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When a friend's sister doesn't show up for work, Marcus turns to his former gang buddies, demanding to know who took her. Learning that they still were loyal to him, they team up with him for the manhunt, coming to dead ends until a clue points to a former member who wants revenge. View table of contents...


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Dear Ara,
Miss you so much. Thanks for telling me about the college grants. It will be very helpful, once August comes around. How are you doing in your new job? Also, remember that Grandma Audrey is just talking out her ass. You're not a whore for being a waitress slash stripper. If it's something that makes you money and you are happy, then keep at it. I know that I am only eightteen and don't know much about life and the real world but I know you more then anyone else in our fucked up family.
And now that I know why you hate your father, I don't blame you.
I love you and cannot wait to hear back. I have to feed the dogs.
Much Love,
Dear Abby,
Thanks for your support and if I could, I'd move you up here so you can go to college here and be around someone that sane. Haha. I hope that Jamie is doing well. Last I heard he had the flu so bad, that by the end, he fell asleep on the bathroom floor.How is your mom doing? I hope she's not with that womanizer any more. She deserves better then that. I have to feed the dogs too.
Can't wait to hear back.
Much Love,
Dear Ara,
Dude, what's up with the hot guys you know? You never elabortated on them. And let me know about the girls so I can smush it in Jamie's face. He'll be drooling all over them. Send pictures if you want. And yeah, mom got rid of him a year ago, today. She's on a new guy, but this guy actually has a job, car and treats all of us good. I hope it stays this way. Maybe I should pay a plane ticket for you to come down and sic on him. LOL.
Much Love,
Dear Abby,
I attached two pictures.
The first is of the girls.
Maitland the blonde, is Marcus's girlfriend. No one fucks with her. The Queen Bee. Not one man looks at her and still manages to get the most tips every night. The redhead is Brenda. She's freaking awesome and the best bartender ever. I don't know much about her except she's dating Mason. And then there's Stephanie, on the other side of me. She quit two years ago. Just up and out, no explanation. Pissed off Marcus and Maitland because she brought in a lot of money. That's why they moved me into the stripper genre
And the second picture.
Marcus is in the middle. The tall brunette. Owns the strip club. Cocky, smart, talented, great team leader, loyal and very protective of Maitland, me and my brother. He's the one that I told you about that initiated the break in to stop my dad from beating me. Barclay had enough of my three a.m. phone calls, bawling, so he went straight to Marcus for help. Marcus also gave my brother a place to stay when my dad booted him when he was seventeen.
Jason is the tall, lanky brunette with party curly hair. He's striving to become a doctor, but is being a middle school teacher. He gets girls oogling over him all the time. There's not much else to explain about him. He's very secretive. Sweet and supportive as well as loyal. Mason, the one with the hair to his eyes, the one dating Brenda. Cocky and talented as well as loyal. Don't know much about him either. He owns a music shop and has a bunch of band t-shirts. I'm sure I can get him to let me send some to you. Just let me know which bands you like and what size you are. Nickalas, the shortest brunette, with the straight jaw line, he's the youngest. He just joined the "club" last year. He kicks ass at wrestling the boys. His father owns the gun shop on the edge of town and I think supplies the boys. But I'm not too certain. I think he likes older women, but we have no problem with him. He's super sweet and not cocky when he's just around us girls. I think he's afraid the guys would think he was gay if he didn't act macho.
And then there's Isaiah. The one who I told you owns an auto shop and has a bunch of classics in the back. Oh my word. You would totally tell me that he's everything a girl could ever want. He's sweet, sexy, funny, cocky, sarcastic, romantic, charming, alluring, I could go on and on, but you get the idea. I know he has liked me for a very very long time, but it's more fun playing hard to get. He tries to avoid going to the club with the boys, cause of me. I'm sure if he found out that I got promoted to stripper he'd lose his mind. LOL. Wish you could meet him.
Anywho. I should let you go. I have work in a few hours and I wanted to stop by Isaiah's work and ask him if he'd like to see me dance. Wink wink. Ha.
Love you.


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