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The Adventure Worth One Billion Words

Novel By: King Goblin Smasher
Action and adventure

The challenge: to make a story with exactly 1 billion words. This is a story about a young squirrel eager for adventure but is secluded in his hometown, denied of leaving the area. Little does he know, however, that his wish will soon be fulfilled when he finds a white raccoon and a map of the area, thus beginning his adventure that spans one billion words. View table of contents...


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In this unknown village, there is a leader. Even though there are only around 20 raccoons, there has always been a village chief who took care of its citizens. He is a chief but sometimes they would call him the Village Elder due to his old age. The town has had generations of chiefs governing the village, making sure everything is alright and that no one leaves the village. It is unknown how time began for these villagers due to them not developing any method of recording history, so reasons why no one was allowed to leave the village was unknown. The only things known as of right now is that there are monsters that exists outside of the village, that is what has been passed down verbally. These villagers do not know what lies outside. They have remained safe in the confines of the small community and no one had ever thought or had any reason to explore. But there must have been a time that they could leave. On the far east of the village there is a gate, but nobody knows about this gate because it has been unused for generations. It has been left unchecked and as a result, it is rusted with vines grown all over, covering it completely, making them blend in with the vines it is now wrapped around. It looks like a part of the wall that it is attached to, so everyone assumes there is no exit. Not even Nuttingham, whose main goal in his life is to break through the boundaries of this village and explore the world that has been cut off from him.
Oh, how desperate Nuttingham is to escape. He has tried it all. He has tried to climb up the wall that surrounds the village but the top of the wall has thorny vines to keep beast from climbing the walls, which unfortunately keeps Nuttingham from reaching the top. He has tried climbing the tall trees and jumping form one to another, but there is a net made from the same thorny vines, also to keep beast at bay, that keep him from progressing. He has tried to use the cliff of the secret spot and climb the sides until he exits the village, but he doesn't have enough stamina to go through the 2 miles of distance he needs to achieve his exit and always ends up falling to the water on the bottom and swimming back to the small shoreline of the bottom of the cliff. Though no one knows of these stunts he has pulled, his sister has noticed his constant struggle to leave the village. She knows of his desire to explore the world that she does not know of. That is why she constantly tries to convince the chief to let him go, and today was one of those days. She waited out in the open where the village chief usually passes by. The village chief is another raccoon but he has a white beard on his face and wears a purple cap made out of burlap. He spots Dawn as he goes on his routine walk.
"Hello Dawn." he salutes. "How is your day going?"
"It's going fine." Dawn responds. "Village Elder, I want to talk about Nuttingham. Why do you insist on keeping him in this village when he wants to leave?"
"Because he is not mature yet."
"But he's old enough."
"Yes, if he was a raccoon, but he's a squirrel. You've seen his actions. He's very childish. If he were a raccoon, 14 years would be of age, but squirrels seem to take longer to mature. Therefore, he is not ready to leave. He'll be in danger if he leaves this village."
It was true. For raccoons, it takes 14 years to be a fully mature adult and Nuttingham was a squirrel. He is the first non-raccoon resident in this village, so the chief had no idea how long it would take Nuttingham to grow up. He assumed it would be the same as a raccoon but no sooner that Nuttingham became 10 and did not show signs of maturity, he knew it would take longer.
"But he's well capable of defending himself." said Dawn, "Remember the giant spider from a year ago?"
"Yes, but he got injured in that battle."
"Village Elder, Nuttingham wishes to adventure. He yearns to see the outside world."
"I understand his position. I also wish for him to journey outside our village."
"So what's stopping you from allowing it?"
"The fact that he acts like a child. If he were more mature, I would allow him, but if I send him out now, then I'll be leading him to his doom."
"But I really don't wish for him to stay here if he does not want to. He is always talking about going on a long and exciting journey."
"See, that's the attitude that I'm talking about. He's been romanticized by the various legends and folktales that we have been telling him. Ever since he has defeated the giant spider, he's believed that he could be such a legend."
"I understand that Nuttingham has a wild imagination, but that shouldn't hold him back."
"But it does. He is mixing reality with fantasy. He is not experienced enough to tell both apart."
"Well, what if someone goes with him. What if there was a person that would travel with him?"
"And who do you have in mind? No one in this village has ever left and explored. No one knows what is beyond this forest." The chief let out a big sigh. "Dawn, I know you want Nuttingham to explore the world, and you may think that he is ready, but the truth is, he is not. Give him a couple of more years to mature."
"You may say that but do you think he will wait? I have a feeling he's going to sneak out of here one of these days."
"I know. That is why I set up guards around the walls."
"You'd go that far to keep him? You make it sound like he's a prisoner."
"It's all for his own good. We can't let him sneak out, especially without our knowledge, and especially in the night."
"Well I don't think that will stop him. He's going to somehow sneak out. I just know it."
"I won't let that happen."
"Town Elder!"
"Dawn, you are very optimistic, but you must realize, it's very dangerous to allow him to leave."
"But Elder-"
"And regardless of what you want or what he wants, I give the final say and I say no."
"Town Elder-"
"I made my decision. I will not allow him to leave. That is my final answer." The chief started to walk off, back to his daily duties as Dawn just stood there and sighed.

Nuttingham grasped his axe as tight as he could. He swung it with all his might against the tree trunk that had fallen due to some kind of circumstance. Perhaps it was hit by lightning by the thunder storm that happened weeks ago. Nuttingham didn't care however because there was no way he was going to try to chop down a standing tree. Even though he had immense strength, his axe was very flimsy. It was nothing more than a sharpened stone tied to a stick with rope. How Forest Fire chopped wood with such a primitive tool, even for this village's standards, was unknown to Nuttingham. He swung his axe towards the near rotting timber in front of him. Crack! The wood chipped off. He raised his axe again to repeat the process. Crunch! The axe got stuck on the big chunk of wood. Nuttingham tried to nudge it but to no success. He then pulled it as hard as he could. He pulled harder when the axe suddenly slipped out of the wood and Nuttingham was pushed back from the force. He fell down the stacked logs that he had managed to cut and place behind him. He got up and dusted himself when the blade suddenly fell off from the handle. Disgruntled, he tied up the blade back in place. He got in front of the fallen timber once more and raised his arms to chop it. He swung it hard and the blade bounced off the wood, hitting Nuttingham in the face. Fortunately it was not the sharp edge but the back of the axe that did so. Nuttingham fell down on the grass and as this transpired, Lucky came in.
"How's the wood chopping going?" he said.
"Shut up." replied Nuttingham.
Nuttingham and Lucky sat on the big chunk of wood. "This job sucks!" said Nuttingham, "I can't chop this hard wood."
"Come on." said Lucky, "Let's go play. We're supposed to continue our adventure."
"But sis says I gotta chop this wood, and you know how sis is when I don't do something she says."
"Well she won't mind a break. Come on Nuttingham."
"Yeah, I guess a break wouldn't hurt." Nuttingham then got up on his feet on the ground. "Alright, let's go."
"Alright! Now where did we left off?"
"I don't know. It was your turn to remember where we left off."
"No. It was your turn."
"No it wasn't, it was yours."
"Nu-uh, it was yours."
"Argh. It's times like these that I wish someone would come up with a way to put your thoughts on something so you can remember it later on."
"Well there isn't, that's why you gotta remember them."
As the boys tried to regain their memory, they started walking towards the secret spot. When they arrived, Nuttingham walked up to the edge of the cliff and faced Lucky who was behind him. "Okay," he said, "I think I remember. We were at the cliff where you met the evil Crab King."
Nuttingham crouched down, spread his arms outwards, lifted his tail upwards, and spoke in a gruff voice, or as gruff as a 14 year old squirrel could. "Alright Lucky," he started, "I got your friend Nuttingham in my dungeon. Become my slave or else."
"Never!" said Lucky, "I will never surrender to you."
"Ho ho ho! Then your friend shall perish along with your village."
"That's what you think. I know your weakness."
"You're lying. No one knows my weakness."
"Well I do. It's salt."
"No. You found out my weakness, but you don't have any salt with you."
"Yeah well unlucky for you crab king, we're standing on a cliff with salt on the bottom. I'm going to use my power to make a-Wait a minute," Lucky interrupted the performance because he just remembered something, "didn't we use a crab mask when you played the part of the crab king."
Nuttingham responded in his normal voice "Uhh...I accidentally dropped it on the cliff."
"What do you mean you dropped it?"
"I was fooling around with it and I didn't strap it on tight. Come on, let's keep playing."
"Umm...like I said," Lucky returned to his heroic tone of voice, "I will use my powers to activate the salt."
"You fool," as did Nuttingham with his monster voice, "Salt requires a lot of power. You will run out of power before you can summon any salt."
"I don't need to summon salt. I'll summon a salt monster instead."
"HA HA HA! Just try it."
Lucky moved forward in front of the edge. "Just watch. I will use my powers to summon a salt monster to eat you. When I wave my hand, a salt monster will...hey, are you sure that's how salt works?"
"I don't know." Once again, Nuttingham broke out of character. "All I know is salt comes from the big water. I think it comes from the rain or something. Come on, let's keep playing."
"Uhh yeah...ahem...when I wave my hand, a salt monster will- Hey, I see something on the bottom."
"What do you mean?" Nuttingham said as he stood up straight. The two boys broke out of character and Nuttingham went to see what was going on.
"Look." said Lucky, "There's something down there."
Nuttingham gazed at the bottom of the cliff, scanning it to see if there was something off. "I don't see anything." The cliff was 3 miles high off the ground and in the bottom lay a small piece of land. This small extension of land didn't lead to anywhere as it was just a small shore line with grass on top. The cliff pretty much surrounded the area so the small peninsula on the bottom just sat there with no purpose. Though 3 miles is pretty far, Lucky insisted that there was something strange about it.
"Over there. See that spot?" said Lucky.
"What spot?"
"That spot over there."
"I don't see anything. You could just be seeing a rock."
"It doesn't look like a rock. It looks weird."
Nuttingham still did not see anything, however a chance to explore was something Nuttingham would always volunteer. He took off his shoes, grasped the floor, and started to climb down.
"What are you doing!?" said Lucky with a shriek.
"If there is something down there then I'll see for myself."
"Hey come on, you'll fall and break your neck."
Nuttingham started to descend as he replied to Lucky "Don't worry. I've been down there many times. I'll be careful."
Lucky didn't listen however and continued to urge Nuttingham to get back up."Come on! Get back up! This isn't funny you know? If you fall down, I'm not going to get you. Nuttingham, are you listening to me!? You're going to fall and get killed!" Nuttingham kept climbing down, one step at a time, careful to not slip. When he was around 1 mile down, he looked down to check but he still could not see anything. He kept climbing down, slowly and steady. Around halfway of the second mile, he finally spotted something. "I'm starting to make it out." He tried to concentrate on making out the figure. He spotted a white dot on the floor. It was still too high to make out any details. He kept on climbing down and this time made it to the second mile mark. "I think I can see it now." He concentrated again to see if he could make out the figure on the bottom. Nuttingham's eyes suddenly widened. "WHAT!?" he shouted. "NO! It couldn't be!" with disbelief on his words, he continued to climb down, this time faster than before. He wanted to confirm what he saw so he scurried. Eventually he made it close enough to the ground to jump down. He landed on the grassy shoreline. He now saw it as clear as day: a white raccoon. It was just like the other raccoons, except it had white fur instead of brown. It was lying face down, unconscious. "I WAS RIGHT!" shouted Nuttingham with a big smile on his face. "I can't believe this! A white raccoon! This is unbelievable! I'm meeting a white raccoon! I'm certain, I'm really certain that he comes from the outside world. Oh man. I got so many questions to ask!" then he gave a frown, "That is if he's still alive." Nuttingham quickly grabbed the white raccoon and put it in between his back and tail, using his tail to keep him firmly in place. He started climbing up the cliff with rapid speed. He was so excited, he could not wait to show everyone in the village. After a few minutes, he finally reached the top. Lucky was relieved to see Nuttingham okay but then his jaw dropped from shock. "What is that?" he asked.
"Not what, who! I found a white raccoon!" Nuttingham said as he was putting his shoes back on.
"A white raccoon!? I don't believe it!"
"Yeah, it's really exciting, isn't it!?" The two started going forward, back to the village.
"Where did he came from?" asked Lucky.
"I don't know but he didn't fell from here, that's for sure!"
"Do you think he came from the outside world?"
"He had to. Where else would he come from?"
"Oh man. This is really exciting!"
"Yeah. Come on, Lucky. Let's get him to the village." Nuttingham, with a giant smile on his face, ran as fast as he could to the village. His excitement could not be contained any longer, which drove him to go faster.
"Come on, hurry up! Push forward!"

"Come on, hurry up! Push forward!" screamed Blade.
"Yeah, don't make King Geo wait any more than you already made him!" said Flame. The two Generals have brought the Wonder Roosters to the court room of King Geo with our heroes hands tied behind them. They had no weapons on them and the royal guards of the tower were all invited to the court room to witness the Wonder Roosters as they walked shamefully towards the Demon King. The duo have been dragged from the Grimm Forest, being paraded in front of the Astharians to show that not even the adventuresome Wonder Roosters could defy King Geo forever. When they reached the tower entrance, they were let out of the cage and were in bondage all the way to the top of the Demon's Tower. Now the Wonder Roosters walked the court room full of pestering elf soldiers, taunting them of their folly for not obeying King Geo.
"We finally captured the Wonder Roosters!"
"Victory is ours!"
After passing the gallery of rambunctious soldiers, the duo now stood in front of the evil King, this being the first time they have laid eyes upon him.
"Your majesty," said Flame, "we have finally brought you the troublesome Wonder Roosters."

999,976,364 words left.


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