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After defeating the evil tyrant, Axel, Jay and his friends msut now face a new, more powerful threat. View table of contents...


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I'm stuck here in my room, bored to death. I don't know what to do. I mean I could go outside and do something, but what could I do here? I have no money and I have no one to be with. I could just do more training, but he set it so I couldn't do it without him. You know what though? I could go and talk to Arcana. Maybe figure out where they took Kierstan. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I left my room and saw that Tracy and Brutus were just making it back. Why was Tracy wearing a purple sundress and Brutus wearing khakis, brown shoes, a brown shirt, and a blazer? I greeted them as they made their way to their rooms. "Hi, Tracy."

"Hi, sweetie." She responded.

"What? You know what, never mind. Hey, Brutus."

"Hello." They both seemed tired and worn out.

"What's wrong with you two?"

"We went out on a date and we got into a hostage situation." She responded. "It was-,"

"You and him went on a date? Why?"

"Well, if we're going to stay here, we needed to look the part." Brutus answered. "Zax said that we should establish a relationship between us. So we're dating."

"Swell." I said deadpan. "Now what is this about a hostage situation?"

"Well," Tracy started. "We went to this place where you can eat and play games called 'Dave & Busters' and it was amazing until some strung out junkie came into the place with a chest full of grenades and threatened to kill everyone if he didn't get what he wanted."

"What exactly did he want?"

"He wanted you." Brutus replied. "Well, not you. But he said, 'I want him to show everyone that they are still out there. I want ZAX!' and he showed up, but not as Zax. He showed up in this suit with this girl who looked an awful lot like-,"

"Anyway," Tracy interrupted. "police officers came and saved everyone before he killed everyone in it. Zax was there, but as Jason."

"Just a thought, ignore it if you want, don't you two have powers? As I recall, Brutus punched a portal into a different dimension and I saw you use whatever it was that you have on Arcana earlier."

"Unlike you, Jay, we aren't brash and irrational." Brutus said. "We also follow orders. We can't use our powers here."

"Brutus, your powers don't even count as powers. Your powers are specifically designed for you to be the ultimate hide and seeker. All you need to do is punch something and you're gone. I just included you to make you feel special.." I headed for the Box, the prison designed to hold any superhero/supervillain. There was a platform that lowered you even deeper into the Earth. It was actually below the training room.

"Where are you going?" I heard Tracy asked from behind me.

"Where do you think?" Tracy appeared by my side. I guess she's coming with. I shrugged.

"Okay. Can we go to the Box, computer?"

"Yes." Suddenly, the ground lowered us about a hundred feet deeper into the ground, compared to the thousand feet we were already under, and we were immediately surrounded by different prisons designed for different villains. Side by side, Tracy and I walked off of the platform and it rose back, leaving us. Both sides were encased in different covers that separated us from them. There were at least a hundred, and that's pure estimation, cells that contained them all. It was breathtaking, to say the least. They were all in rows, right next to each other, kinda like a real prison. Arcana's prison was straight ahead so we walked straight ahead. As we walked, each of the villains growled and tried to break whatever it was that separated us from them. They all have their names on the front. I stopped to look at one of them. So did Tracy. Not the same one as I did, but she looked at a different one.

The guy I'm looking at is called, "Inferno". His biography? He was a victim of a fire, but apparently, it wasn't any ordinary fire. It was a chemical fire. It terribly scarred his entire body and he became this grotesque abomination. I couldn't see him, but that doesn't mean that he isn't there. Well, no wonder I can't see him. The glass was steamy and foamy. I guess his cell is rigged with extinguishers that will put him out if he gets too hot.

Oh well. I moved on to another one. This one had a steel cover with only a small indentation so you could see him. Catman a.k.a Hugo Torres. Already I want to laugh. Catman. Cats aren't scary at all. He lunged at the steel wall, clawing it, creating this high pitched, annoying sound. Like nails on a chalkboard. It was dark inside, so I couldn't get a full description. All I could see were his light blue eyes in the darkness as he retreated. Whoa! Check out his biography. As a child, he survived an accident involving an electrical pylon! The accident gave him strange powers. I wonder what his powers are, other than ripping up furniture and being lazy. Well, his cage was a steel jungle, by that I mean that it's a jungle in there, but his cage is made of steel, which makes me wonder how did he grow those inside. And what's a pylon? Last one before I head over to Arcana. Oh, this one is a girl. Mercury Woman a.k.a Tina Dagger. Tracy appeared next to me.

"She has the ability to manipulate the icy, zero-pressure vacuum of space at any time and in any temperature." Tracy said in astonishment. "Just like me."

"Weird, huh?" I said. "She could be this version of you."

"Maybe." She walked towards Arcana. Her cage was empty. I guess he couldn't find a way to contain someone who can manipulate space. I walked to Arcana and she leaned against the wall as we approached her.

"What do you want with Arcana?" She said in a low tone. "And nice dress." Tracy ignored the compliment. "Alright, Arcana can tell that there is still some hostility between us. Fine. Why are you here?"

"I just want to ask you a few questions."

"Arcana has been through this with the other you."

"Big difference between the two of us."

"Arcana knows. The other one is stronger."

"I'm pretty strong." I defended myself poorly. "I lift."

"Regardless, what is it that you want?"

"I want to know where you took Kierstan."

She only laughed at me. "The same place you're going to go. Very soon, he will show up and free Arcana and the rest of us."

"Who will show up?"

"You'll find out soon, Jay. Very soon."

I sighed. I wasn't going to get anywhere with her. I didn't expect to, but I expected at least something. "Let's go, Tracy."

"Wait, I have one question." She said.

"Arcana is listening."

"Why did you…" Her voice started to crack. I had half a mind to put my hand on her shoulder. But I didn't. "Take Kierstan?"

She sighed, obviously annoyed by the emotion and worry of Kierstan. But this was important to us. We needed to know. "Arcana doesn't see what's so special about this Kierstan anyway. But I guess that you Leaders are all the same. Always worrying about someone else instead of yourselves. Arcana 'took' Kierstan because she was ordered." She got off of the wall and came closer to the glass that separated us. "By the same guy that will be here to save us all and kill you." She laughed manically as she stepped away and went to her bed. I could only stare at the glass and at myself. I don't understand villains at all.


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