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Kidnapped Alliance

Novel By: Kitkattish
Action and adventure

Getting kidnapped on her way to buy ice cream was the least of Avangeline Lewis’s problems. I mean, she’s got her hands full trying to cope with a deranged freak whose main aim in life is kidnapping young girls and slicing them up.
With the Frost up and about, no girl is safe in Sunny Spain.
Not even Avangeline.
With freshly formed alliance, new alleys, new introductions and new information….sparks fly, jealousy starts and bullets are fired.
Avangeline quickly learns that nowhere is safe and that….danger lurks in every corner.

(Dedicated to Kit/Amby/ xxshadowmistressxx! LOVE YA!) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 12, 2013    Reads: 97    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Author's Note:Hey all! As promised, this is the new and edited version of Kidnapped Alliance and I hope you enjoy reading this! it will be different from the old version, maybe a bit more original and more thrilling! I hope it keeps you interested and keeps u on the edges of your seats! hahaha, thank you all who have read the old version and hope to see your comments here! Enjoy!


• Chapter One•


My head hurt.

Urgh…..What happened?

I tried to open my eyes….only to realize that there was some pressure on it. Some sort of cloth was wrapped tightly around my eyes and head. What the….? Was I blindfolded? I tried to remove it…but my hands were tied tightly together.

Oh no….what's going on? What happened? Where's Crystal? Is she here? Is she okay? Where am I?

Okay, deep breaths, Avangeline.

I took a deep breath and tried to calmly remember what happened.

The calm part wasn't working. My heart thudded like a crazy bird in my chest and blood was pounding in my ears.

Calm down , Avangeline. Calm. Deep breaths now….

We were on the beach…..right…..with Crystal, Billy, the twins and…Nasreen.

And then…and then……what happened?

Oh right… I was chasing Crystal because she splashed water on my pretty sundress.

That was so going to stain. It was salt water!

And then where did we go…?

Think, Avangeline, think.

Willing myself to remember and open up the contents of my brain, I shot to flash back.

"Ava! Eeek! Oh my God, I'm sorry!" shrieked my younger sister, Crystal, as she ran away from me, laughing hysterically. Laughing as well, I darted after her; able to catch up easily, thanks to my long legs.

I caught her around the stomach and we both went tumbling into the gorgeous ocean screaming and laughing, soaking my pretty yellow sundress in salty water even more.

Around us, people were chattering in Spanish, enjoying the warm sun and relaxing. Adorable Spanish kids ran about, holding beach balls and laughing or splashing about happily in the ocean.

Laughing, Crystal sat up and wrapped her arms around me.

"Oh, Ava. This is so much fun! I'm glad you planned this whole thing for my birthday!" She whispered, her pretty green eyes twinkling with joy.

I didn't just plan it for her birthday…..I wanted to get a certain boy out of my head for a while…..

Grinning and ignoring the guilty feeling, I hugged her back and then helped her out of the water.

I pulled away from Crystal and we both stumbled our way out of the beautiful blue waters. I slipped off my dress, exposing the cute black two-piece bikini underneath.

I squeezed my dress, squeezing the water out of it. Crystal smirked at me, pushing her damp hair back and combing it with her fingers.

From behind her, I could see the boys eyeing her curvy body . Crystal wiped her face with her fingers, grinning adorably at me and showing her dimples.

"You know I'd do anything for you. Besides, Uncle Max probably planned an exciting press conference for you for your birthday! What fun!" I mocked excitement as I continued to twist my dress free of water.

Crystal let out a tinkling laugh, catching more attention from the people. I saw girls eyeing her with wonder and envy, probably admiring her.

"Hm, so you brought us all the way to sunny Spain? To save me from an exciting birthday conference? Oh, I wonder why?" she asked, pulling a fake confused expression. Her twinkling eyes gave away the fact that she was playing around.

As I glanced over at Crystal who was fixing the long beaded necklace Carter had given her, I felt a jolt of pride shoot through me. My sister was gorgeous.

She had pretty light brown hair that was currently damp and rested brilliantly down her back. She had green eyes with hazel accents, something I had not inherited. Her curvy body was what most models craved for.

Curves in all the right places. She had the beauty but she sure didn't act like it.

Her white shorts showed off her well toned legs and she had tied a simple jacket around her waist. A turquoise stud glittered brilliantly in Crystal's flat belly. Her cute red bikini top crisscrossed at the back and matched perfectly with her skin tone.

Around her neck hung a colourful beaded necklace which reached her pierced belly button-a gift from her bodyguard and all time crush, Carter.

I smirked and then shook out the damp dress, folding it over my arm.

"That's because you're special and you deserve a boring vacation in sunny Spain rather than an exciting birthday conference!" I said, taking Crystal's hand and starting a dance with her. Laughing, she danced with me across the sandy beach; trying to avoid running into people and attempting an elegant waltz… but unfortunately, failing rather miserably because of my two left feet.

"I love you, sis," Crystal said, grinning and swinging my arms as we broke out of the dance. I smiled back.

"Oh really? What a coincidence! I love me too!" I teased.

"Hey! You know what I mean! You're so cruel!" Crystal complained. Taking her hand, we walked back to our little family, Crystal smiling warmly at the passing children who were staring at her in awe.

As we approached our little family who were spread out on blankets over the soft sandy beach, I spotted the duffel bag sitting on one side of the blankets, used as a pillow by Carter.

Billy, our uncle and Crystal's manager, had his planner in his left hand and a pen in his right. He looked up at our approach, peering over his reading glasses at us.

"Ah. The silly monkeys are back," he drawled lazily as he looked back to his planner.

The O'Shea twins, Carter and Max, were Crystal's bodyguards and both of them were doing their own individual things. While Max sat close to Nasreen, his brows furrowed in concentration at the laptop on his lap, his younger twin, Carter, seemed to be sleeping.

Carter had Crystal's flimsy hat over his face and his button down shirt was unbuttoned, showing off his six pack and hard abs.

My best friend, Nasreen, was propped on her elbows, her red hair tumbling down her back in glossy waves. She wore a pin, light, leg-slit skirt and a light knitted sweater thrown over. Her hot pink bikini was seen through both the shirt and skirt. Black Ray Ban sunglasses were perched on top of her head.

Nasreen started laughing when we approached the group.

"I thought you didn't want to ruin your dress?" teased Nasreen. I grinned and then plopped down next to her, reaching for the duffel bag under Carter's head.

"Of course I didn't. We fell into the ocean."

"Because she's so fat, when she caught me, we both fell down!" teased Crystal, making her way towards the blue cooler we had brought.

I yanked the duffel bag towards me and Carter's head hit the blankets. He sat up, rubbing the back of his head.

"Argh! Who did that?" Carter complained, pushing the hat aside and revealing his handsome face. He looked around, his hazel eyes accusing. They landed on me and narrowed. I smiled sweetly at him as I unzipped the bag.

"Oh, darling! Do pardon my rudeness. I seem to have forgotten to inform you that I would snatch the bag," I said, batting my eyelashes at him. Carter snorted and turned his eyes onto Crystal who was rummaging in the cooler, searching for something cold to drink.

I went through the duffel bag, pushing aside the towels and finally finding the pretty blue dress I had brought.

I pulled it out and unfolded it, admiring the gorgeous material. The dress was baby blue and the spaghetti straps crisscrossed at the back.

"Crystal, I see you have a few Spanish admirers here," Nasreen said, winking slyly at Crystal. Crystal sat cross legged beside Carter, drinking an orange juice. She looked at Nasreen and then around, curiously.

I shook the dress, getting rid of bits of towel fluff here and there. "It's only to be expected, Nazz. Crystal isn't that bad to look at," I teased as I pulled out my towel from the duffel and started to rub my hair dry, cringing at the hardened feeling of it.

Urgh. I so needed to wash my hair with two bottles of shampoo.

Nasreen laughed as Crystal stuck her tongue out at me. "I'm utterly gorgeous, aren't I, Carter?"

Carter, who had been dozing off muttered, "Nope."

"Burn, Crys!" I laughed, wiggling my eyebrows at her.

"Carter!" Crystal complained, elbowing him. Carter let out a grunt.

"Crystal is the most beautiful one in the world and her beauty cannot be compared to others," he said, drowsily. Crystal gave a smug grin.

I stuck my tongue out at her and glared at the blazing sun. I put down the towel and laid it out so that it could dry. I shook out my hair and then finger-combed it, pulling it all to one side.

"Hey, I'm off for some ice-cream. You guys want?" I asked, getting up and stretching. I slipped on the pretty blue dress over my black two-piece bikini, straightening out the dress.

Nasreen stretched and pulled off her sweater, exposing her hot pink bikini underneath. She stood up and tied her hair up into a messy bun, bringing her Ray Bans down to hide her warm brown eyes.

"I'm coming with. I'll see what flavors they have," she said, fanning herself. Max looked up, his hazel eyes zeroing in on her flat belly and the glittering silver stud she pierced. I chuckled inwardly.

Max so liked Nasreen.

He got up, closing the laptop and putting it carefully aside.

"I'll come with you," He said, already reaching for his gun. I rolled my eyes and grimaced at the sight of going to the ice cream booth with one of Crystal's body guards.

"No, no, no. Big guy, you stay right here. Nasreen's coming with. Besides, Crystal needs to be protected," I told him, gently pushing him back down. Max glared at me and tried to get up. Of course, I just pushed him back down.

Crystal snorted and looked up at me, throwing the empty juice carton in a nearby trash.

"Right, Ava. I need to be protected from what? The almighty crabs?" Turning to Carter, she reached for a water gun in front of him and then turned to me again, holding the gun and pointing it at Carter.

"Because if that's what you're worried about, I can….like…drown them with this super high technology!" With that, she started squirting Carter's handsome face with water. Carter sat up immediately and started to wipe his face.

"Remind me, since when was I considered a crab?" he asked, looking at Crystal with an amused expression. Crystal grinned, pointing the water gun in his face.

"Since now."

And she squirted him again. He got up, probably to attack her. Crystal must've thought the same thing because she shrieked and darted up and away from him, holding the water gun protectively.

Instantly, Carter bounded after her, yelling threats.

Aww. I always thought they'd make a cute couple. It was so obvious Carter had a thing for Crystal.

"Do you think he'll get it off his chest now?" asked Max, from next to me in amusement. I rolled my eyes at him. He was one to talk.

He was watching his twin run after Crystal. Laughing, Billy shook his head.

"That guy is crazy. And we all know he won't because…well…he likes to hide things. Like Max," Billy winked at Max with a knowing look in his eyes. I snickered at that.

Nasreen laughed. "God, Max. Way to go in duplicating your genes."

Max pulled a face, his cheeks reddening a bit. And then turned to me. "So, are we getting those ice creams?"

I smiled at him and pushed him down. "There is no we. There is just me and Nasreen."

"Bye, all!" Nasreen said, wiggling her fingers at Billy and Max as we linked arms and slipped on our slippers. We turned and walked away from the group, discussing the different ice creams the group would want.

"I know that Max and Carter really love those lemon flavoured things," Nasreen said, chuckling. I nodded.

"Uncle Billy would probably like the strawberry thing."

"A double chip, cookie ice cream for Crystal!" both of us yelled, simultaneously. We laughed, ignoring the strange looks from passer bys.

As we walked on, I suddenly had a strange feeling. Like, a creepy feeling. Then I looked around, anxiously. There was no one around.

It was strange.

The beach was full of people, but the stalls were completely empty. There wasn't anyone around. Just me and Nasreen. Weird.

"This is so weird…." Nasreen muttered, her hand finding mine and holding on, tightly.

"Tell me about it," I muttered.

When we reached the ice cream booth, I realized that we weren't exactly alone. From beside me, I could feel Nasreen's relief.

I then realized that the man…was sleeping? He had a huge hat placed over his face. Reaching over, I gently shook him, trying to wake him up.

The hat over his face fell off and I gasped in horror. Beside me, Nasreen let out a horrified shriek, her nails digging into the palm of my hand.

The man's eyes were open and glassy. His mouth was also open and there was blood seeping out from the corner…where his mouth seemed split.

His face looked like it was punched black and blue. Glancing at his body, I noticed a red line across the guy's chest.

"Oh…God. Ava, this is…oh God. I think I'm going to be sick," Nasreen muttered from beside me.

Gently and carefully, I reached over and peeled back his shirt and stifled a scream, my hands jumping to my mouth and causing me to take a step back. His chest was sliced open and….

Nasreen whimpered beside me, her nails digging even more. I glanced over at her, my eyes widened in fear. What the hell was going on?

Nasreen had taken off her sun glasses and she was staring at the dead man; her skin had turned a deathly pale.

"Monsters….oh God….monsters…." She whispered, her hand shaking as she brought it to her mouth. She swallowed and then looked at me.

"I'm going to get help."

I nodded and gently released her hold on me. "I'll stay and make sure no one touches him."

Nasreen nodded, her face pale, and then ran off.

I stared at the dead man for a few seconds, trying to swallow back bile.

A crash from around the corner had my head snapping up and glancing towards the sound.


Pulling away from the dead ice cream man, I quietly and hesitantly made my way towards the wall from where the sound seemed to be coming from.

There seemed to be a quiet conversation going on.

Silently, I listened.

"Where is it, Granger?" growled a deep, gruff voice.

No answer and then the sound of someone punching someone. A gasp.

I cringed. What was going on? Mafia?

"I won't tell you!" Another man gasped. He had a soft voice.

"Oh, you won't? Then we'll find your family and cut up your small children just like you did those girls…" whispered another voice. This voice was cold and pure evil. I shivered.

What girls? What happened?

There was silence and then the sound of ripping. The soft voice man cried out.

Shocked and horrified, I couldn't stop my limbs from tearing around the wall. This time, I couldn't stifle my scream at the scene in front of me.

There was a man being sliced in front of my eyes. Or had been sliced.

His eyes were black and blue, his shirt was torn open and there was a deep cut on his chest, blood was seeping down and his arm hung in a strange position. A silver dagger, coated in blood, lay on the pebbled ground in front of him.

Standing over him stood two men, both holding guns.

All three men glanced at me and I let out another scream of horror, taking a step back.

One of the men had a patch over his right eye and a scar running down his face. The other man was bald and his face was twisted in a ugly scowl. He had a thick eye brows and was truly hideous. He made my uncle seem thirty years younger.

I met the eyes of the injured man and then turned and ran off, adrenaline running through my veins at the horror of what I had seen. Hopefully, those scary men will be after me instead of the poor guy. And I was right.

There was a scuffle and then a yell.

"No, leave him! We need to catch that girl!" yelled the cold voice.

I glanced over my shoulder and gasped. The two men were right behind me. And holy hell, they were fast.

The patch-eye one started to reach towards me and he managed to grab me. Screaming, I elbowed his face hard enough that he dropped his hold on me. And off I went, running for my life.

But as I turned the corner, I realized that I had carelessly lost track of the bald guy. I glanced over my shoulder and saw the patch -eye guy straightening up and then starting after me again. I turned to look where I was going and then-thump.

I bumped straight into the bald guy! Gasping, I tried to retrace my tracks but crashed into the eye patch guy who caught me and pulled my wrists away from my body.

Too scared to scream, I stared at the bald guy. He didn't even look at me.

From the distant, I heard loud footsteps.

"Avangeline?!" screamed Nasreen. "Where are you?!"

Relief beat its way into my chest and I struggled against the guy holding me. "Nasreen! Nasreen, I'm here!" I tried to scream. The guy holding me clamped his hand over my mouth, blocking any sound from emitting out and reaching my saviours' ears.

Oh God, no!

I whimpered against his hand as the guy dragged me backwards, quietly. My eyes filled with tears as I heard Crystal calling for me.

"Ava! Ava, where are you?!" she screamed. More footsteps. Closer to this area.

I fought hard against the guy but my attempts were futile. I got dragged into the shadows.

As the footsteps came even closer, the bald man let out a curse. He looked at the eye-patch guy and nodded once. I felt something hard hit my head and then everything was black.

Oh, shit.

I was taken captive. No wonder my head hurt like freaking hell.

After calming down a bit, I realized that I was on something that was moving. A car.

I let out a breath. Oh God. What am I going to do now?

I've just been kidnapped!

The car suddenly stopped and I heard the sounds of doors being opened and then closed. Then I heard footsteps on gravely ground and suddenly, I heard the door closest to me open.

Instantly, I made myself seem unconscious. No need to warn them that I was awake. I felt myself being roughly picked up the car got my head bumped against something hard. Irritated and bursting with pain in my head-as though being knocked out wasn't painful enough, I wanted to slap the guy.

Even if I was supposed to be unconscious, I'm still a female. God, I bet he isn't even married. Or have a girlfriend.

The walk to someplace seemed to take forever. And the guy who was carrying me stank. Had he never heard of deodorant? Or a shower for that matter.

Then, I felt a draft of cool air hit my body.

We were probably inside the captive house or killer den or something like that -which clearly owned an air conditioner.

Killers do have style, don't they?

I heard the sound of a door being banged open and then the man who was carrying me came to an abrupt stop. And almost dropped me. Almost.

"What's this?" asked a deep male voice. He sounded far away. Maybe he was.

Footsteps, lighter than the heavy stomping of my captives, approached us. I suddenly became numb with fear.

Oh, God. Why didn't I bring Max with me? This would never have happened.

The man who held me cleared his throat.

"It's a woman."

"No, really? I thought it was a pig," Said the new male voice, sarcastically. I felt myself get defensive.

Was he indirectly calling me fat?

"Uh..no….Derek…I…um…." muttered the man who was carrying me, his voice tensed. Oh, it was the gruff voice guy.

Derek? I loved a guy called Derek…..

Why does karma hate me so much? Trust karma to get me kidnapped by a guy with the same name as my first unrequited crush. Really, karma?

"Why did you bring her here?" the new guy asked. There was a pause and then gruff man spoke slowly, as though choosing his words carefully.

"She saw us trying to get information from the Granger guy."

"Where is he?"

"He escaped because we were chasing this girl."

Oh, so he did escape. Good for him. Bad luck for me.

"You didn't think of killing him first?" the Derek guy asked, voice cold. Oh my God. These people were murderers! And kidnappers.

Murderous kidnappers.

Okay, I needed to escape. But how?

"We had no time, Derek! This girl was running to tell the police," The gruff man snapped, impatiently. Now that he mentioned it, I could have run to the police. I'm such an idiot, I didn't think of that.

There was a long, long silence.

"Wake her up."

I felt my captive carry me some more and then dropped me…onto something soft? A couch.


I felt my wrists being released and then someone threw water at my face. I gasped and struggled to sit up.

Ah, shit.

I couldn't move.

I gasped in pain and fell back against the soft couch, breathing hard. I moved my tied hands to press at my ribs and sucked in a sharp breath of pain.

My ribs…they hurt.

What the hell? Did these guys beat me black and blue while I was unconscious? How low of them.

The blindfold was pulled off rather roughly and then I blinked in the sudden brightness. I turned my head to the side and spotted long legs covered with black jeans.

I looked up to the face of the 'Derek' and froze.

He was young, my age or so…..about twenty three, give or take a few years.

And I was twenty one.

He was also extremely attractive with high cheekbones, structured nose and beautiful brown eyes. And he was shirtless.

And he was so goddamn hot.

But worst of all -worst than the close age range and the handsome features-, I knew him. From my last college. He was the guy that never noticed me and was the one I gave my heart to. Even though he didn't know it.

Okay, I really wanted my captive to be ugly and some old, toothless man but that was clearly impossible now, seeing as my main captive was Derek Talon.

I was in some serious hot water.


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