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After defeating the evil tyrant, Axel, Jay and his friends must now face a new, more powerful threat. View table of contents...


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"It'll be okay," I whispered to her as I rocked back and forth with her lifeless body in my arms. "I'll make you feel better." I placed my hand over her chest, hoping that my other ability will work. It just has to! I pressed down on her chest and squeezed, hoping, praying that it would work. I felt the warmth of her blood press against my palm. I felt her skin warm from my touch. I could even feel the tears that never fell from her eyes, but I couldn't feel my daughter's heartbeat. I placed my head on her chest and cried. Brutus placed his hand on my shoulder to comfort me, but that wasn't going to bring my baby back! Hatred! Hatred and revenge for the bitch that did this! I took my head from Kierstan's chest and sighed heavily, fighting back the remaining tears. "Brutus, take Kierstan and bury her." I calmly asked him.

"But Tracy-,"

"NOW!" I yelled angrily. He could see that I was hurt and he could see my intentions. He slowly nodded as he bent down and lifted Kierstan off the ground. I stood up and stared angrily at the one responsible. "Make sure Jay doesn't see her like this. If he does, it'll be the end for us all." He nodded once more before running towards away from us. I felt Jay still fighting the other guy, so Brutus would have enough time to bury her before he sees. I'm sorry, honey. The archer holstered her bow and turned her back on me. I got angry. "Hey!" I yelled at her. "Don't you turn your back on me!"

She slightly turned her head to the left. "Her mission is done. She must leave now." Just as she was about to fly off, I held her down with my magic. She tried fighting it, which only made it worse. I'm letting gravity do the work for me. She fell on one knee then she fell on her stomach. I walked over so I could see the look of fear in her eyes as I kill her.

"Know my pain." I told her as the pressure of the gravity increased, enough to turn normal human bones to dust. She killed my daughter and now she must bear the pressure of having a coffin on her conscience. A very heavy coffin. But this one was strong. She had a little magic in her herself, but not enough to handle me. The ground below her started to crack and crumble like it was about to cave in. But this one didn't scream. She didn't yell or anything! She wasn't suffering! I increased the gravity. This was enough to turn the Eiffel Tower into a soda can. But she still had the same blank expression on her face, like she couldn't feel the pain. Like she wasn't there. Not completely.

"If you're going to kill her," She said in a deadpan tone as she slowly started to bring herself to her feet. That's impossible! No one should be able to withstand this much! "do it fast before she kills you." She was on her feet; completely withstanding the amount of pressure I have on her. She drew her bow and arrow and quickly pierced my left shoulder before I could even blink. I fell on the ground, the blood pouring from my shoulder. I sat up to an arrow aiming at my face. She was crouched down with the same blank, cold, heartless expression on her face. "Too late." Just as she was about to let go, she was knocked to the side by a black blur and slid across the ground. I looked and saw Jay walking towards me.

"Where's Kierstan?" He asked me with a look of worry on her face. What should I do? Should I tell him that the archer killed her? Or should I spare the world the fate of destruction and lie to him. He stared at me somberly. "Tracy, where is Kierstan?" What kind of a Leader would I be if I lied to the world's only hope at stopping this army? I sighed heavily once again, holding back the tears and keeping my voice from cracking.

"She was taken." Jay sighed before his mood changed from worried to annoyed.

"Again?!" He said incredulously. "What's the point of having powers if she's just going to get taken? Who took her?"

"Another one, but I didn't see. I was blindsided. I'm sorry." I looked down at the ground. I couldn't bear to look him in his dark brown eyes. I just can't.

"It's fine. You're old and you don't have your powers, not all of them anyway. Just let me handle them." I nodded and headed towards the way Brutus ran before I stopped one last time and looked at Jay. He had this worried look on his face as he looked at both of them. I started to go back to tell him what really happened, but I was blocked by a heroic figure. I stared in awe as he smiled down upon me.

"Don't worry." He told me. "I'll save him." And he flew high and fast into the air.


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