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A girl goes blind, in a accdiental firework incident, and recently a scientist have been ordered to do a expierment, that could give her, the vision back...Its just not her vision. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 14, 2012    Reads: 97    Comments: 14    Likes: 4   

Chapter 1

Tonight was July 4th, Me and my friends, John, Brittany, and Alex decided to go to Lake Almoner to set of a large amount of fireworks. I stared at the clock full of excitement, but sadly its repeated ticks mocked me, it was just another way to tell me 'Only another 30 minutes...Now only 29 minutes, and 59 seconds' I wanted to throw a book at it. A history book for sure would do the most damage, but I had to hold it in.

"Only 30 minutes" I say to myself, trying to convince myself it wasn't that long. I tap the table with the tip of my fingernails, just a hour ago and a half ago, I had painted them a light-blue, the tips a darker shade of blue. My mom sitting across the light-brown table from me, gave me silent scolding to quit, I gave a quick 'yikes' face and quit the tapping. I walk out of the kitchen, my light pink hello-kitty socks forcing me to slide out, onto the maple colored wooden floors in the living room and leap onto the velvet red couch, to my right, a dark purple blanket lay on the arm-rests on the couch. I take it, and lay it onto my lap, and pick up the remote and turn channels looking for something to occupy me until my buddies have arrived.

"ABC, No...Disney, No...Cartoon-network, No...Animal Planet, No... Come on, nothing is on!"

Nothing good, of course, ever is anybody watchable. Nothing I am interested, or can tolerate comes on until 10pm, or midnight, its only 7:33m, I hear a deep and rather long-lasting honk outside my house, and look through a window it had quite a few smudges from when my 6 year old sister, Melissa had thrown her food, after have a tantrum. A dark gray Hyundai Sonata lay in wait, a small dent in the back left corner, and just a few weeks ago Johnny had backed up straight into the telephone pole when trying to park. I don't even bother going upstairs to let my mom know I'm about to leave I just shout aloud

"I am heading out, with my friends now, mom!" As loud as I can, near the stairs, hoping she could hear me, if not well not my problem, I grab my I-phone, and place it in my pocket along with 30 dollars, and run outside, Brittany in the back seat, several holes in the back padding, Alexis and John in the front, music blaring as loud as it can go, I can feel my teeth vibrating. Brittany yanks open, as I dive it, and slam the door shut with a loud BANG. The second I touch the door-handle John slams on the gas-petal the wheels screech from the sudden burst of speed. The windows are down, the ice-cold wind blowing in my face, messing up my recently combed hair, making it frizz up and go out-of-whack, I hold it down with my left hand, and click and hold the button on the handle, as the window flies shut. We skip a few stop-signs, and shouting 'Woo!" and singing along to the music on the radio.

I smile widely, and lean forward, to the middle of the two front seats in-between the two, and place my hands on the edge of the seat and asks nearly screaming because I can't barely hear myself

'Where are we going to go first, Johnny?'

He has a wide grin on his face, his yellow-is teeth peer from his lips, and his lips are dry and torn from his harsh habit of biting his lips

"Well, Katherine...We've got to get the fireworks first, and then to the lake! And then maybe the movies after-wards" he shrugs gently

I nod, and we continue towards driving, I don't recognize where he's heading and ask him, trying not to be a party killer

"Where are we going, I don't know this place? I thought we were getting fireworks"

He smirks and says "We are..." he leans his head closer to the wheel, trying to be careful not to pull into a exit instead like last time

We pull up to a local supermarket, Giant Eagle, and he drives around back, a shady figure in a black hood, making the shadows cover his face completely, then he walks up to the window as John rolls it down slowly, and gives him 3 tens, and five ones. The man leaves for a moment or so, and comes back a couple minutes later, with a oak-brown box, that says 'Fragile' in red writing on the front, several thick white strings come down between the holes. 'I dont even want to know' I quietly tell myself, so I don't bother asking, I see him look at me from the mirror, to see my reaction, he gives a impressed face when he sees I don't mind, or least don't care enough to ask. He drives out slowly, and quietly hoping not to be seen and then we head to the lake.

We make it too the lake, the moon shining against the water, the water reflecting the light onto the trees and grass around it, including us. We smile, and laughs as we all turn a mix between a dark-blue and yellow-is white. Alexis takes a shining silver lighter out of her blue jacket pockets, she struggles but finally it budges, making it easier, she manages to pry the top from the crate, and what seems like a hundred fireworks crowd up in a large pile, multiple colors, blue, yellow, red, purple and more, most of these I've never seen before. I ask her full or curiosity

"What type of fireworks are these, I've never seen them before..."

She grins mischievously "Calm down, Kathy, they are Special ones, never been seen, or used before."

I stroke the back of my neck, and bite my lip "This doesn't seem like a good id-" too late, she lights the string attached to the fire-work, obviously not using her thoughts, 'if they've never been used or scene before, how does she know they are safe' seconds pass but seems like eternity to me, as the spark travels up. The fire-work explodes, a bright flash shields my vision, it burns my eyes in reflex I cover my eyes. The fire-work that exploded caught the others on fire, seconds until they go off, Alex and Brittany are on the ground, rolling covering their eyes grunting in pain, from the bright flash and added slight burns.

Less than A moment later, the spark reaches the end of the line and they all set off, in a rhythm in seems, all a second apart, the bright flashes stun me, in all of moment later, one impales my in the right side face, and explodes, I scream in agony, and fall to the ground, I roll back and forth, as mud covers me hole, holding my face, it burns as if I'm being locked in a oven and the metal is continually getting hotter burning me to death, the worst pain I've ever felt, I feel my skin, it peels off, it feels almost like a burnt marshmallow covering. I cant see anything, everything around me is nothing but black with hints of color form before, I hear the screams in terror from my friends increase in noise, louder it seems.

I begin to fade out, when bright lights flash, I can't see them, but I see tints of them, as if you were closing your eyes, just after staring at a bright light, you can still see a part of it. I hear several voices, static from a radio, and the next thing I know, I'm being picked up by some man I feel his strong, rather hairy arms pick me up without so much as a grunt, and quickly but gently place me onto a almost soft stretcher.

I hear them gasp, but at what? They place what seems like a mask onto my face, possible an oxygen mask and something sharp jabs my left arm, the pain slips away, and so do I.


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