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YSA: Young Spies Association

Novel By: Lighthouse Writers
Action and adventure

Tags: Spy, Young, Kids, Mission

As a well-trained, intelligent, and skilled student of the Young Spies Association (aka, YSA) 11-year old Lilly expects nothing but the best when she is called to go on a mission, a high honor for someone her age. But when her best friend Amilia is paired with two of the best spies in the school for a joint mission, Lilly discovers she's paired with - she's ... let's just say she'll be working with kids who shoulder be in juvenile hall. But could some talent be masked behind the kids' scruffy hair and angry eyes? View table of contents...



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A soft light shone through the dorm windows of the Young Spies Association, causing me to stir and sigh happily. Today marked the one year anniversary of my time at the YSA, and I planned to do nothing but relax. As I sank down deeper into my warm, soft blanket, I closed my eyes and whispered, "Best day ever." Suddenly, that moment was shattered.
I was terrified as my room-mate Amilia popped up at the foot of my bed. "Time to get up!" She screamed, bouncing all over the room. I bolted up with a yelp and stared the insane, petite blonde in the eyes.
"No," I said firmly. Amilia looked offended for a moment, then seemed to shrug it off.
"Okay ..." She giggled teasingly. "But, um, the school director, Mrs. Willoughby, had a message for you." I moaned. Amilia knew those few words would get me out of bed.
In a matter of moments, I was suited up in my black jumpsuit and had pulled my long blonde mane into a ponytail. As I exited the room, Amilia trailing behind me, my heart began to thump. I wondered what the head director had to tell me. Was I ... in trouble? It was true that I had sneaked out to the soda machine in the middle of the night a couple weeks ago, but it was a bet, and I - well .. let's just say I hoped I wasn't in the red with Mrs. Willoughby.
"Hey, Amilia?" I whimpered uneasily.
"Yep?" Amilia answered with a giggle.
"What exactly did Mrs. Willoughby tell you when she asked for me?" I asked, cocking my head innocently.
"Somethin' about a mission," Amilia replied blankly, not seeming to care.
I couldn't help but smile in shock. "Are you mental? Seriously? Don't you know how much of an honor it is to go on a mission within your first year?!" I jumped up and down, feeling shaky with shock.
"Oh, yeah, I know, but -" Amilia started. My eyes widened as I realized the truth.
"Oh, Amilia, I'm so sorry," I said, my voice dripping with sympathy. "You don't get to go on a mission."
"Woah, woah, woah," Amilia exclaimed, holding up her hands in exasperation. "Slow down, I'm going on a mission."
"You are?" I gasped.
"Yes," Amilia continued. "Just .. not with you. Y'know, the rule?"
I nodded. Rule #44: By all conditions, no dorm-mates are eligible to participate in a mission together.
As my head began to spin in confusion, we walked into Office 345, the head director's office. Nervously toying with my hair, I sat down on a plush leather seat next to Amilia and looked around. I saw 4 other students, who I immediately recognized. There was Raya McGuire, my twin sister. She smiled warmly at me and waved! Sitting next to her was Tori Willoughby, one of the most talented spies in our division. She had gone on over 20 missions and succeeded. I hoped that I would get to work with her. Caught up in my day-dreams of becoming Tori's partner in crime-busting, I forgot about the 2 other pupils sitting directly behind me. It wasn't until I heard a snicker that I turned around and saw them.
Oh no, I thought.
I had to stifle back a laugh as I laid eyes on Micah Shotwell and Roy Livermore. Micah had attended the YSA for 5 months, and Roy has been going for 3. I couldn't quite understand why they were sitting in Mrs. Willoughby's office. Of course, it wasn't their first time. The 2 boys were troublemakers, and always snickered at the younger kids during training. They were mean-spirited jokers who totally not deserving of such a prestigious award; a mission.
Mrs. Willoughby walked in, and I instantly straightened my back and held my head high. It was YSA protocol.
"Students," she said in a friendly tone. "We will be holding 2 missions, each looking for clues to a suspected criminal who has been robbing a nearby city." I couldn't help but let out an excited gasp. A criminal? That was one of the biggest missions a YSA pupil could receive!
"The groups will be ..." I held my breath. "Raya, Tori and ..." Raya looked at me with a squeal, and I noticed her tightly wound fingers, wishing me luck.
"Amilia!" I heard the familiar, loud shriek of my room-mate, who began to run towards her mission-mates cheering. My heart sunk, and Raya's face fell. It's okay, she mouthed. Easy for you to say, I thought!
"That leaves you, Lilly, with Micah and Roy," Mrs. Willoughby said with a smile. My mouth opened into a gaping 'o', and the room was silent. The 3 girls gave me sympathetic looks and headed for the door. As soon as it closed, I could hear them all laugh in excitement as hot tears filled my eyes. I stood up out of my chair and opened my mouth to speak.
"Mrs, I ..." I started shakily, my bottom lip quivering. "I don't want a mission - I think I might ... have to ..." The head director stared me in the eye, and sighed.
"Micah and Roy, you are dismissed," she ordered, pointing toward the door. The boys let out a cackle together and then left, their obnoxious voices echoing through the corridor.
"Lilly McGuire," Mrs. Willoughby continued, a disappointed sound in her usually powerful voice. "You are an intelligent, witty young student, and I have high hopes for you. Those young boys definitely have the potential, but not the drive, to become a YSA graduate. I have instilled leadership into you, and expect you to help them with their first mission." My heart thumped as she continued on about my high spy test scores and participation in training, babbling about how me and my twin sisterwere excellent spies much like our mother, a student who had a place on "The YSA Wall of Fame".
"Why me?" I burst, rubbing my eyes. "Why not Raya?"
"Because," Mrs. Willoughby answered. "I believe you are the only one who can put up with those boys."
"I-" I began, anger welling up inside me.
"Your mission training begins tomorrow," Mrs. Willoughby snapped in her 'you-will-do-it' voice.
I groaned. The mission I'd imagined was long gone.


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