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Xander: What's in an Identity

Novel By: Kirsten Rain
Action and adventure

Dexter is a 20 year old teacher who wants nothing more to live in peace. From villians that is. Long ago he lost a friend while becoming a superhero himself. A new villian comes to town and Dexter just wants to quit. He can't help being attracted to her, though. He wants her dead right? Or is that just Xander... View table of contents...



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Nine years earlier...

"Come on Dexter! What are you waiting for?" Dexter shook his head and sighed as he ran to catch up with a red headed girl in a costume of the same color.

"I told you Fyherra my name is not Dexter it's Xander!" Fyherra stiffled a laugh as she ran up the green hillside.

"Why are you calling me Fyherra, Dex? We aren't even playing yet," Fyherra paused to roll her eyes and then continued up the hill. Dexter frowned as much as an eleven year old could when he was about to play superheroes, which is not at all.

"I thought you liked the name. Last year you name all of the teachers call you that!"

"I like my name more now because it was my mom's name. You don't even call me it anymore," Fyherra scowled.

"I forgot it Fyherra, I'm sorry." Fyherra ignored him.

The two continued to walk up the hill in silence until they both reached the top. The first thing Dexter noticed was the green of the grassy hill. The next thing he noticed , and wished he hadn't, was the smell. Fyherra had told him she was going to take him somewhere special to play today. He didn't realize that "special" place would make him want to throw up.

"Where are we?" Dexter asked timidly.

"You wanted to be a superhero Xander, You just might now get your chance," Fyherra grinned as she began walking down the top of the hill toward the green and brown toxic sludge at the bottom.

"Fyherra! You are nuts! Don't go down there!" Fyherra ignored Dexter's pleas and motioned him to come down the hill with her.l

"You don't remember? This is the place where the first outbreak happened. This is where alot of the heroes today got their powers. This is also where my mom..." Fyherra trailed off. Fyherra swollowed hard and motioned for Dexter to follow her. Dexter sighed but followed her anyway. He knew it was going to be a long day.

"What are we supposed to do?" Dexter asked when Fyherra almost reached the beginning of the sludgy brown and green ooze. The smell hit Dexter in the face again. He examined the ground and noticed the bubbles rising up. Fyherra rolled her eyes and smoothed out her sparkling skirt.

"That's the easy part Dexter. All you have to do is wade in it. I was told you pass out and then you wake up with powers," Dexter looked unconvinced.

"What happens if you don't wake up with powers?" Fyherra bit her lip and twisted a lock of her red hair.

"If you don't get powers, you die. I'm going to try it. I could help alot of people Dexter! I wanna be a hero. I wanna save people. Like my mom," Dexter racked the idea back and forth in his mind.

"Alright," he said finally, "I'll go with you. Hold my hand so if you die we at least don't die alone,"

Fyherra nodded and took Dexter's hand. The two began walking toward the green and brown sludge. Dexter closed his eyes as the two sank under the sludge. Then his vision went black


Dexter woke up to a burning sensation in his chest. "Where am I?!" Dexter faintly heard sirens. 'What's happening? Where's Fyherra?!" A female stood over Dexter and held an oxygen mask to his mouth. Dexter breathed it in and felt his chest ease up. The female gave him a pitying look.

"Who's Fyherra? You must have fell really hard Dexter."

"She was with me! We were walking in a ooze that smelled really band and we were going to get powers. I passed out and then woke up. It must have worked! Where is she? I need to see her!" Dexter began to panic.

"Calm down sweetie. You were probably hallucinating. Thank goodness we found you in time. We got a call that a boy and girl were walking around Villian's point. We couldn't believe a boy would actually be there and bring a girl with him. You are alive Dexter.It's more than we can say for your friend. We found red cloth near you. Dexter! Please don't cry." The nurse delived the news as slowly and carefully as she could. It didn't matter one bit to Dexter. His friend was dead. He closed his eyes and sunk into a deep sleep where, he hoped, he would be able to remember Fyherra's true name.


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