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School for seriously special kids

Novel By: Magestic
Action and adventure

Darane, an ordinary teenage boy, is applying for a new school. He thinks it is just any ordinary school better than the military school he is already at! Unfortunately for him it's not. This story goes over the consequences of revenge and the loss of love. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 1, 2013    Reads: 5    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

Today is the day i finally get out of here! Yippee! I put in all my papers and they accepted me! I do a little dance as I walk to my black backpack that is filled with things they might ask for at the interview I'm going to. I Throw it over my sholder and skip to my car and old VW (Volts Wagon) My parents got it for me when I turned eighteen (Before I started my so called pranks) I'm nineteen now and much more miture. I've only crashed it twice! I throw my backpack in the backseat and go open the door to the drivers seat I set my G.P.S to go to the location from the letter they sent me. Odd I have never heard of goopta road sounds like the guy who named it stepped in a pile of goo and named it on the spot. "Turn right." My G.P.S tells me. I look right no road nothing blank. I pull over and on my right is an alley way spray painted on the side of the the building sure enough was GOOPTA inprinted in big orange letters. A girl with long black hair walks by "excuse me," I say " Do you know whats down that alley way?" Of course when I say it out loud I sound like an idiot. She stares at me strangley then BAM! She grabs my arm twist it and pulls it back. " Who are you working for!" She screams. Is she using self deffense on me? "What I I OW!" I scream she bends it back farther and says, " You'll never get through we have every inch covered you might as well cancel your mission now!" She says. " What? I'm here for an interview my G.P.S took me here! My name is Darane parks!" Right after I say my name she drops my arm and all feeling returns. "Oh," She says, "Well in that case go ahead I'm just a girl crossing the street." She says " Oh a spider gross!" She looks at me pretending to be scared.She says in a fake way is she trying to trick me to think she's a regular girl? She is a an impressive act but i can see through it. " Ok buddy boy." She glares at me. " Speak anything of this I will hunt you down and tear out your insides!" "Oh yeah is that a threat!" The next thing I know she has my arm and flips me over pulls out a gun and says, " Yes."


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