girl but the monster would not allow him to check on her so he had to keep fighting. But there was no progress as his arrows, no matter what part of the monsters body he hit, would bounce off. The giant knife, on the other hand, was a colossal blade because it smashed anything and everything. Flesh of the body would be no match. Another swing of the knife into the ground it went with the sharpshooter rolling forward, away from the blade in front of the monsters face. He kept pulling the trigger but even at this distance the arrows were ineffective. "WHY DON'T YOU DIE ALREADY!?" said the sharpshooter impatiently. The monster rose into the air and the sharpshooter kept shooting at its underjaw, but as before, no damage was being produced. The monster prepared his knife, ready for another lunge. "If my regular arrows won't work, then I'll use my magic cards." As he said this, a giant boulder appeared in the sky, flying across, and it smacked the monster in the face. "RAAAAAAAAAAAA!" screamed the monster as he recoiled back and dropped his knife. "GET AWAY FROM HIM YOU UGLY MONSTER!" screamed Nuttingham as he grabbed another boulder and tossed it at the monster. The monster was hit once more and rolled even further back. "HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT!?"
"That's not gonna work." said the sharpshooter as he arrived at Nuttingham's location. "His skin is too tough."
"Well that's the only idea I have."
"Don't worry. I'm going to use magic cards to destroy him."
"You sure that's going to work?" Suddenly, the monster appeared before them, knife in hand, ready to strike our foes. Nuttingham and the sharpshooter were right at the edge of the chasm with very few steps left before they would fall down to the depths of the darkness below. "TOO LATE! DO IT NOW!" The sharpshooter took out a magic card out of his pocket with his index and middle finger and loaded it into his pistol. "Hey ugly," he called out to the monster, "eat this!". Right into the monsters face, he pulled the trigger and a explosion was triggered. Nuttingham held the sharpshooter from falling into the cliff by the recoil while the monster was pushed back by the explosion. The sharpshooter ran forward as he kept pulling the trigger. Flashing arrows, powered by the magic of the magic card, flew straight into the monster. The creature was bombarded with explosions. White smoke and red fire covered his entire body. The sharpshooter did not rest his finger and kept pulling the trigger, unleashing arrow after arrow as he ran forward. The monster was still walking back but the blunt force of the many explosions kept bobbing him until it could take no more and he fell into the ground. Nuttingham ran after the sharpshooter as he witnessed the monster fall on his back with puffs of smoke clearing around it. The sharpshooter was taking heavy breaths but held his pistol strongly. "Huff, huff. There. That should've done it." The monster was on the floor but his knife was still clutched and his eyes were still open. Nuttingham walked closer to examine the creature.
The creature got back up as if nothing happened. This sudden awakening made Nuttingham panic as he jumped away like he did the first time he met the monster. The sharpshooter was flabbergasted at this sight as he leaned back as the monsters breath was blowing against him. Regaining his composure, the sharpshooter ran back a couple of feet and joined Nuttingham.
"This thing is impossible to defeat." said Nuttingham, "What are we going to do?"
"It's not impossible!" said the sharpshooter, "He's gotta have a weakness. What can defeat him?"
The monster held his knife on his hands and positioned himself for another swing attack. However, electric sparks were seen in the air. A stream of them actually. They were heading towards the hands of the beast. They landed and the beast screamed as he threw the knife in the air from the pain. The knife spun in the air for a bit and began to descend. Faster and faster it spun. The knife then landed on top of the monsters head. It successfully pierced the armor and impaled the creature. The monsters pupils were compressed and his mouth opened as wide as it could. The creature's body fell and the beast laid on the ground and his pupils was suddenly gone. The monster was now silent. "His knife..." murmured the sharpshooter.
From the distance where they were, the commandant and his troops witnessed the events of the monster fight. "They have defeated that monster all by themselves?" asked the commandant, "These are no ordinary heroes. Now we have no choice. Prepare to give your lives for the Overlord. We are going to fight them."
Back at the site of the battle, the boy flew down into the ground to meet up with his companions. "How is she?" asked the sharpshooter.
"Don't worry." reassured the boy, "I sent her back to the star cruiser. She'll be fine."
"That's great. Thanks for saving us by the way."
"I was aiming to distract him. I didn't knew I was going to be the one to defeat him."
"Alright then. The castle is right in front of us and it's only us three against an entire army. Even if we manage to make it to the Overlord, he'll be the toughest opponent yet. There's no turning back now."
"Don't be so sure." said the Commandant as everyone looked in his general direction, "we will not allow you to trespass the castle of the Overlord as long as we live, so proceed if you dare. We are ready."
The group looked at each other and the boy said "I guess we should get going."
"Yeah" replied the sharpshooter, "but before that, let's call in for backup."
"What do you mean?"
The sharpshooter grabbed the magic lamp that was next to his person, dangling from a string. "The magic lamp." exclaimed the boy, "I completely forgot about that."
"Come on out guys." said the sharpshooter, "We need your help." After the command, a bright yellow light engulfed our heroes. White figures were shown within this light. After the bright yellow glow dissipated, three strange, small, floating Djinn appeared before them: a small flame with eyes and a mouth, a round head with large eyes that were halfway closed and two arms, and what looked like a floating cloth with eyes and a mustache.
"What do you need of us today?" asked the fire Djinn. On the other side, the 50 or so troops were waiting the orders of the commandant with big smiles in their faces and their knives drawn and ready.
"Here they come." the commandant ordered. "Wait for my signal." Now there were only 3 heroes left: the young magical boy, the sharpshooter, and Nuttingham the Squirrel. Tension was building as both parties feared each other. However, our heroes knew of the dangers but were prepared to deal with anything thrown at them. They have come too far to give up now. "Well then..." said the sharpshooter. "LET'S GO!".
The troops rushed forward in a maniacal fashion. Hungry for blood, the elf troops race towards our heroes with knifes in hand. Nuttingham the squirrel jumped forward using his incredible jumping skills (and some magic cards for increased height) and got into the fray. An elf soldier was right behind him but he was not quick to react for Nuttingham used his bushy tail to knock him off his feet. The sorcerer boy launched up and dove down with his electrical attacks. His magic stunned and electrified the enemies below. The sharpshooter, with his restocked gun of magic cards, blasted away at the roaring crowd. Elf soldiers fell one after another as the arrows exploded as they made contact. Even if the arrows hit the floor, the explosion caused the soldiers to be blown away. "Don't stop fighting!" yelled the commandant from a distance, "We must not let them get close to the Demon's Castle's gates!". Explosions, bits of granite, electricity, and flying elf soldiers filled the skies. The fire Djinn, using his flame breath, blew his ember air and burned any foe that dared get near him. The round headed Djinn used his meditative psychokinesis on the forces of nature to create his power balls. After acquiring a couple, he launched them at the elf troops, which exploded upon contact. The cloth Djinn used his icy breath to freeze the floor and make the enemies slip onto their backs. "They must be stopped no matter what the cost!" continued to scream the commandant as he stood away from the battles. More and more soldiers ran up to our heroes in droves. Nuttingham, grabbing his bushy tail, coiled into a ball and rolled forward up a small ramp like rock structure, knocking down enemies in his way. The sorcerer boy was now at low ground, targeting his opponents one by one and shocking them with electricity. The sharpshooter, with a big smile on his face, kept on shooting at the massive legion as they fell down to the floor. "Do you understand me!?" shouted the commandant, perfectly safe at his position near the entrance. "Stop them! Or else you will see the anger of the Overlord." Our 3 heroes had past the small gate welcoming those who dare to enter the Demon's Castle that stood outside the entrance. The fighting continued as black shell beetles carrying more troops entered the fray. The boy dodged the airborne beetles, the sharpshooter dashed across the gang of disorderly troops. Nuttingham knocked down all opposition against him. The commandant continued to scream demands from the sidelines. "DO NOT FAIL ME OR THE OVERLORD WILL -AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!". An explosion interrupted his speech as an arrow flew into his chest. The commandant fell down the moat in between the gate and the Demon's Castle entrance. The troops continued to fight in the frenzy but no matter how many they were, our heroes knocked them down, blew them up, zapped them away, and froze them in place. The troops would not stop however. They were too hot blooded and excited to stop. One by one the troops slowed in numbers, until eventually few remained. The beetles stopped coming and the remaining troops were smashed down. The commandant's troops were now defeated.
Catching their breaths, and as the Djinn returned to the lamp for rest, our heroes remained in a guarded position. Well at least 2 of them.
Nuttingham wondered "Nobody's here. Why?"
"Don't drop your guard." said the Sharpshooter, "Reinforcements may come out of nowhere."
Suddenly Nuttingham's eyes were wide open. A huge smile was struck on his face. "Look guys." he expressed happily, "We're here! We're finally at the entrance of the Evil Overlord's castle." In front of them, there it stood. The front gates to the Demon's Castle, the home of the Overlord. However, standing below this gate was a giant moat that was very deep. Crossing it is not possible without some kind of bridge.
"It's the entrance alright" said the boy, "but how are we suppose to go through it if it's closed?" As everyone started to ponder as to how to gain access, a giant creaking noise suddenly was heard. It was the drawbridge that was being lowered!
"Hey!" reacted the sharpshooter, "It's opening!" This was a surprise to everyone but doubts were in the air. However, they pressed on. They got on the draw bridge and started walking but only walked halfway. They stopped and looked around for anything suspicious, however it was all calm.
"There's nobody guarding." said Nuttingham, "This is getting weird."
As soon as he finished, a very booming laugh was heard. The sharpshooter was so startled that he shoved his pistol into Nuttingham's tummy. "AH!" Nuttingham screamed.
"Oh! Sorry." apologized the sharpshooter and lowered his weapon.
"Congratulations!" the booming voice returned. "You are the first mortals in a million years to arrive at this castle alive."
"Stop hiding!" demanded Nuttingham. "Come out and show us your face, Alcazar!"
As if his request was granted, a strange figure started forming above them. The sharpshooter got his pistol ready as did the boy with is broom. Nuttingham just looked on as the figure continued to form. Small particles were floating around, hovering above but in a specific pattern. It was hard to make the pattern out as they were apart but as they joined together, the figure started to build character. At last the very few seconds left before the figure fully materialized, the figure shown a face with a iron mask on that covered all but his eyes, nose, mouth, and cheeks. No hair was found so his top was covered by two plates that was part of the mask from the back. Due to no ears existing, the entire head was a perfectly round body except for the eyes, mouth, and nose, which were humanoid. This was Alcazar.
"Satisfied?" he said. "I want to be the first to congratulate you on your successful journey."
"ALCAZAR!" screamed Nuttingham.
"But you do realize that this is where the journey ends, right?"
The sharpshooter answered, "Quit humoring us. Aren't you going to send the guards to come after us?"
"Oh no," continued Alcazar, "I'm not sending anyone out to get you. If anything, the Overlord is welcoming you inside."
"Really?" answered Nuttingham, "Does that mean you are going to lead us to him?"
"No but you are welcomed to enter his domain. All you have to do is knock on his door."
"Did you hear that guys? He's practically surrendering. We've won!"
The sharpshooter looked with disbelief as he replies "Oh come on. You don't buy that, do you?"
"You truly are a simpleton Nuttingham." spoke Alcazar.
"HEY!" replied back Nuttingham, "That's a mean thing to say."
"Within this castle, a hundred soldiers are waiting to shred you to pieces."
"You said you weren't going to send anyone to get us."
"I am not. They are waiting for you inside. The minute you enter, it's an all out war."
"Ah nuts." Nuttingham looks at the floor as he kicks up some dust. "I thought it was all over."
The sharpshooter takes this opportunity and asks Alcazar "What about you? Are you going to attack us?"
"In time" replies Alcazar, "but I will watch for now and see how you perform."
"OW!" shouted Nuttingham as a boulder hits him on top of his head. This causes him to fall. "HEY MAN!" he yells at Alcazar, "What's the big idea?"
"GET UP!" demands Alcazar.
"Huh?" Nuttingham said confusingly.
"NUTTINGHAM! GET UP!" Nuttingham has no idea what just happened but apparently he obeys and gets up to his feet. "Alright, I'm up." Another boulder suddenly hits Nuttingham's head once more, making him fall down yet again. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" screamed Nuttingham.
"GET UP ALREADY!" Alcazar shouted.
"NUTTINGHAM, GET UP!" Just then, another boulder appeared on top of Nuttingham but this time it hung there, ready to fall on top of the confused squirrel. "Okay, okay, just don't throw that boulder at me." Nuttingham pleaded, even though he had no idea what Alcazar wanted. "Hey, hey, come on man..."
"NUTTINGHAM, GET UP!" The boulder started to drop. Nuttingham covered his face, ready to accept the impact. "GET UP NUTTINGHAM!"

Nuttingham fell off the sacks of grain on onto the wooden floor as a sack of grain landed on his face. He quickly shoved the bag of grain away from him, spilling it across the floor.
"Nuttingham, get up already. It's high noon." screamed his angry sister.
"Huh? Wha...?" Nuttingham was dazed and confused. However after a few seconds, he finally realized that his sister had once again woken him up from his favorite dream.

999,992,292 words left.


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