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The Adventure Worth One Billion Words

Novel By: King Goblin Smasher
Action and adventure

The challenge: to make a story with exactly 1 billion words. This is a story about a young squirrel eager for adventure but is secluded in his hometown, denied of leaving the area. Little does he know, however, that his wish will soon be fulfilled when he finds a white raccoon and a map of the area, thus beginning his adventure that spans one billion words. View table of contents...


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In the wide open space of the cosmos, many worlds are present. Each world having it's own unique civilization and features. Many of these worlds are primitive, just now starting their development, while others have advance to create culture and progress. However, few of these worlds have met each other for not many have advanced in star travel. Though one is the exception. The planet Ashtar. From afar, it is a green planet with blue oceans being overlooked by many moons, clouds and twinkling stars. It is a world covered in a painting like that of a woodcut from a fairy tale. The planet is a civilized world full of elves, fairies, goblins, and other such creatures. As said before, the technology of this planet is not by far the most advance in the cosmos but star traveling is possible thanks to the advance of technology of this planet. The ability to fly in the sea of stars was not by the planets convention however. It was from a foreign power that is unknown to those outside of the Demon's Tower. All the people know about the new technology that has suddenly arrived in this planet is that the evil demon King Geo has won the war between good and evil and ever since the Era of Darkness, technology has progressed at a fast rate. The aforementioned star traveling is thanks to the star cruisers, ships designed to travel the sea of stars.
In the middle of the Green Deck mountains lies a tower. This is the Demon's Tower, a large building, green in color, with a massive stairway to the entrance with pillars at each side that end in a barb ball on top. The tower itself is tall with a curvy figure, many dormers adorn the sides, the tiles that make up the walls are shaped like lizard scales, green flags lie still in the windless night on top of the tower but not standing straight but jotting outwards, and a frightening face is carved in the middle of the tower with two red eyes, an open mouth like a parrots beak but with teeth around it. On the very top of the tower is a court room with large arcade arches and large pillars supporting the dome ceiling. This is where the evil King Geo lies.
Before the court therein lies a bridge. It is made of red bricks on its side and granite on the top. There are also pillars that support the walkway as well made out of gold that is now tarnished orange with a decorative owl on top of them and small precious stones line up between the owls and the granite. In this bridge a general is walking on it on his way towards the evil King. It is General Blade Laru. A lizard like creature with black skin but the only part of his body that showcases this is his head for his entire body is covered in golden armor, making it look like his face is that of a shadow and with his big mouth full of sharp teeth that opens widely when he screams, it makes a frightening and intimidating scene. His helmet covers his head sans the face and protrudes up in a pointy manner. The back of his helm has a decorative tail. He also bares a rounded chest plate that serves as his plackart and in the middle it is adorned with a jewel. His armor also includes shoulder pads, gauntlets that cover all but his 3 massive talons, and sabatons that also showcase his talons (two in front, one behind). The only piece that was not armor was his leggins, which were purple and made out of leather. He has a sword which, though he has a scabbard, never sheaths it and holds on to it always. Very rarely does he let it out of his sight.
The General walks on the bridge leading to the corridor that will lead to the court room but two elf soldiers stand in front of the large entrance. The elf soldiers are the main force of the elf army. They are hideous to look at with bony cheeks, wide and slender eyes, pointy ears, long noses, and the overall head looks too small to acquire the facial features. The uniform consist of an orange cap, tunic, outer sock, green shirt, gloves, and pointy shoes. Each soldier is issued a knife to use for combat.
General Blade approached the two guards and in his raspy voice he said "Out of the way. I'm here to see the master."
"Give us the password."
"Password? It's me, General Blade Laru. Let me through!"
"Our orders are not to let anyone in without a password. Not even you Generals can by pass this rule, so sayeth King Geo."
"Alright, alright. Let me think." General Blade had no idea what the password was, nor did he knew that he needed one. Could it have been a new order issued or has it always been in place? He either would forget things or would not bother listening. He thought of what it could be but he could not think of anything. He squinted his eyes hard, concentrating on what could the password be. Suddenly, "I DON'T REMEMBER THE PASSWORD!" he screamed. "JUST LET ME IN ALREADY!"
"We got strict orders not to let anyone in without the password, sir."
Disgruntled, General Blade once again tried to think of what the password could be. Just then, "AHA!" he exclaimed, "I know the password." He suddenly grabbed the right most soldier by the neck with his talons and jutted his knife near the soldiers belly. "LET ME IN OR I'M GOING TO GUT YOU LIKE A FISH!" demanded General Blade.
"O...okay, OKAY! You can pass! You can pass!"
"WHAT!? After all that talk about strict orders, you're just gonna let someone in after a threat? What kind of guard are you!?"
As the guard struggled and General Blade shouted, from behind the gates, General Flame Laru interrupted. "Blade, what are you doing? King Geo is waiting." General Flame Laru, another lizard general like his counterpart. He looked exactly the same as General Blade except that he wore green leggins and did not carry a weapon, for he had his fire breath. How he and Blade were related was not known.
"This stupid guard is challenging my authority." General Blade said. "He won't let me in."
"Did you forget the password?" said General Flame.
"Yeah, but I'm higher rank. He should let me in anyways."
"The password is to keep intruders out you fool."
"Well what's the password?"
"Little bits of chocolate."
General Blade slammed the poor guard onto the granite bridge and let go of him. "Little bits of chocolate." said General Blade.
"Pa-password correct. You...may pass." And thus the two Generals went inside to meet the evil King. The passageway leading to the court room was dark, not because of lack of light, though that too was a reason, but because it was painted black. Only the windows provided some sort of d├ęcor. The windows were barred and there were small holes around some of the more decorative ones to form a floral design. The corridor was long. So long that it took 3 minutes to walk through it.
"So why did King Geo summon us?" General Blade asked.
"You fool," responded General Flame. "don't you know anything? It's about the card."
"You mean 'that' card?"
"Yes, that card. There has been a report that said a peddler was seen with it."
"A peddler? How'd a peddler get their hands on it?"
"I don't know but it was reported that he gave the card to the Wonder Roosters."
"The Wonder Jerks? Why'd he do that?"
"Who knows, but King Geo is worried."
"What's so good about this card?"
"King Geo said it could summon a magical chariot."
"A chariot? What's so bad about a chariot?"
"You jabberwock. The chariot is said to have magical powers. King Geo is worried that it could lead to his downfall."
"So he wants us to go and get the card?"
"What are you talking about? He already gave us that order earlier."
"He did?"
"You mean you didn't know? Where were you when he issued the order?"
"Well, when did he issue the order?"
"You jabberwock! You better hope he doesn't know that you have not sent your troops to search for the card."
"What? You think he'll turn me into a wood statue?"
"Of course!"
"Then I better go and tell my men to-"
"You idiot. It's too late. King Geo has summoned us already. Just hope he doesn't know about it."
"Well what did he summon us for if it wasn't to issue a search?"
"I don't know, but it must be important."
"Suppose someone has already found the card."
"Possibly, but I doubt it. After all, this is the Wonder Roosters we are talking about. They are not easy to catch. Whatever the case, his majesty is waiting for us. Let's just go and find out what it is."
"You know, I could go for little bits of chocolate right about now."
General Flame rolled his eyes at that statement. By this time, they have finally reached the entrance to the court room with another pair of guards standing in front of it.
"Hello lowly guard." said Blade, "We're here to see King Geo."
"What is the password?"
"Little bits of chocolate."
"That is not the password."
Flame interrupted Blade's screaming. "There's a different password for the court room."
"Are you kidding!? How many passwords are there?"
"You should know. You have to know this stuff."
"I'm too old to learn anything new."
Flame turned around to the guard. "The password is One Billion Words."
"Password correct. You may pass." The guards opened the doors to the court room and the Generals walked inside but stopped at the first step of the 3 tiered stairway that was in place.
"Alright," said Flame, "the King is up ahead. Let's walk up to him and bow our-"
Suddenly a voice echoed through the court yard. "You may reside where you be at the instant." It said.
"Ki...King Geo!" said Flame surprisingly as he bowed down quickly, "I...I did not know you could see us from there. I apologize for my rudeness." He then stared at Blade, who was just standing there. "Blade, you fool, what are you doing? Bow down will you!?"
The evil King Geo, the one who now rules all of Ashtar. He is the King of Demons who won the battle between Good and Evil. He had a peculiar look to him: he was a globe. As if he was a world of himself, he took the appearance of a planet with oceans and lands. One his backside there was an mountain island with a ring of clouds around it. His eyes, nose, and mouth were also parts of this "world". His eyes were round but he squinted, leaving very little of his iris to see. His nose, though still being land, took form of that of a man's natural nose. His mouth too was land but he had mountains underneath to give illusion of a goatee. His arms, however, were those of clouds but they could clasp items just as much as flesh ones could. There was also 2 small clouds hovering both above and beneath him. He was a strange looking demon indeed.
"General Flame Laru, General Blade Laru," said the King, "I am complacent you could come forth when I beckoned for you."
"Yes, your majesty." said Flame, "On your command, I will swim the largest oceans, climb the highest mountain..."
"Yes, yes, I comprehend."
"King Geo." said Blade.
"What be it, General Blade?" asked the King.
"If this is about the Card, why did you summon us instead of Moeban?"
"For the motive that I encompass a compulsion of you two that necessitate field work."
"Oh, I see...I think. Well we are at your service. What do you wish from us then?"
"Very well, you may draw near me."
The two generals obeyed and started walking in the court room. The room was pretty large. Nearly a quarter of a mile in length. From the entrance to the throne was a narrow path that was a bridge, for the entire court was suspended in the air from the structure. The edge of the bridge had red pillars with a decorative spiral on the bottom and top that reached the dome ceiling that was blue and decorated with golden stars all around in a circle pattern. The outer edge of the court room had green pillars however and overlooked the Green Deck Mountains and the associate lands for this was the very top of the Demon's Tower. The throne in which the King sat was that of a globe's stand with decorative symbols of the Ashtarian alphabet with two arm rest at the side and two supports at the bottom with one in the middle and one in a slant formation in front.
The two generals arrived in front of the throne and bowed down in the expected manner: hunched over with one arm extended behind, bent at an angle and the other across the chest, the head looking upwards. It was a strange stance but it was the King's orders. "How can we serve you, oh humble King of mine?" said Flame.
"Arise." responded the King, "I shall tell you. First off, did you dispatch your soldiers to hunt for the Card of the Sun?"
"Yes, your majesty. We have received word that the Wonder Roosters possess it."
"Where are the Wonder Roosters?"
"The Wonder Roosters are at their hideout. Our men are ready to ambush them when they leave."
"Tremendous. All is going well."
"Nothing is too good for you, your majesty."
"General Flame Laru, General Blade Laru, I desire you two to be the ones that summon the Sun Chariot."
Flame's eyes suddenly widened with shock. "What? You want us to summon the Chariot? But your majesty, isn't it risky to summon the chariot in your presence?"
"Not if I siphon the chariots power."
Blade asked "What does that mean?"
Flame answered "It means he's going to try to suck the power out of it."
"Correct." said the king. "If I amass all the power of the Sun Chariot, it will be ineffectual."
"But your majesty," said Flame, "you could die from doing that. Why risk it?"
"I want to endow the Sun Chariot to our Suzerain."
"What? You want to give the Overlord the only thing that can defeat him as a gift?"
"If I expunge all of the Chariot's power, then it will be hollow and I can furnish it to Suzerain Lar as my offering."
Blade commented "Well that sounds nice."
"Wait a minute," said Flame, "Wouldn't Overlord Lar think that you are betraying him by siphoning the power of the Chariot?
"No," said the King, "for the reason that the power of the Chariot is also toxic to me. I will just siphon its power but not maintain it."
At this instance, a black shelled beetle arrived and the buzzing echoed throughout the court. "What's that?" asked Blade. Then he said "Wait...it's a beetle. Don't worry your majesty, I'll kill it."
"This be my communicator." said the King. "I utilize it accordingly so I may correspond with my minions who are afar." The beetle stopped in front of the King. The black shelled beetles were one of the creatures introduced into the world of Asthar to keep the people of the planet at bay. The worst part is that King Geo and his minions have control over them. They are placed in hives all around so that if anyone opposes the King, they will let them out and cause misery to all. The beetles are rounded in shape but not too rounded. They are shaped almost like a football but without the pointed ends. The top was a smooth black shell, hence their name, while the bottom is striped and white. They have two orange wings at each side and one eye in the middle on the front. Some have two large legs that can walk and hop while others do not. This particular beetle was modified with broadcast vision, just one of many technological advances that the evil King introduced. The beetle opened its eye and like a projector, a small, round hologram appeared before him. It was a commandant who was reporting back to the King.
"Your majesty," the commandant said, "It is I, Commandant Ralloy." The audio was kinda fuzzy and crackled a lot as the vision was all grainy and the opacity of the hologram kept raising and falling at random intervals. The technology, while it did work, was far from perfected.
"What do you encompass to me, Commandant?"
"The Wonder Roosters have left their hideout. They are surrounded."
"Tremendous. The Wonder Roosters have nowhere to scurry. All is falling into my hands."
Blade let out a sigh of relief and thought to himself "Phew, now I don't have to worry about him finding out I did not send out my troops."
"Commandant," said the King, "convey to me the Wonder Roosters breathing. They shall befall as my most cherished wood statues."
"Yes, sir." replied the commandant.
"General Flame Laru, General Blade Laru, arrange yourselves. Soon, the Card of the Sun will come and you shall convoke the Sun Chariot, which shall suit a trophy for Suzerain Lar."
"If that is your wish," said Flame, "then we shall be honored to summon the Chariot."
"Excellent. With the Wonder Roosters out of prospect, Ashtar shall belong to me. As soon as the card is in my tenure, then no entity shall stand in my way." The king spoke of this as the image of the hologram changed to the situation the commandant was now in: the Wonder Roosters being surrounded by the Commandant's army, ready to pounce at a moments notice.

999,986,293 words left.


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