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One mission, Two hearts.

Novel By: MissCosti
Action and adventure

Fox- the crown prince- survives a deadly battle which most of his men has died in. Along the journey back to his uncle's castle he meets Kesta, saves her and her older sister from an imposter but fails to save her mother who was killed by something too evil to describe. Kesta agrees to become his servant on his journey home.

And through the things they face together Fox not only tries to protect Kesta, but tries to open his heart to her, and her to him.
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Submitted:Nov 21, 2009    Reads: 119    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

I felt my body sink back onto the grass, the blades of grass cushioning my back and wildly covering my arms and legs. Blissful comfort that I haven't felt since that time, that day. The sun was slowly sinking down like a stone as my heart went with it, for I always felt so much safer with the sun as my guard and protector, and when it left I felt vulnerable and alone.
'Sir?' I whispered quietly to the left of me, not sure if he had finally been able to sleep yet.
'Yes Kesta?'
'How far away is your uncle's castle from here? I have already packed the belongings we need for your journey home, but after today, well sir, I just wanted to check you were well enough to ride, or if you needed more rest.' I replied, my insides tingling with anticipation and a slight fear in his answer, had I perhaps spoken out of turn? I was too afraid to turn on my side to face him, so I stared up at the dark blue stretch of sky, here and there oddly bright shining stars made me smile slightly and think of my home, of my mother.
'First of all Kesta, it is our journey together home, not just mine. You must know by now that when you agreed to become my servant, your dedication and loyalty to me and my family has been unquestionable. And you helped not just as a servant, in times when people would have fled for their own life you helped to carry me too. And for that I must thank you Kesta. To answer your question, it is a day's ride or two, depending on how Greyfall wants to go. Were no longer in rush at the moment, the thing that was on our tail has fled, so I think we should give Greyfall a break now, don't you?' he laughed, getting up to stroke Greyfall's mane.
Laughing with him I turned on my side and tried to coax myself to sleep as Fox once again lay back down on the grass beside me, and seemingly out of no-where procured a blanket and placed it over me. His overgrown dark brown hair was falling around his face, which was still bloody and bruised yet throughly handsome still, and his eyes seemed full of concern. As his coarse and worn hands tucked the blanket in around my fragile body I was thankful for this, as the emotions and physical demands I have been put through the past couple of days has left my body in a weak state of exhaustion. 'Thank you sir' I said to him, my eyes now struggling to keep open.
As Fox looked at her nearly falling asleep he felt a rush of sympathy towards this young girl, this brave young girl. Her blazing green eyes were glazed over and her eyelids drooping.
'Goodnight Kesta.'


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