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The Adventure Worth One Billion Words

Novel By: King Goblin Smasher
Action and adventure

The challenge: to make a story with exactly 1 billion words. This is a story about a young squirrel eager for adventure but is secluded in his hometown, denied of leaving the area. Little does he know, however, that his wish will soon be fulfilled when he finds a white raccoon and a map of the area, thus beginning his adventure that spans one billion words. View table of contents...


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The Grimm Forest. A large, thick woodland where the ground is pitch black due to the light incapable of seeping through the many thick and giant branches. The trees themselves are over 10,000 years old and thick enough that the residents of this forest decided to build their homes on the top of the branches. The branches themselves are a yard thick, making it easy to walk on, and they have grass, not leaves as you may have thought, growing on top of them that droops down. At night, the surrounding shrubbery glow from the florescent flowers that flash different colors depending on what kind they were. The night and dusk skies twinkle like jewels because of the many stars above. The housing is made out of clay with canvas bolted on top. The wood is so thick that it takes too long to chop a single log, making them expensive to own.
This forest is close to the Green Deck mountains where the evil King Geo observes. Around a hundred years ago, there was a great battle where King Geo set up his forces against the Ashtarians. Asthar's spirits as well as the mortals fought bravely but in the end lost, thus began what is now known as the Era of Darkness, a time where King Geo rules everyone in the land for his own selfish needs, causing the people misery and grief. The only good thing this era brought was technological advancements but only to benefit King Geo. Along the way within the Era of Darkness, there eventually came the Golden Age of Adventurers. During these trying times, brave and bold individuals, groups, and bands would seek fame and fortune, defying King Geo and his minions, all in the name of adventure and thrills. The adventurers are the last hope of Ashtar and are now recognized for their valiant and rebellious actions against the empire. They have created such an impact that they are now culturally important. In the past 20 years, a ranking system has been in placed to record adventurers from all the lands and tier them in their place in history. The conditions of setting these rankings are administered by an official council and there are many rules in place, but the following rankings, from lowest to highest, are as follow in their basic form:
Explorer: The lowest ranking position is given to those who have venture locally but have not done so much as observe.
Fortune-hunter: The most given ranking are to those whose aim are to seek fortune but not necessarily fame and glory, meaning that the venturer will not partake in an adventure if the danger outweighs the rewards.
Opportunist: This ranking is the same as the previous but the difference for this one is the rewards does not have to equate to the danger or even be present.
Globetrotter: This ranking is given to those who travel far and wide to different foreign lands but much like the explorer, do not engage in anything aside from exploration. This ranking differs from the previous lower rankings in that the venturer travels to new lands on a constant basis, therefore it is the only ranking that can accompany another.
Pioneer: This ranking is given to those who take lead into perilous situations but do not engage in said danger for others to follow after.
Daredevil: From here forward are the least given rankings due to their difficulty to achieve. This ranking is given to those who have ventured into danger and have partaken in it in some shape or form.
Swashbuckler: This ranking is the same as the daredevil, except that this title is given to those who have no desire to reward from it. If they are rewarded, the prize would come from whatever venture they have participated and not from offers. This title mostly goes to those who have not taken rewards at all.
Adventurer: Not just a way to describe the person but the word itself has become it's own ranking. This is the most coveted title. This ranking is given to the ones who have taken many ventures in many places, with many dangers, and many rewards. Only the most experienced can take home this title.
Legend: The very rare title that is hard to attain, not many people expect to get it and aim to get the second best one. This title is given to those who have done the most impossible of ventures. The ones that no one would think anyone can survive from. The most dangerous of situations are no match for this candidate.
So far, the most common title given is the fortune-hunter because the majority of adventurers simply wish for riches beyond their wildest dreams. However, there are those who wish to do more than just get rich. There are those who truly seek excitement and suspense. These are the very thrill seekers that, at most, reach daredevil status. As for the top title of legend, there has not been a record of anyone that takes this title. Going down to the earliest archives does not reveal any adventurer who deserves this title, for whoever gets the legendary status must do something so grand that it will shake the world, and so far that has not happened. But what about the aforementioned most wanted title of adventurer? In all recorded history since the beginning of the Golden Age of Adventurers and even the Era of Darkness, only two have earned this prestigious title: the Wonder Roosters, a pair of friends who have defied King Geo and his minions time and time again, gaining wealth and fame along the way. The people praise them as the heroes of the Era of Darkness. They are both elves about 2 feet high, big round eyes, long noses, perfectly round ears, and are around 16 years of age. Louis, the brash and adventurous of the two, dons a orange beanie on his golden hair, wears a blue vest over an orange shirt, brown pants, and black leather shoes. His weapon of choice is his arrow pistol, a crossbow in the shape of a gun that automatically loads arrows from a chamber. Another example of technological progress in Asthar. Silver, the calm and most clever of the two, wears a green headband over his orange hair with a triangle design on it. He does not wear a shirt but a yellow poncho with a green stripe on the bottom along with green pants and green sockings (a type of footwear unique to Asthar). His weapon are his knives. Custom made to be light and be able to be flung at his enemies. He has many of them he makes himself from his workshop. For the most part, he uses them as a melee weapon, even though they were designed to be a projectile. The duo have ventured into many lands but always come back to their hideout, which is disguised to look like a tavern to keep King Geo and his minions guessing on their whereabouts, and so far it has worked since they have never discovered that this tavern is the Wonder Roosters' home. That is until today.
It is the nearing of the break of dawn. The sky is purple with whatever twinkling stars about to rest to make way for the sun to appear. The Wonder Roosters, standing with their weapons at hand outside of their tavern's doorway, are now at the mercy of Commandant Ralloy who has been hunting them down for years. He has cornered them though this wouldn't be the first time. What's different however is that he has a force 4 times bigger than before along with backup. To distinguish his ranking from the rest of the soldiers, his uniform is purple instead of orange to stand out amongst the rest of his troops. The Wonder Roosters are literately surrounded on all directions.
"For the crime of challenging King Geo's authority," the Commandant explained, "you are under arrest."
"Tell us something we don't know." answered back Louis.
"Don't smart mouth with me." said the Commandant, "You have 254 charges against you."
"Is one of those laws outrunning idiot soldiers like you?" said Silver.
"SHUT UP!" yelled the Commandant, "You will not escape this time, Wonder Roosters. We have the entire elf army on you. Escape is impossible."
Louis answered back. "The entire army? This is what the people's taxes are going for? To capture two elvens?"
"SILENCE!" demanded the Commandant, "I never liked you smart aleck Wonder Roosters. But now it's time to get serious."
Silver then replied. "Just like that last hundred times you tried to capture us?"
"SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUP!" screamed the Commandant, while Louis had a smirk on his face. After capturing his breath, he continued. "Stupid fools. Why do you rebel against King Geo?"
"Here' s a better question." replied Louis. "Why do you obey Geo? He's the bad guy here."
"Because he rules Ashtar now, that's why."
"Because he won The War Between Good and Evil?"
"Well it'll take a lot more than that to convince me."
"Convince? Will being turned into a wood statue convince you? Because that's what's going to happen to you."
"I don't care. I will not obey Geo, not even once."
"Idiots! Buffoons! Jabberwocks! You don't understand King Geo's power. He is the supreme ruler of this world now."
"No he isn't!" By this time, Silver lowered his guard a bit. Louis continued. "There is someone else who is even more powerful than Geo working behind the scenes."
"Ever heard of a entity called Lar?"
"Lar? Never heard of him."
"Lar is an Overlord taking over stars. When The War Between Good and Evil erupted, Geo asked Lar for more power. Lar granted him the power and he won the battle, which began the Era of Darkness."
Suddenly, King Geo's eyes widened a bit, though he still maintained his composure, he felt a sense of dread as he heard Louis saying this through his communicator.
"Unfeasible!" he said. "General Blade Laru, General Flame Laru, no instance to squander now. I necessitate you to go and restrain the Wonder Roosters. Confine them deceased or breathing."
Flame replied "But didn't you want them alive because-"
"It's too late for such!" interrupted King Geo. "Slay them if you must, but only whilst you encompass the Card of the Sun in your tenure."
Both Generals bowed down in the traditional sense and Flame gave his verification. "As you command, your majesty." The two generals began leaving the court room to prepare for the capture of the Wonder Roosters. "How?" asked King Geo to himself, "How did they discover the subject matter out?"
Back at the Wonder Roosters hideout, the Commandant continued on. "Well how did you get that information?"
"Uhh...we...we can't say how we know this, but-"
"If you can't tell me where you got your information from, then I can't believe you."
Silver then spoke up. "But the fact remains, Geo is evil."
"And I thought I told you that doesn't matter." answered back the Commandant. "Those who defy King Geo get turned into wood statues. We have no choice."
"So that's why you are loyal?" continued Silver. "Because of fear? We wouldn't have to fear him if we just work together."
"Work together?"
Louis then spoke. "Yes. The entire Elf Army in Ashtar is made up of over a million soldiers, maybe even more. Geo only has a few henchmen and monsters. It's the entire Elf army that makes up the majority of his military power. We can defeat Geo if we just work together and attack him. His only limited by the power Lar has bestowed upon him."
"YOU STUPID FOOLS! Geo can turn a million people into wood statues by simply passing over them!"
"WHAT!? Are you serious!?"
"I saw it with my own eyes. He transforms anyone to wood statues by simply waving his hand. He's unstoppable. That's why I keep telling you guys to quit this charade and join us."
"I don't care what powers he has. We will not yield to him. Not one bit."
"Use common sense boy. If a million soldiers can be turned to wood with one wave of his hand-"
"Sir!" A soldier interrupted the Commandant.
"You are aware that King Geo is watching us, right?" Everyone looked up. The black shelled beetle hovering above them that has been floating on the same spot all this time. It was the communicator that King Geo was using to observe the situation from his court room.
"I COMPLETELY FORGOT!" screamed the Commandant. "CAPTURE THEM NOW!" Suddenly, every elf soldier present took out their knives, ready to pounce. Some elf soldiers suddenly appeared from the top of the tavern's rooftop, ready to capture them. It looks like the Wonder Roosters have no where to run. The Commandant gave the signal and everyone started running towards the twosome. The duo watched as the giant crowd of soldiers were ready to snatch them.
"Escape plan?" asked Silver.
"Escape plan." answered Louis. The duo suddenly jumped off the branch that they were standing on into the darkness below. "WHAT ARE YOU-" screamed the Commandant, but it was too late. The duo disappeared into the depths of the bottom of the Grimm Forest. "NOOOOOO!" yelled the Commandant as he hopelessly watched as the entire elf army landed on the now empty spot, struggling to grasp at the duo that were not there anymore.
The Wonder Roosters escape route was a set of logs that were tied up with long vines from the top of the branch. It was too dark to see from above where the Commandant was but thanks to the florescent flowers that glowed, the Wonder Roosters could see where the logs where placed. Their escape route consisted of the logs which were guided by the glowing flowers to a ladder that lead upwards into another house. This was all unbeknownst to the Commandant, who was now desperate.
"King Geo specifically asked to bring them alive. Quickly, get down and find them." His troops started to climb down the big trunk that was supporting the tavern along with another housing, trying to figure out what happened to the Wonder Roosters. A few yards away from them, there was a small hut that was right underneath the branch that the Commandant and his troops were standing. From the small opening came out the Wonder Roosters. Slowly and quietly they checked the area to see if it was clear. It was. Louis started climbing upwards and when he reached the top, held out his hand to help Silver. "THERE THEY ARE!" screamed one of the Commandant's soldiers. The duo have been caught!
"An escape plan?" said the Commandant, "I knew they wouldn't resort to suicide. QUICKLY! GET THEM!" The entire force was now on the Wonder Roosters' tail, whom were now on the run.
"Louis," said Silver, "do you think that guy was telling the truth?"
"About what?" asked Louis.
"About the entire army coming after us?" The Duo instantly put on the brakes because in front of them was a horde of soldiers.
"You said something about a million soldiers, right?" asked Silver.
A soldier who was the leader of this pack then yelled out an order. "We got them surrounded. Let's rush them!" They started walking towards the duo, with knives at hand.
"Super bomb?" asked Silver.
"Super bomb." answered Louis. From their pockets, they took a small pink orb. It swirled and crackled a lot. This was a super bomb, a very potent weapon. It is made of magic and if used with a weapon, it will quadruple the weapons arsenal for a few minutes.
"What is that?" said the troops in unison, unknown at what the super bomb was. Louis inserted the super bomb into this pistol while Silver spread it against his knives. Louis pulled the trigger while Silver launched the first knife. BOOM! The super bomb's effect was so great, everyone started flying in all directions with explosions appearing everywhere. Pink puffs of smoke filled the air and soldiers were hurdled down into the darkness below. The pathway was open and our heroes proceeded to run forward. This was not the end however, but merely the beginning because a giant formation of soldiers followed them and more soldiers were waiting for our heroes.
The Commandant's screamed "Curse you Wonder Roosters! GET THEM QUICKLY! We outnumber them astronomically!" With the super bomb in effect, the Wonder Roosters' arsenal was equivalent to an armies. It didn't matter how many soldiers came running towards them, the super bomb's explosions blew them away. However, even with the super bomb, the Wonder Roosters were having trouble targeting all of them.
"How many super bombs do you have left?" asked Silver.
"Zero. What about you?" answered Louis.
"I got one left."
"Not nearly enough to take on an entire army of a million."
The duo kept clearing wave after wave of soldiers but they just kept on coming. From behind, from in front, even from below.
"Actually," continued Louis, "I'm not so sure if it's a million. There could be more."
"As if I needed to hear that."
The duo kept on fighting. The super bombs effect was already at the halfway point. They kept on firing their weapons, blowing away all oppositions they could, but it was obvious from the fight that the super bomb was not going to last them.
"How many arrows do you have?" asked Silver.
"Five quills. You?"
"I got 8 quills."
"Not nearly enough to take on an entire army of a million."
As our heroes kept on fighting, the Commandant kept on sending more troops from behind, as if they were on a production line. The number of soldiers reached the farthest reaches. This was truly the elf army in its entirety out to capture two mere elves. "You fools!" shouted the Commandant. "You should keep your distance while they possess the power of the super bomb. Well too late for that now. The super bomb's effect has worn off by now. Strike them!" Just as he predicted, the super bomb was no longer in effect. Our heroes have now resorted back to their standard weapons.
"This is insane!" exclaimed Silver, "If I knew we were going to fight the entire army as soon as we left the door..."
"Yeah," cut off Louis, "they sure did surprise us with this."
Once again, soldiers from in front and behind were closing in on our heroes. Louis and Silver were aback against each other with each one attacking one side.
"Why have they sent the entire army now? They've always send out that stupid Commandant with a small force."
"Yeah, I noticed as well. Geo wouldn't waste the force of the entire elf army on two elvens, even if it's for us." As the soldiers fell one after another, a small pause appeared as the other soldiers caught up. However, our heroes didn't even move because a thought now occurred into their heads. "THE CARD OF THE SUN!" screamed both, as more soldiers finally caught up. The duo regained their composure and moved forward, taking down all soldiers in front. The area they were now in was a construction zone, with logs stacked around. The soldiers took this opportunity to climb up and try to sneak up on the Wonder Roosters.
"But we didn't tell anyone about the card." said Silver.
"Well why else would they sent the entire army after us? It's the only reason they would do so."
"Well this is just great. We barely got the card and Geo already knows about it."
"Our only option now is to hide. We can't handle all these soldiers!"
Our heroes ran and ran, fighting off soldiers that were coming in swarms. The logs made it harder to concentrate because troops kept using them to hide behind them and sneak up on the duo. However, the Wonder Roosters were cunning. They didn't receive the title of Adventurer for nothing after all. They kept their eyes and ears open and shot anything that moved. The elf soldiers were tricky but not too bright. Even though the environment was against the Wonder Roosters, they managed to pull through. They were now on a section of the construction site where the branch inclined upwards. They ran up to the top where more logs were set.
"ARGH!" complained Louis, "They just keep coming and coming."
"This outta slow them down." said Silver. He grabbed one of his knives and cut the rope that tied together the logs that were sitting next to them, and with the help of Louis, they rolled the logs down into the slope. Crash! The logs hit the soldiers who were climbing up, tripping them and making them fall off the branch. The troops scattered, running away from the logs before they became the next victim. The Wonder Roosters took this opportunity and continued on. But it wasn't long however because no sooner, more soldiers were scrambling on the mess that was made, climbing on top of one another, knives in hand, all in droves. The logs that fell were nothing more than twigs compared to the multitude of soldiers that were dispatched to capture the troublesome twosome.
The Commandant was getting impatient however as he grabbed one of the soldiers. "What are you jabberwocks doing? Why haven't they been captured yet?"
"They're...they're too..."
"NO EXCUSES!" The Commandant grabbed his knife and stabbed the soldier in the chest. "You can't afford to fail! It's life or death this time around!" The giant stream of never ending soldiers marched on. The trees and branch they were standing on were all shaking from all the commotion, as if the trees themselves were shivering in fear. Our heroes kept on running forward and lucky for them, no soldier were in front. However, there was a reason for this.
"Oh no." said Silver. "The residential area. What do we do now?" There was no time to ponder however because the mass of soldiers have once again caught up to the duo.
"No choice," said Louis, "we gotta go through." Our heroes ran towards the housing complex, running as fast as they could. They were starting to get tired, but they knew they could not rest. They ran past a local resident who almost tripped because of their dashing.
"Hey, slow down you rascals!" the man shouted. No sooner he noticed the rumbling of the branch and trees because behind him was a storm of soldiers running in a frenzy to catch the Wonder Roosters. The man screamed as he jumped out of the way of the massive crowd. The Commandant climbed on top of a nearby house to issue orders.
"Stop fooling around and get them already!" The entire housing area was crowded by the desperate army trying to capture the Wonder Roosters and in the center of this commotion, our brave pairing where fighting back as they push through the onslaught. Many inhabitants of this neighborhood were outside as the crowd roared in. Everyone scrambled to find refuge outside of the mayhem. The Wonder Roosters however were careful not to harm any innocents. They helped out those who wanted to get out of the way while keeping the army in tact. Soldiers kept falling off the branch as they kept being shot and knifed at by our heroes who kept struggling on. They climbed up on houses to shoot from a range, they got close and personal to groups of soldiers, they forcefully pushed away any innocent civilians when enemies got too close. This was a prime example of the skills the Wonder Roosters used to claim the title of Adventurer.
"I just wasted one quill of knives." said Silver.
Louis responded as he reloaded his pistol. "So did I. If we keep going at this rate, we'll lose one quill an hour." A single elf soldier was coming towards them, however he had with him a threesome of basilisk, large frog like creatures that breathe fire. They were two times bigger than the Wonder Roosters, almost being as big as the houses in the area. They had large eyes, what looked like bearded upper jaws, the bottom jaws down to their fat stomachs were flesh colored while the remainder of their bodies were green.
"Oh no, not these stupid frogs." said Louis.
"Kee, kee, kee", cackled the lone soldier from atop the house next to him that he climbed. "Come now my babies. Time for breakfast." The basilisk stomachs were retracted within their bodies and their cheeks were now puffed. They were ready to spew out flames from their gullets. Our heroes jumped towards the house as the basilisk spewed out their flames. The Wonder Roosters climbed up the roof and Louis shot the soldier off. However, the basilisk have already targeted the house. They once again prepared to spew their flames and the duo jumped off once more. The flames were released and engulfed the house in seconds. The house started to burn down as the basilisk left it to follow our heroes. The duo ran forward and luckily left the housing area. Now they decided to take this opportunity to unleash their arsenal. Louis turned back, with pistol at hand, and started shooting the basilisk. Silver kept going forward because 2 more basilisk were waiting. He took out his knives and started flinging them. The basilisk however would not go down easily. All arrows and knives got stuck on their bellies and as they kept on casting their arsenal, the basilisk kept taking it in but the looks on their faces suggested that they were not immune to the pain. Slowly but surely, the basilisks Louis was shooting at stopped moving and fell off the branch.
"YES! Got them!" he shouted.
Silver, with his quick hands, kept launching his knives at the pair of basilisk in front of them and much them same, they fell. "Got the other ones." he shouted back.
Louis met up with Silver afterward. "That's it! We got them!"
This victory was short lived because no sooner, 3 more basilisk appeared on the scene. "Oh come on!" said Louis.
"Come on guys," yelled the Commandant a far distance from the battle, with troops behind him. "get 'em. Get 'em already!" From the sky, the black shelled beetle that was used to communicate with the Commandant appeared before him. It opened its eye and the hologram of King Geo appeared. "Commandant." said King Geo.
"AH! It's King Geo." said the Commandant.
"It be in excess of an hour. Why have I not received declaration that you boast the Wonder Roosters?"
"A...about that. The Wonder Roosters, they are very crafty. They are-"
"I have sent the total elf militia and you have still not restrained them?"
"Well...they...they are very tricky and have secret escape routes-"
"I DON'T WISH FOR EXCUSES! I want the Card of the Sun, or I will convert you all into wood statues."
Meanwhile, our heroes have managed to defeat all but one of the basilisk as they kept pummeling it with all their arsenal. "Forget an hour," said Louis, "we'll lose a quill every 5 minutes."
"How are we suppose to hide like this?" said Silver. The basilisk was finally defeated, however there were no more adversities coming after them.
"Hey," said Louis, "we're not being attacked."
"Yeah. In fact, everyone's backing off."
"I have a bad feeling about this." As they wondered what was going on, they heard a creaking noise that was coming from above. They looked up and saw a face that was protruding from a nearby tree. The face was just d├ęcor however because the mouth was a hinge that opened up the globe like protrusion. It also had a hand but this hand was a handle that allowed this face to open up. This was a man made beetles nest! The two heroes looked at each other with shock and fear because they knew what was coming next. The doors opened wide and in less than a second, a giant storm of beetles bolted out of the tree like a mad riot gone out of control.
"NO! NOT THIS!" screamed Louis. The duo immediately started attacking with Louis shooting the entrance and Silver slinging any that came their way.
"I thought we destroyed all the hives!" said Silver.
"King Geo must've installed new ones!" No matter how hard they tried, trying to shoot out all the beetles was impossible, so they had no choice but to run away.
"ARGH!" screamed Silver, "There are too many. I'll have to use our last super bomb."
"No!" shouted Louis, "The super bomb won't last long enough to destroy all of them."
Our heroes kept on running while enduring the bites and scratches of the thousand of beetles buzzing all around them. The entire army was not too far behind either as they kept on marching forward to capture them.
"HA HA HA!" cackled the Commandant. "Looks like the mighty Wonder Roosters will finally be defeated by measly bugs." Our heroic twosome were indeed in the mercy of the giant cloud of beetles. There were so many of them that it was hard to see forward for they blocked their view and when you live on the tops of trees and whose only foothold happens to be massive branches with no fencing to protect you from slipping, they had no choice but to stop in place.
Louis spoke up, "Looks like we got no choice! We got to use our last super bomb!" Suddenly, massive explosions started erupted right above their heads. The explosions were coming from the black beetles themselves. The duo were surrounded by the massive discharges as the beetles kept falling in droves. After a few seconds the explosions stopped and whatever beetles remained either dropped dead on the branch or fell into the darkness below followed by smoke all around.
"What happened?" asked Louis in complete bewilderment. And from the sky, a fairy was seen flying downwards. It had blue, transparent wings, a dark blue dress, and golden flowing hair.
"Usela!" said Louis. "Is that you?"
"Lou, Silver," responded the fairy named Usela, "we faerens have come to help you."
"You killed all those beetles?"
"We used every magic card we had available."
Silver spoke "But magic cards aren't that powerful. You must've used like a hundred of them to kill all those bugs."
"No price is too big for you guys." said Usela. "News of you having the Card of the Sun has spread throughout the kingdom."
Louis spoke "So the bad guys have found out. I knew it!"
"Don't worry Wonder Roosters. We faerens will help you on your quest with anything you need." She then signaled behind her. A owl suddenly appeared with a deck of cards on each of its talons. "Reach out your hands." The duo did as told and reached out and each received one deck of cards.
"What are these?" asked Silver.
"Bounce Spells!" exclaimed Louis.
In the world of Asthar, before the technological advances from the Era of Darkness, magic was more prevalent. Though not many could use magic, so to give everyone the ability to craft, there had to be a way to make them more convenient to use. One of these methods were magic cards. These cards were infused with specialty magic and eventually there were all-purpose cards which are still the most common cards to use. The cards are green with silver lining along near the edges with a pretty design around them and a symbol in the center to indicate what kind of magic it had and in the case of all-purpose cards, a circle was used. Bounce magic cards had 3 ovals. Louis took a card and loaded it into his pistol while Silver slipped a card into his knife pack.
"Will these really defeat all the beetles, Louis?" asked Silver.
"Not all at once but they will surely help us get through."
Usela spoke "If there is anything else that you need, we'll be more than happy to help."
Louis thanked Usela as the sound of buzzing was heard from the distance. "They're coming back." said Usela as she backed away, "I must make my leave. Good luck, Wonder Roosters." and thus she fled from the scene.
With new powers on their belts, the Wonder Roosters prepared to fight again. "Now we got a fighting chance." said Louis.
"Let's do it!" followed Silver. Louis pulled the trigger and Silver flung his knife. The arrow and knife hit a single beetle and from there a spark of light shot out, as if ricocheting off the beetle, bounced towards another beetle, and from that one another spark of light appeared and it too bounced at another beetle, and another, and another until it eventually dissipated, destroying all beetles as well as others that were around that were hit by the spark.
"Fantastic!" exclaimed Silver. "With these bounce cards, we won't have to waste as much ammunition." With the bounce magic in their weapons, the beetles had no chance for every one arrow or knife that landed on a single beetle, around 500 fell down like lined dominoes being toppled one after another.
This display did not please the Commandant who was furious. "NO NO NO!" he screamed, "Where did they get that magic!?"
A soldier spoke up. "Sir, I noticed an owl that was flying by. Perhaps that was the culprit."
"Then why didn't you do something."
"You orders were to stay back until further instructions."
"And because of THAT, they've managed to get a hold of a weapon upgrade!"
"So...you wanted us to disobey your order? "
"So you did wanted us to disobey your order."
"You want to shut that smart mouth of-hey, where are you going?"
The soldiers were starting to shift their position. "Sir, there's a space cruiser coming our way."
"Space cruiser? Wait, that must be one of the Generals!"
The Space Cruisers were specially designed aircrafts made for traveling in the air. Nothing like this was seen in Ashtar before the Era of Darkness. Now it is common to look up in the sky and see one soar across but only those who are a part of the elf army may fly one. There is also the star cruiser, which is like the space cruiser except this model is used to travel the sea of stars. Both of these vessels share the same design: sleek and ellipse shaped pods made out of stirjin wood (stirjin being a tree with the strongest bark out of all the trees in Asthar). The windows were round with a convex shaped glass 2 inches thick with gear like segments on its outer bottom for locking purposes. The afterburner spouted outward behind with two straps of metal to hold it together. One thruster was placed underneath for the convenience of hovering, soft landings, and easy lift offs. On its sides from the rear, two wings were in place to keep the ship balanced.
The space cruiser landed on the spot where the soldiers were standing before their relocation. The front piece slide open and within was General Blade.
"General Blade!" said the Commandant as he bowed down.
"Rise up loser." said Blade as he exited the cruiser. "I'm here for the Card of the Dawn. Where is it?"
"Sir...we...still don't have the card yet."
"So they didn't have it on them?"
"Actually sir...we still...haven't captured them yet."
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVEN'T CAPTURED THEM YET!? It's been TWO HOURS and they're still on the run? And you call yourself a commoner?"
"Well..you see.."
"Stupid fools! Don't you know what this means to me? King Geo has given me the honor of...err...off...I forgot what he gave me the honor of but I'm sure it involves money."
"Don't worry sir. They can't run forever."
"Forget it!" Blade got back inside his cruiser. "I sent out my troops for nothing. I'm going after them myself because you're all worthless. You better hope I don't get to them first or else I'm going to cut your guts up." The space cruiser started up and launched into the air. The Commandant was completely infuriated.
"AHHH! DARN IT! STUPID WONDER ROOSTERS!" He swung his knife in anger and hit the branch as hard as he could. "Wait, what was that?" He pulled his knife out of the branch and proceeded to hit the branch again and again. Tonk! Tonk! Tonk! "AHA! I have an idea on how to sneak up on the Wonder Roosters!"
Not too far from their location, General Flame and his space cruiser was waiting for General Blade, who appeared moments later.
"I got here first." said Flame, "You owe me 5 fist full of gold coins."
"Ah nuts. Well besides that, what's this plan you have to capture the Wonder Jerks?"
"First, we're going to lure them here, in this spot."
"What's so special about this spot?"
"It's one of their escape routes. We're going to let them use this one."
"We're going to let them escape?"

With magic cards in hand, our heroes were shooting down every hive they came across.
"Got it. " said Louis as they shot down one more hive. "Let's get the next one."
"Do we even have time to destroy these hives, Louis?"
"Don't worry. The bounce magic will protect us from anyone sneaking up on us. No one will be able to get a preemptive strike." Confident, the duo set out to get the next hive but suddenly the branch began to shake. Looking downwards beneath their feet, the bark of the branch started to break apart and chip away. Then from the branch came out faces, followed by hands and knives. It was the soldiers! They climbed out from beneath the branch and surrounded the Wonder Roosters. Through the crowd of the giant mob of soldiers, out comes the Commandant, boasting victory.
"Just when you thought you could get away, I've outsmarted you again. Ha ha ha!"
"Again?" asked Louis. "When was the last time you outsmarted us?"
"Shut up! You're completely surrounded now! There is no escaping this time."
Silver spoke "I'd hate to say it but I think we're trapped."
Then not too far from where they were, "Stupid Commandant!" shouted Flame, "He just ruined my plan!"
Blade then spoke "Well there as good as capture, right?"
"I guess. I don't even think the Wonder Roosters can escape this."
Back at the heroic duo, "How'd you get your guards to sneak up on us like that?" asked Louis.
"I may not look it but I'm a very observant person. I have noticed that these branches are hollow on the inside."
"So you told them to dig in and use them as tunnels? You do know that these branches are as hard as iron right? How'd you manage to dig in."
"We used the basilisk to burn a hole into the branches. No matter how strong the wood is, fire will eventually burn through it. Then to dig out, my troops used their knives. They are all jagged and probably useless now, but I'm sure you don't want to find out, do you?"
Silver then spoke up, "You can't afford to kill us. After all, you still don't have the Card of the Sun."
"So, you figured us out, huh? We'll I never said anything about killing you. He he he!"
"We're not exactly defenseless. We still got our bounce magic."
"Even with that magic, you think you have enough cards to take on a million soldiers and monsters? Face it, Wonder Roosters. You're trapped. There is no where for you to go now."
"That's what you think." said Louis, "We still got our escape routes. Let's go Silver!"
Suddenly a different voice. "Don't be so quick to your deaths, Wonder Roosters!"
Louis then said with a dissatisfied tone "Oh no. Just what we need. The Laru Twins."
The two generals finally decided to join in. "HA HA HA HA!" laughed Blade, "Stupid Wonder Jerks. Thinking of escaping? Well not today."
"We know of your escape routes and this isn't one of them." said Flame. "Don't even think of risking the fall. It's a long ways down. You might break your entire body to pieces."
The Commandant, now with a boastful smile, spoke "So are you going to give up or will we have to use force?" The heroic pair looked at each other, nodded, and in an instant, fell down from their current position.
"WHAT!" screamed the Commandant in surprise. "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" He turned around to his troops. "What are you waiting for? Go after-"
"NO!" ordered Flame. "Nobody move!"
"Why not!?" shouted the Commandant. "In case you haven't noticed, they just fell to their deaths!"
"Yes. I was hoping they did that."
"WHAT!? WHY!?"
A loud metallic noise was heard from beneath the depths of the dark forest floor.
"What was that?" asked the Commandant.
"Just stand in your place, Commandant." From the darkness of the floor, two wings attached to a plinth suddenly sprouted, followed by a box that was underneath said plinth. When the box arose to eye level, the Wonder Roosters were inside behind a barred window.
"I hate to say this," said Louis, "but I think we lost this battle."

999,979,337 words left.


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