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After defeating the evil tyrant, Axel, Jay and his friends msut now face a new, more powerful threat. View table of contents...


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When I save Kierstan, I'm going to send her straight to the moon for being useless. Why does she have powers if she won't use them? The baddies from outer space both stood up and stared at me. "Yeah?" I said. "You got a problem." They both looked at each other. "Oh, that's nice. You two are in love. That's sweet. Now, you both can be buried together."

"Let's play a game." The dark guy said as he looked at me. He took a step towards me and made a line with his foot. "If you can get past this line, you win and we'll go peacefully."

"Okay?" I said questioningly. I took a step forward and the girl took one step forward. "What's going on?"

"However," The dark guy continued. "if you can't get past Arcana, you lose." She stepped over the line and stood there with her hands behind her back. Someone is full of themselves. "Aaaaaaand go." Immediately she rushed at me with such agility that I was almost in awe. She was fast for a human with pointy ears. Like really pointy ears. They're so pointy; she could stab someone with those. She zigzagged left and right before she leaped high in the sky, like maybe ten or fifteen feet, and dive kicked my way. I jumped back, dodging it. She crushed the ground where she landed, looked at me with such a blank expression that it was creeping me out. She lunged at me, but I rolled to the side, dodging that. I slid on my feet across the ground and lunged at her with a haymaker that'll knock her head clean off. She smiled and I was sent back through the air like a ragdoll. I landed on my feet and stared at her. She rose to her feet, still smiling.

"Why are you smiling?" I asked her.

"Arcana is immune to the harmful effects of men." She responded.

"What the hell does that even mean?" She didn't respond to that one. She drew her bow and fired an arrow at me. I laughed at the thought of it. I mean, the arrow started to glow an eerie orange glow that was eerie, but that doesn't mean that I can't stop it. I raised my hand to catch it, but it exploded upon impact. It wasn't anything too big, but it did slide me back a few feet. There was a haze that blocked my vision of Arcana. I heard the rapid thwiping of arrows being fired, but I couldn't see anything. I looked up and there were a bunch of skinny sticks falling towards me. I could only assume they are her stupid arrows. Her stupid, explosive, magical ones.

"Here comes the boom." Shadow Stalker disappeared into a shadow of nothing as the arrows exploded upon impact like a group of kamikazes, ravaging the lands beneath and around me, engulfing me in their fiery embrace. I could feel the fire singe my skin, but it didn't burn. Nor did it reduce my clothes to ash. Instead, it was as if it was only set to burn me only. Even though I was inside the fire, I could still see her. It didn't hurt, but I had to feign agony. It was the only way I could have time to come up with a plan. I screamed in agony like my life depended on it, which it kinda did. Then, after a few more seconds of screaming, I died down the screaming into a low moan and then into nothing. Dead silence.

She chuckled as Shadow Stalker appeared in front of her and smiled. He was enjoying the fact that I was slowly roasting over an open fire. "That was brutal." He said with a crooked smile.

"But necessary." She added on. "We must go now. Before he shows up." Shadow nodded as he opened another dark portal to wherever they were about to go. Suddenly, he was whisked away without a second thought. Arcana, with a very late reaction, pulled out her bow and arrow and fired at me! She shot the arrow faster than a speeding bullet. It began to glow its orange, explosive glow. I heard this violent whoosh. Like someone was fighting the air without a sound and the arrow was stopped by something. A figure. He was five foot nine; he had short curly, black hair. He was dressed in this smooth, but skintight red suit. Not an actual suit. More like a costume. Like the one Shadow Stalker wore. It looked flexible and spandex. I could only see the back, but he was wearing a red cape. It was tattered at the end of it. He turned around and blew out the fire with his breath. With his breath! I wish I could do that! When the fire cleared, I could clearly see who he was. And I am not surprised. Not one bit.

With a smile, he said, "Looks like you could use some help."

"Zax!" Arcana hissed as she fired a dozen arrows at him. Her explosive, death arrows.

"Look out!" I warned as they rocketed towards him.

"You have a lot to learn about us, Jay." He turned around and let the arrows, all of them, hit him and explode. Smoke covered him up and I started coughing. It got in my lungs. I started coughing up a storm. "Are you seriously coughing? Wow, you are so weak." I heard him say as he took a deep breath, inhaling all of the smoke, and blowing it towards Arcana. She began coughing. "See, the thing about magic," He told me as he super sped inside the smoke and came back out with Arcana hunched over his shoulders. "is that all you have to do is NOT believe. Not kidding. You can't hurt her because you're a guy. And that is something that will need to be explained, but not in The Chihuahuan Desert." He laughed at that last line. I can already tell I won't like him. He looks like a heroic bottle of ketchup. With a small "Z" on his right pectoral. He stared at me and I stared at him. I swear, it was like looking in a mirror. "You probably have a lot of questions."

"I do." I said. "Like why are you dressed like a strawberry?"

"Says the guy with his dick hanging out."

"You want to help? Find Kierstan then!" I yelled at him. He sighed. "What?"

"I can't. I don't know where they took her. But I have Shadow Stalker and Arcana and we'll find out. You should come to our headquarters in Chicago." He started to rise. "Just follow me. You can fly right." I started to rise up and he smiled. "Good." He turned around and zoomed away like this colorful blur. I stared in surprise. I was fast, but nowhere near that fast.

"Fuck this guy." I said as I flew as fast as I could to catch up.


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