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Don't Leave Me Here

Novel By: Lincarsou
Action and adventure

“Run! Run!” I shouted at my small brother. With a stolen purse in my hand, I charged forward. My brother was ahead of me, running as fast as his tiny legs could carry him, as the police shouted and chased behind us.

I know we shouldn't steal, but it's the only way we can survive. Andy's my brother, and I would die for him in a second. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 9, 2010    Reads: 131    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Chapter 1

"Run! Run!" I shouted at my small brother. With a stolen purse in my hand, I charged forward. My brother was ahead of me, running as fast as his tiny legs could carry him, as the police shouted and chased behind us. We bumped into people but didn't stop to apologize. It was a chaotic scene on the streets, police chasing us, people swarming all over, and the scream of the lady we stole from. We reached a dark alley and the familiar stink of garbage filled my nose as we surged forward. With the police hot on our heels, we turned left, and laughing the whole time we were running, we toyed with the police by purposely pretending to stop and suddenly disappearing. We lived here, and we knew these alleys better than anyone. My brother and I leaped over a fence and continued running. The police started to climb over the fence. I stopped and looked back, I laughed harder. A fat police and a short police were panting hard, and sweat poured down their face. As the short one climbed over the fence, the fat one struggled, and fell on top of the other police. Knowing they could never catch us anytime soon, I jogged after my brother. I lost sight of the police, and slowly paced myself. We had lost the police. I high-fived my brother, even though this wasn't our first time stealing. He gave me that special grin when he felt cocky and held his hand out for the purse. I handed it over.

"How much we got?" he asked me, and I shrugged.

He pushed back his short brunette hair. Our black t-shirts were drenched in sweat. We were near our house now, Andy and I lived there alone. Our parents passed away when I was 9, and I've been taking care of Andy ever since. Now I am 13, and Andy is 9. We lived off pick pocketing and stealing, and managed to buy some books for education. The school Andy and I went to make you start paying in high-school, we didn't have to worry about that yet.

Our shabby house came into view, and I walked inside. We didn't have electricity, and no one knew where we lived, or the existence of this shabby "house". It's hard to believe Andy and I managed to live here by ourselves, lucky we even have a place like this. This was some ones abandoned old storage, but we have no idea why there was even a ladder leading to the roof. The place we live in is long forgotten by the government, so we didn't have to pay for anything. The worn out sofa was left here when Andy and I first found the place. We were forced out of our apartment when our parents died, and they tried to take us away, but we ran away, managed to get some money out of the emergency money cabinet y parents always had, and a few belongings.

The dank musty smell welcomed me, and I opened the door leading to the roof. The steel door creaked as I mustered all my strength and pushed it open. Sun light flooded in, and everything became clearer. I looked around this room; the space was big enough to fit two sleeping bags, a super worn out and ripped up sofa, and a box to fit our belongings. There was a little bit of walking space, but at least there was a "balcony". Andy climbed up the wooden ladder and disappeared in the blinding sunlight. "Andy! I'm going out to get lunch okay? Don't go anywhere!" I screamed toward the ceiling. A muffled ok was heard from the roof. I took some money out the purse and went out the door. As I was about to close the door, I caught a glimpse of the police. "SHIT!" I went back inside, locked the doors, and yelled for Andy to come down. He didn't reply, when I climbed up, Andy was already gone. Panicked, I looked around for Andy, just to find him far off, diverting the police away from our place. He was buying me time to get out; he must've seen the police first. I hurried out the door, and ran towards the grocery store. I slowly started to pace myself, because the nearest store is at least half a mile away, the same for houses. From the daily "workout", Andy and I were very fit, and our mile run was 4 minutes.

I reached the convenient store, and picked out snacks and supplies we needed for living and for school. As I was about to reach for a black and red Nike backpack, I saw Andy outside, on the ground. The police was almost on him. As I was about to rush out, he jumped up, landed on his feet, bursting off at top speed. My muscles relaxed, and hid when the police ran by. I quickly got the backpack and was about to go to the cashier, when I saw a something Andy would love. A pair of glow in the dark sneakers, it was on sale so I grabbed it and went to the cashier. I had $100 on me, just barely enough for everything. I had the sneakers wrapped, stuffed everything in the new backpack, and rushed home.

When I got home, Andy wasn't there, so I waited, and waited. Andy never came home. I started to worry, and took off looking for him. I searched for him all over the place, and as I was running by the police station, I caught a glimpse of Andy. They were asking for his name, who his parents were, and how old he was. Stubborn like my mom, he wouldn't say anything. I ran inside, grabbed him, and ran.

Ps:sorry its not so good, first time writing a novel like this~


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