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PLEASE read the preview first! And I'd like to thank all of my supporters. I really hope you enjoy Part 1 of Circle Were, and are reeled in immediately! Like, comment, share, E N J O Y ! ! ! View table of contents...


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Back at Were campgrounds, the wolves were swarming with questions for Anguis Lupus.

‚Äč"I once lived at the CW campground south from here," explained the ginger-coated were, acorn charm symbol glistening in the moonbeams. "You know, by Philharpp Springs?" Umbra lupus nodded.

"But, about fifty years ago, I... well, fell in love, shall we say."

Rosula's (Dawn's) back bristled up. Her moonlit eyes took on a roaring flame.

"The she-were was the prettiest creature I had ever laid eyes on," he continued, winking at Rosula, "It was you."

Dawn blushed, suddenly remembering the night she traveled south, where it was warmer, to hunt for her pack in the blinding cold of winter. She had heard a sudden rustling of a nearby shrub, but sworn it was only the icy wind. "I should've known that was you," she responded with a warm smile.

Ursus lupus (Cyan) glared, knowing no one could see his attitude in the darkness.

He didn't trust Griffon.

"Anyways..." said Anguis lupus, cutting his attention away from his girlfriend. "My parents found out about my secret romance. They thought Dawn was a Night Howler, and restricted me from seeing her, for I had no confirmation of her type." He drew in a long, dreary breath and sighed. "So I ran away. I don't know what overcame me; I just felt that I HAD to have that mysterious girl."

Ursus stared beadily at the newcomer. "So... why are you new at Falcon Field? Why did it take you so long to get here?"

"Well, along the way I saw a dead hare, just laying there in the snow. I was so hungry that I couldn't help but snatch up the morsel for myself.

"But, as it turned out, I was stealing a bear family's 'property'. They were so angry when they found out I ate the hare that they captured me.

"The next day, I was human again, and the bears seemed surprised. Soon they found out I was one of the Circle Weres-- of course, it took two more generations of that same bear family --but the father bear's grandson finally turned me loose 48 years after the kidnap.

"Soon after, now only 3 years ago, Falcon Field was reached, but I was weak and tired and hungry. A grudging bear family doesn't spare much."

Pluvia chortled happily and Rosula howled in unison, though concerned for Anguis's predicament.

Ursus lupus joined in the excitement, but in a more sarcastic manner. "Brilliant story! Did a little birdie tell you?"

"Ursie!" scolded Rosula lupus.


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