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His story:
He was orphaned at the age of eighteen. His mother's death; a mystery.

Her story:
She's always been a person with no memory of the past. She follows the assingments of a warrior and runs with a secret no one knows about.

Nigel and Elizabeth's are two different people.
What they seek is not what they know...

Nigel, followed by his two companions follow a trail to Rhode Island and there is where all their journey begins...........

**Tips on those who've already read this, Leo is not a talking Leopard, Ruby is not a talking Horse, and before they head to Rhode Island they start at Connecticut, not Vermont.
Sorry, I didn't have the time to fix that...ooops! View table of contents...


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Chapter one-Nigel's POV

I woke up in the night, or should I say morning, feeling sick. I had overslept again. I had no idea why I sleep through nights now. I got up and out of camp, carefully so as not to wake my sleeping companions.

Into the shadows I stalked, tailing a lonely deer, it was abandoned by its family. But now is no time for pity. I have been following it for a few minutes now, watching it walk around and drink dew from the leaves, letting it enjoy its last moments on this earth. I grew impatient. Quickly, I closed in on the animal. No matter how fast or slow I move, my prey would never hear nor see me. I am like a ghost in the night. I jumped on the deer from behind and it let out a high pitched cry of terror. I went for the neck and twisted it, snapping the life of my prey to pieces. The deer was weakening, I could feel it, and it gave a short kick before falling to the ground; still and dead.

I stood up before the animal. Just looking at it made me think back to when I had shed my tears for the last time. It brought grief back to me. I remembered it clearly.

I just came back from Spain from a high school field trip. My mom had come and gotten me from the air port to have some pizza. I was the only child and my mother was all I had left of my own family. I knew none of my relatives and my father left my mother when I was just nine months old.

We were going home and were joking around, when as car came out of nowhere and swerved into our lane, causing us to drive off the bridge. What a bad time this is. Of all the times a car can collide with us, it has to come when we're on a bridge. There was a moment when everything seemed fine and I thought that everything was a dream. But the, our car connected with the ground. The first crash caught us by surprise. I felt blood enter my mouth as our car flipped a few time, falling into the water below. We were surrounded by water in seconds and my mother beside me was floating with the water. The worse thought hit my mind. I reached for her but the current of the water was too strong and it ripped my door open and pulled me out, away from my mother.

I reached for her again, but everything went dark in an instant. I searched frantically around for any sign of my mother. I was running out of breath and my lungs were filled with water. My head was about to explode and I had about one small piece of breath left. I was going deeper into the dark water and I would use my last piece of breath to find my mother, even if it meant to cost me my life. I would. . .

Suddenly someone came down and pulled me from the water. I was at the exact point of dying, but this person decided to risk his life to save mine.


We came out of the surface coughing and panting for air. The man swam and took us both to dry land. The water was calm and I found myself confused for a moment. Then I noticed that we were far from the bridge, very far.

". . . Mother. . . Where's my. . . Mother? Where. . . Is she?" I coughed for a few moments more and glared at the man in the face. It was dark but I could see the man clearly. He had brown hair and a slanted scar just on his left jawbone; it seemed almost invisible. The stranger only shook his head grimly.

"No," I said. I wanted to scream but I didn't have enough air to do so. "No, she can't be dead. She's still alive. She must've washed up on shore somewhere or something. I have to go find her. She's waiting for me. She's still alive and she needs me to be with her."

The stranger shook his head again.

And I knew that my mother was gone. I walked to where the bank was and fell to my knees. There, I began to cry. My lungs forbid me to cry, but the pain was nothing to me compared to my mother's life.

"If you want," the man said in a soft and silky voice that flowed freely to me.

"No," I answered. I didn't know what the man was going to say, but I didn't care. All I cared about was my mother who had taken care of me alone since I was a small child. She was gone. I would've given my life for hers, but the chance was long gone, far away from my reach.

Abruptly, two hands came up on my shoulders. They were cold and hard ad unwelcoming. I tried to look back and see who was holding me, but the hands wouldn't let me. They held me still and I panicked. I thrashed and kicked behind me, but it was no use, it didn't do any good. A sharp, cold pain struck my neck. The hands kept me still and I couldn't move as much as I wanted to. I had a feeling that my blood was being drained. The pain made me lightheaded and I couldn't even hold my own weight. I couldn't breathe for the pain was too great.

When my attacker was finally done, I was thrown to the ground. A sweet and bitter taste entered my mouth. The agony was reduced to a tiny sting, and the taste remained on my lips.

The stranger left, leaving me on the cold earth.

Quickly, I recalled what the man said, "If you want; I can free you of the very force that had taken your mother."

And death was what he granted to me.


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