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The Entertainers, A Novel By Makatosh

Novel By: makatosh
Action and adventure

This is my first real book that i have wrote, i am going to upload the chapters as i go. View table of contents...


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The Entertainers

By Nathan Watervoort

Chapter One: Introductions as due.

Sabrina was a young girl, she was only five when "the entertainers" took over. The Entertainers took over by entertaining all the officials in the area, when suddenly all the officials were trapped and then turned into mindless slaves through venom, radiation, and surgery. It may be 2050 but the technology is still very advanced. There were so many laws to follow, and if you broke even the simplest one, you were "collected" which actually means beat up and then shoved into the back of a truck, and transformed into a mindless killing machine to participate in "The Carnival" which is actually a fight to the death by the fugitives that they captured, they happened as soon as they have 50 people to participate. The winner was revived from their killing pattern, and released. The losers, die and have their bodies thrown into a big community grave, or if you were rich enough, sent home in a coffin to be buried.

People were so careful to follow these rules, that people would even plan out the day into their planwatch or just plan it out, and stick to it exactly. The disadvantage to the plan watch is that it completely controls you and if you violate it, hurts you through electric shocks, the government made suspicious people have them, but you can also request one. Sabrina did not care for the watches, and she did not plan out her day, but she had all the laws memorized and watched her step, she did not look for trouble, but somehow trouble just came to her.

Sabrina is 13 years old; she was born on April 15th 1998. She had lighter skin, but not pure white as some of the perfectionists had, they usually ended up dead pretty soon though. She had brown hair, and blue eyes, not dark blue but as a shallow sea would look, light, and full of life. She may be young, but she is surprisingly good with her hands and feet. If you are not careful she can take you down. Probably the most contributing factor to her life is that her mother was an alcoholic that could not take care of Sabrina, and her father, sweet as he was, had a temper and often beat her. When the officials found out they took Sabrina away from her parents and put her in a community home where there is little food and large amounts of bullying.

It all started when Sabrina was walking along the highway when she saw two "Jesters", which were actually people who were abducted and turned into thugs who beat you up, taking down a criminal who just stole a loaf of bread. Sabrina hid behind the bakery door when she heard the criminal speak, "you bastards! I just stole a measly loaf of burnt bread and THIS is what you do to me! You freaking bastards! Yeah you can take me to your games but I will have revenge, whether it is in this life or not!"

Sabrina whispered to her self, "Oh my lord." When she heard the Jesters laugh than stick him into the back of a truck and drive away, towards The Mansion, which is actually the capitol of the land that was once known as the United States and Canada, but is now Bunza. After that happened Sabrina just kept on saying to herself, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god." And eventually, she started crying after she saw that, because she just realized that the man she just saw was her father. It wouldn't be long before the Jesters came along to tell her what happened; she regained her composure than walked to the butchers where she was to get a ham for dinner, to split between 100 kids.

Sabrina knocked on the door to hear "come in!" from the butchers sweet, silky voice. The butcher was young, really young, in fact he was 18 years old, but he was happy to land this job fro mhis father who passed away. "Sabrina! Come in! I have the ham, and here is something for you." The butcher handed Sabrina the ham, and a small amount of beef about the size of a hamburger. Along with all the other laws, receiving food that you did not pay for, is illegal.

"Thank you so much!" Sabrina said, she dashed towards the butcher, who is named Patrick, and hugged him. Even though Sabrina did not have a brother, she considered Patrick a brother. Patrick laughed his hearty laugh and sent her on her way.


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