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After defeating the evil tyrant, Axel, Jay and his friends must now face a new, more powerful threat. View table of contents...


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In a few seconds, we were in an underground cavern. Under this huge tower in the center of the city. It was dark and damp, like a cave, but that's all it was. A cave. No high tech gadgetry, no weapons, nothing. It's like he just saw this place. I stared at him, wherever he was in this dark cave, in disbelief. "Hold on while I put our little arcane archer in the Box." He super sped away and, in a few seconds, he was back.

"We're gonna eat and sleep here. And train." He turned and walked deeper into the cave. All I could hear were his footsteps and his voice as they both echoed throughout the cave. "But if you're thinking that I live in a cave, you're right. But if you think that I didn't do any redecorations to the cave…" Suddenly, floodlights and stalagmites and stalactites lit up like Christmas lights and what I saw wasn't what it actually was, if that made any sense. There was high tech gear here, but only a huge screen that was like the one we had back in The Facility. Except this one seemed to be far more advanced than the laptop you call a super computer at our old place. "You're wrong." He finished after a few minutes of waiting till everything was powered on so his dramatic effect was successful. But other than the glowing atmosphere and this really huge computer, it was still what I had expected. "This is where we'll train." I walked to the large hole in the wall that was just plain and empty. There was a console on the wall near the hole, but I don't see how we'll train here. "Tomorrow, we'll train. Until then, this doorway," He pointed at the doorway that was on the opposite side of the console. "Leads to the bedrooms. Bathrooms are in the bedrooms. See you in the morning." He vanished into the doorway and I stood in the center of the room. I just do not see how we'll train here. Is this like some indestructible room that can make things harder for us? Well, there was only one way to find out. I walked up to the console, which was just loaded with buttons and knobs; I didn't know what to press.

"Huh." I said as I saw the button that said "Start Simulation". I pressed it and a screen appeared on the wall above the console. The screen then scanned me and it beeped. After that, it had four different categories. "Strength, Speed, Durability, Alternatives." I chose strength, but nothing happened. The screen and console just retracted into the wall and the hole in the wall near them closed up. I scoffed. It didn't even work. I walked to the doorway, but as I got to the middle, a large metal platform fell from the ceiling. I put my hands up and held it up. It was as light as a feather. But it must've felt the same thing because suddenly another platform fell on top of the other one, but this one felt denser and heavier than the other. But it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. Then another dropped on it. And then another, each getting heavier and heavier with each progress. I could hear the metal creak as my hands slowly made dents into the metal. This was becoming too much for me. I fell on one knee as the platforms continued to build on top of me. I was actually surprised that it didn't stop. Wasn't there a ceiling here? More and more kept falling on me until I was on my knees. I was about to be crushed! No way was I about to be crushed! I started to rise, lifting past my limits or what I'm assuming is my limits since I was on my knees. Just as I was on both feet, but still crouched, it piled more on top of me. Suddenly, it had gotten lighter. The platforms were withdrawn back into the ceiling and I was just standing there. My muscles felt tighter and I somehow felt stronger. Or at least, really tired. Zax was at the console as he stared at me with eyes like my lasers.

"So I guess me saying 'we will train tomorrow' pays no never mind to you?" I chuckled sheepishly. "Well, it can't be helped. Let's see how much you lifted anyway." He turned back towards the console, typed a few buttons, and my results were as shown. "Holy shit." He said. "You lifted this much? Not bad. Not bad at all. Actually, I'm impressed."

I walked up to the monitor. "How much is a… sextillion?"

"That's twenty one zeroes, Jay." He responded.

"And that means?"

"It means that you're strong. Stronger than I thought, actually. But you can be stronger. Just wait until tomorrow." He powered off the monitor. "Let's go to bed."

"Fine. Is anybody here other than me, you, Tracy, Brutus, and Arcana?" I had asked him.

"No," He replied. "The rest are all still hiding." I could hear a little sadness in his voice. This was odd, especially since he was me. A better version of me.

"I'm sorry, Zax." I comforted him.

"Doesn't matter. Everyone is in their rooms, resting. You should do the same." I nodded as he typed on the computer and I headed towards the rooms. I heard Zax sigh and say, "Where are you, Duke?" Before the doors closed behind me. There was a hallway and that hallway had four doors, probably more. I didn't know which one was empty so I tried the first one. As I touched the knob, I heard someone crying. It couldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out it was Tracy. Obviously crying because of Kierstan's kidnapping. I wanted to tell her that we'll find her. That everything will be okay, especially her, but I realized a long time ago that sometimes words aren't enough. Actions speak louder than words. I went on to the next door. I opened it and there was somebody on the bed. I took a step closer and saw that it was Brutus. I guess running away from the battle was really exhausting. If he would've stayed, maybe Kierstan would still be not kidnapped. She'd be here, in our room, in our bed, having our sex. But she isn't so I have to go and get her. Again. For the third time. I'll probably die this time, too. I sighed profoundly as I closed the door. I went over to the last one and opened the door. It was empty, thank God. I wasn't tired or anything, even from what I went through not too long ago. I was eager to train some more and get stronger, but sleeping is the only way the day, or night, goes by faster. I plopped myself on this soft, cloudlike bed and closed my eyes. I wondered how this dimension will be different from all of the other dimensions we've been in. The first was just a normal one, before the powers. The second one just didn't care at all. I mean, I must've leveled just about every town, city, continent there. It's a barren planet, where we just came from. No bad guys, no good guys, no nothing. Speaking of guys, who was that guy that Zax said? Duke? I couldn't get into it because, before I knew it, I dozed off.


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