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After defeating the evil tyrant, Axel, Jay and his friends must now face a new, more powerful threat. View table of contents...


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Tracy grabbed my arm and we headed towards the platform. I couldn't help but worry more about Kierstan. I really hope that she's okay. The platform descended, we got on it, and we rose back to the training room where Jay was waiting there.

"What the hell were you doing down there?!" He yelled at us.

"I talked to Arcana about Kierstan's whereabouts."

"You weren't supposed to talk to her!"

"Why are you so mad? I'm just doing something productive since you aren't."

"I can't waste my time looking for your friend when I'm neck deep in my own problems, okay? Right now, I have one of the baddest villains out to expose my secret which will ruin my life."

"Oh, I'm so sorry that someone wants the world to know how awesome we are. Yeah, that's a bad thing."

"It is a bad thing! No one can know that we're still here! No one can know that we still exist, Jay! What part of that isn't getting through your thick skull?!"

"The part where no one can know! Why can't anyone know, Zax, huh? What is so bad that we have to hide what we really are and what we really can do?!"

"You want to know what's so bad?!"

"Can we all just calm down?" Brutus said.

"Shut up!" We both yelled at him simultaneously.

"Stay out of it, Brutus. We all know how hot headed Jay can be." Tracy told him. He backed off.

"You weren't here so you have no idea what's going on! You have no idea what happened… But you will. Not now. But soon." He turned and faced the opening that led to the exit, which I don't even think exist. I don't even know how we exactly got inside here. "I need you to come out now." There she was, tall, blonde, and beautiful. Hair hung from her head to her lower back. She had a perfect body figure. And she even looked like Kierstan. It's a shame that-

"Kierstan!!" I supersped to her and grabbed her by her waist and lifted her up in the air. Something was wrong though. She was a lot more… slimmer than she was. And she had glasses. Kierstan didn't wear glasses. I dropped her on the ground. "What the hell is this?"

"This, Jay, is Kelsey. Another version of Kierstan."

"Thanks for the compliment." She said as she stood and dusted herself off. "I'm here to keep tabs on you."

"A baby sitter? You brought me a fucking baby sitter!? Why?!" I yelled at Zax.

"Because you're a liability, Jay. You could expose us because you're brash and arrogant." He replied.

"Arrogant?! No, I'm honest. I believe in my abilities, unlike some people."

"He has a point, Zax." Kelsey agreed. "You can do so much more exposed than hiding."

"No! Stop pushing me to become something the world isn't ready for? Did Superman become reveal himself to the world? No, not for a while. So I'll wait."

"Superman? Who?" I asked him. Zax gasped like I said something wrong.

"His favorite comic book hero." Kelsey answered for me. Tracy and Brutus were walking off when Zax stopped them.

"Where are you going?"

"Bed. We aren't in this." Brutus said. And they left. It was just Kelsey, Zax, and I.

"So you're going by what a fictional character is doing? Are you fucking kidding me?!" I turned to walk away, but he super sped in front of me. "Get out of my way."

"Where are you going?" I ignored him and tried to walk past him, but he placed his hand on my chest. I looked at his hand and then looked at him. The next thing I know, my fist connected to his face. He flew into the darkness, but came back out in a blur of red and black and pinned me against the wall, denting it. "LET ME GO!" Suddenly, I felt a very powerful force in my head, telling me to succumb. Succumb to what? Zax stared deep into my eyes like a faggot.

"Jay, there's something wrong with you." He said. I kicked him off of me and he slid across the ground.

"You guys, stop fighting!" Kelsey yelled at us. I shot a look at her and she was sent flying back into the wall, unconscious.

"Kelsey!" Zax yelled as he flew towards me. I grabbed him by his head and flipped him behind me. He landed on the wall and body slammed me into the ground and we were in his supervillain prison. I was on all fours as I shook myself off. Zax was standing up, angry. "I don't know what's gotten into you, Jay, but I'm gonig to beat it out of you."


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