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Shu's Adventure (Demi-Elf)

By: Matthew Brazwell

Chapter 1, LEGEND: according to the Beldra world Shu - The main protagonist. The name is Beldren for \'demon\' Holly - one of the secondary characters. Her name is Beldren for \'angel\'. Oedo - A small village in the outskirt of the Oedo forest. Was said to have a barrier to stop outsiders from entering. Beldra - The world in which Shu\'s story evolves. (size is approx. 3.5 times the size of our Earth.)


3 years before

Shu opened his eyes, dreading what was to come. He got out of bed and silently went into the bathroom. In the mirrior, he looked determined but, on the inside, he felt irresolute. "Well, there is no turning back now," whispered Shu, trying to make himself more encouraged. He turned and went back to his room. There he grabbed his bag containing water, food, and other materials. On his way to the door he stopped. By the door layed the blades. I'll find you one day, trust me father. Grabbing the dual-weilds, Shu turned and left his house.

As he stepped outside, he was able to hear the chattering of the other villagers at the meeting hall. Some sounded excited, most seemed glum. He felt his body shake, his heart beating faster. I got to get my thoughts together and get on with this. Shu went toward the hall, taking in every bit of scenery in the small village. Everything from the light brown dirt tracks to the elligant pink cherry trees along the side. He wll certainly miss the wonderful village of Oedo.

When he got to the hall, everyone was there. He saw Rolf, Shina, and Holly, his family. Shu knew he was found in an abondoned cabin deep in Oedo Forest and raised by the Rimm family. He was almost dead and was lucky that Shina found him and raised him since.

As Shu walked toward the Holy Tree where Elder Elef was, pratically everyone was hoping he would change his mind. Sorry guys I can't, i must know the truth... When he finally made it to Elef, he realized that the Elder was recently crying do to his bulged red eyes. "Shu, are you sure about this?"

Looking at the elder, Shu said with as must courage he could summon, "Yes sir, I wish to leave Oedo and explore the vast land of Beldra. I wish to become a drifter." Even though he said these words with audacity, he felt like a coward on the inside.

All the others gasped and stared at Shu with shock. They knew the punishment, and so did Shu. Holly, his sister, looked at Shu with watery, shaky purple eyes. "But brother, what about us, what will we do without you?"

"Come on sis, I'll be back, that's for sure. Anyways, you've been studying a lot on medicine and bow skills to help the village right? You will be the best defense for the village, that's for sure." Replied Shu eagerly. Holly looked at him with more determined eyes this time and nodded. Shu then turned back to Elder Elef. "Like I said sir, this is my final choice. I ain't going back on my words."

Elder Elef looked at Shu with the most fiercful eyes he could musture, then sighing, replied, "So be it, you may leave as you wish, but you know the rule. Once you leave, by tradition, you may not come back."

Shu's adoptiveparents looked at him with eyes full of tears and pain. Shina, his adoptivemother, then said, "Shu please, don't do this, how will you take care of yourself out there all alone?"

Rolf, his adoptive father, also said, "Your mother is right son, you have no way of defending yourself against the monsters and other mercenaries. Also you will have no one wathing your back or have any yen to buy yourself food one you run out. So please son, listen to your mother and the others and stay here."

Shu looked at all of them. Everyone here in Oedo took care of him even though he was not one of them. They were the only family he had. Shu sighed, then looked to his father, "Dad, I can take care of myself. I've proven this to you in combat pracice all the time. I am well trained with my fat... my blades and have been saving up yen for this moment. As for no one watching my back, you never know, I might find friends along the way. Just have faith in me okay." With one last farewell nod to the others, Shu turned back to Elder Elef. "Okay sir, I understand the rule. I still wish to leave and I won't enter the village again but... I will still bring all the materials our land needs, be it foods, water, or yen I'll bring it to the village gaurds outside the village. That is that."

The Elder agreed with this deal and said farewell to Shu. "Good luck my boy."

Shu waved farewell to everyone and left the village behind.

Shina began to cry as Shu left the gates. Shina looked to her right to grab Holly's hand, to realize that she wasn't there. "Wait Rolf. where is Holly," she asked, shaking from the terror of loosing both her children. Shina, Rolf, and all the other villagers looked everywhere in the village with no prevail. A week later, when Shina seen Holly's bow missing, she knew what happened.

It's been three years since the day Shu left Oedo and Holly dissapeared. Even now, Shina would look out the window from her bed, hoping that one day, Shu and Holly would walk through those gates. Please you two, come backsafe... Shina then fell asleep.

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