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After defeating the evil tyrant, Axel, Jay and his friends must now face a new, more powerful threat. View table of contents...


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Kierstan looked up to see another lone figure descending from the sky. "Again? Is that how everyone makes their entrances here?" She laughed to herself. She waited for the figure to hit the ground, and ironically, she landed with black-booted feet on the same spot that the previous guy had. The woman's cleavage nearly popped out of her black strapless corset that squeezed her chest. She had waist-length raven hair, pointed ears, and skin almost as white as freshly fallen snow. An elven Goth. Her gaze drifted emotionlessly forward, her fingers twitching toward a longbow on her back.

"Are you Kierstan?" The elf asked in a smooth voice.

Kierstan stood protectively in front of her companions. "Yes. And you are?"

"Arcana. Today is the day you die, Kierstan," Arcana said, smiling maliciously. She drew her bow, notching an arrow with astonishing speed and grace. Her pupils dilated, and a memory overcame her.

"Kill only Kierstan," A deep voice said.

Eyes that were a strange mix of blue, green, and yellow hardened, "Of course."

Pulling back to the present, Arcana was able to catch Kierstan's words with ease. After all, she had senses that greatly surpassed even the greatest of superheroes. It was one of her strengths. "I'll take care of her. Step out of the way for now."

Tracy and Brutus both got out of the way, and Arcana prowled gracefully like a wildcat stalking her prey. She unleashed her arrow, and Kierstan laughed, attempting to catch it. Instead, the arrow took on an eerie orange glow and exploded on impact. Kierstan cursed loudly and darted backwards as fast as she could, the explosion only slightly catching her. Angry burns marred the surface of manicured hands.

Soon, a tempo was established. Arcana unleashed arrows constantly, never tiring. These arrows rained from the sky, and from every other direction. Kierstan would use her super speed to evade them, but still, it was exhausting. She managed to get close enough to Arcana to shove her back hard, sending her flying into a boulder. "Arcana hates fighting women, she seriously does." Arcana snapped irritably, "Men wouldn't even be able to touch Arcana!"

Still, the gothic archer rose up and straightened into her battle stance. Blood trickled faintly down one of her arms, but she paid it no mind as she advanced on her target. It appeared Kierstan was having a little trouble locating Arcana, and that almost made her laugh. Arcana was so glad that she had low-light vision and good hearing. She could detect Kierstan's clumsy and loud movement from even miles away. But eh, they weren't that far apart now.

Taking advantage of Kierstan's obvious trouble, Arcana unleashed another explosive arrow that, this time, struck home. Kierstan hissed in agony, but was glad that she had now located her opponent. She dashed forward, letting blue beams shoot from her eyes. Arcana flipped over, dodging the assault. "You guys, I want you to get out of here! Now!" Kierstan yelled, realizing the severity of the situation.

"No, not without my daughter!" Tracy cried out.

"Just GO!" Kierstan yelled, furious that Tracy wouldn't listen. She was just trying to protect her!

"No, I refuse!"

Kierstan gritted her teeth angrily and whirled back on Arcana, dodging another arrow by a chance of pure luck. Arcana proceeded to send elemental magic attacks Kierstan's way. Lightning cracked down on Kierstan, but she bit down hard on her lip to keep from screaming. This woman… she was powerful. Still, Kierstan was beginning to deal a little damage to her. She could see the crimson liquid smeared on Arcana's arms and legs. Arcana panted heavily, as if in a beastly frenzy. She continued to barrage Kierstan with elemental attacks until she realized she was still far from killing the pest. She used an ice spell to freeze Kierstan in place, and she knew it would only last thirty seconds, but it would do for now. There was no other option. This was the only way.

Arcana pulled an ebony arrow from her quiver that was tied with a small crimson ribbon. She was so glad she had prepared this the day before just in case this sort of scenario might happen. This arrow was the only way she could kill this persistent bitch.

An Arcane Archer can create an Arrow of Death that causes the target, if damaged by the arrow's attack, to be slain immediately. It takes one day to make an Arrow of Death, and the arrow only functions for the Arcane Archer who created it. The Arrow of Death lasts no longer than one year, and the archer can only have one such arrow in existence at a time.

Yes. Arcana was an Arcane Archer, and she was going to end Kierstan tonight.

Kierstan tried desperately to free herself, lashing out with her super strength, but even with that, Arcana's magic appeared to be a little more powerful than the average element. Kierstan was trapped, and could only watch as Arcana notched a rather unique-looking arrow.

Arcana channeled her magic and energy all into this one shot. It was all or nothing. Time slowed to a crawl as she finally released the deadly arrow. It was travelling at high speed, bound for Kierstan's heart…

And it struck home. Kierstan gasped, coughing out blood. She felt the life draining from her, and it wasn't slow. It was leaving her as if it never wanted to be with her in the first place. Her eyes were clouding, and no matter how hard Kierstan tried to keep conscious, there was no fighting. She was dying; really dying. After all she had been through in her life, she was dying!

A scream pierced the night that she recognized as Tracy's, and she watched helplessly as Arcana advanced on her to pull out the arrow that protruded from her heart. Arcana returned the arrow to her quiver and looked down at the gasping girl below her. She then whirled around, walking off into the night like she had never been there.

Tracy ran to Kierstan's side, but by the time she had reached her, Kierstan was dead.

This time, she wasn't coming back.

Tracy sobbed, clutching Kierstan to her chest and Brutus watched in horror.

Kierstan was dead.


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