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Jordan is a twelve year-old girl, caught up in the act of sneaking around and stealing stuff. Her older sister thinks she's nuts. And her parents would do anything to stop her from doing this.
Kurt is thirteen, just walking home from his father's pizza shop. He runs into someone. Someone who could change his life. She makes him think, makes his life difficult, and he falls in love with her.
Aaron's shadowed by his uncle's wrong doings. Kurt is his best friend and doesn't approve of Jordan being twelve and him and Kurt being thirteen. He will soon find out she's just a young spitfire.
Lizzy thinks her sister is crazy. She runs around and steals things, not knowing what weapons these people have or what they're capable of. Nothing can stop her sister, not even all of the shoes in Lizzy's closet.

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Chapter 1

*Jordan's POV*

Us teens live to want something.

Whether it's something material like a Coach purse or a video game, or whether we want to be something like a singer, model, or writer even. Sometimes we want something more. We hate being controlled into the wrong hobbies or careers for ourselves. When people tell us to do something that we don't want to do we freak out. When there's something we want to do, we get right to it... or at least find your ladder to climb to the top.

The things I do, all of us do, is for a reason. Even if we can't explain it! No matter what, it's something crazy. As kids we dream of being like our parents, all of us thought our parent's were awesome. Now we think they're crazy control freaks who don't let us do anything. What I do is hard to explain, but I do it. Maybe just because I'm crazy. Maybe it's not just me, but my sister and our other two friends. We live to want something more.


We live in Italy me, my sister, and our two friends. I had tried to steal something but then I lost it. I was running through the streets because I thought I still had the chip. Yeah, a chip, but not the kind you eat, like the kind you take out of a computer... like that contains a file, these people snuck into Area 51, pretending to work there which is hard to do, filmed some stuff and threatened to release the clip unless they got some serious money for it. Because you know how bad people want to know more about Area 51.

I actually met my two friends when I was running. My sister, mom, and dad were at home sleeping.

I checked my watch, 12:45 AM. Everyone was sleeping except for me, and the people chasing me, of course. I looked everywhere for some place I could just shake them off for a while, at least so I could catch my breath. I decided to scale a nearby building to get them occupied. The building smelled like fish on the roof. Ew.

I looked back down, they men were struggling to get up the side of the building, I had some time to catch my breath. Something dropped at my feet, it was round and black... and it was a bomb. Twelve seconds left, I picked it up, gasped, and threw to the other side of town where it landed in the ocean with a boom. Now that side of Italy is awake, I thought to myself.

I looked back towards the edge of the building and the men were making their way to the top. I bolted towards the other end of the roof. There was a gap but not a big one. I jumped to the other building. When I landed and looked back the henchmen were looking for me, they didn't see me jump to the other building. It was my time to get out of there. After climbing down the fire escape, I started walking home.

The night kept getting quieter as more and more people were settling down to sleep. Lamps turned on, streets emptied, and shops signs that usually ring out a warm welcome of "Come on in, we're open," now say "Sorry, we're closed."

I stared at my shoes as I walked not even bothering to look ahead of myself because I knew the streets were empty. Before I could even get the chance to look up, someone ran into me. I stumbled back a couple of steps, "Watch it," I said.

"Sorry," the person said. He looked up at the same time as me and he kept staring at me. I don't know why. He looked like a deer in headlights. A raindrop fell on my nose and i wiped it off. "Sorry," he repeated.

"Hi Brown Eyes," I said. He just kept staring.

"Sorry, um, my name's Kurt," he said.

I mean he wasn't ugly... he was actually kinda cute. Why not flirt with the time I have before they find me?

"My name's-" I started, then someone came up behind me and knocked me out.


When I woke up, I couldn't really see anything at first. Then a light hit my eyes and I closed them tightly. "Hey, she's awake," someone said. I tried opening my eyes again, the bright light was gone. It was replaced by the same guy I saw earlier- Kurt, was it?- and he was looking at my head... better than my face. I tried to get up, it didn't work because Kurt kept holding me down.

"Get off of me!" I said. He let go of my shoulder and I stood up quickly. All of the blood rushed from my head and I started getting dizzy. When I realized I was falling someone grabbed my arm and pulled me up. It wasn't Kurt because I was looking right at him.

"I'm Aaron," the guy who pulled me back up said. They looked at each other as Aaron let go of my arm. I was terrified... where was the guy who knocked me out? Did these guys work with them?

I must have looked pretty terrified too because Kurt started talking. "We won't hurt you, we're actually really nice. I promise"

I started walking backward, still not knowing if I should trust both of these guys. "We really won't," the one named Aaron said. I relaxed a little, and I walked toward them a bit. I was still a little wary on them. But hey they're cute.

"You never got to say your name," Kurt said.

"What happened to the guy who knocked me out?" I asked.

"That we will explain after you tell us about yourself. Like what you were doing running, and why that guy even knocked you out. What'd you steal?" So, they knew my game, I thought to myself.

I reached for my pocket where I put the chip, "Where is it?" or so I thought. "I must have dropped it," I said to my empty hands.

I was suddenly embarrassed... I bet they wouldn't do anything like that, I probably looked like a rookie who belonged at home studying. They probably thought I was stupid for letting something like this happen. Then I just turned and ran.


Later in the week, my mom sent me to get some bread. We were running out, my dad uses the bread as pretty much the main staple in his diet. Then, my mom, Lizzy, and I get the smallest amount of bread.

There was a small place a couple blocks down in town where I usually go. I stopped in front of the shop and opened the door, instantly taking in the homey smell and the warm environment. It quickly made me fell happy and invited. I waved to the owner, Angelo, and grabbed the bag of bread on the shelf.

I gave him my money. "Buona giornata," he said in Italian. (It means 'have a nice day').

"Grazie!" I responded, and made my way out of the shop with my bread. Back to my house, where it's boring as can be. With a mom that has no idea what fun is, and a sister that just looks at herself in the mirror and texts.

"Jordan?" a voice snapped me out of my thoughts. I knew the voice, but I couldn't put my finger on who it was. I turned to the guy I saw the other night. Kurt. I really didn't want to deal with him. He was walking towards me. After taking a couple steps back, I turned around and ran.

Kurt followed. I moved past people, signs, and even dogs. What would it take to get him to stop?

I looked ahead, there was a shortcut that would take me to the back door of my house. I turned around to see if he was to close behind, looked like the coast was clear.

I went through bushes, trees, and thorns to finally lead to my back door. I walked in and slammed the door shut behind me, leaning on it I yelled: "Mom, I'm home!"


"Jordan, dad and I are going out for a little while, okay? We'll be home at ten, Lizzy's leaving in five minutes to go to that party. Are you sure you'll be okay by yourself?" My mom said to me the next day. My Australian Shepherd puppy, Keebee, followed me to the living room. I hadn't seen Kurt or Aaron since we'd run into each other. I nodded my head, of course I would be fine alone! I manage to get along fine alone all the time. They walked out the door after saying bye to both my sister and me.

Lizzy walked out looking like she was going to be making an arrival on the red carpet. "Ooh, that looks cute. Is that for a specific guy?" I asked, Lizzy always thought I should go to more parties and meet more guys, she tells me guys ask about me all the time and refer to me as 'Lizzy's hot sister that nobody knows.'

"Well, that Brian guy's gonna be there... I'm so nervous, he's so cute." Lizzy shouldn't be nervous she looks like me, drop dead gorgeous, why wouldn't he like her? She leaned down and petted Keebee. Lizzy always got the guys. When we were at the mall people she knew were always there and it was usually someone different every time. I just stand by her and smile.

Lizzy looked at the clock, "Oh, I better go, there's pizza money on the counter just in case you get hungry and don't feel like making anything."

"Have fun, good luck!" I called after her. She locked the door and I turned on the television. There was nothing better than a day of Pawn Stars... except if there was someone there with me.

I picked up the phone to order pizza, then proceeded to flop onto the couch on my back with my feet up on the arm, there were a ton of good pizza places in Italy... duh, common sense. "Pizza Rico come posso aiutarla." He said first in Italian,"Rico's Pizza, how may I help you?" a young man said.

"I'll have a large cheese pizza."

"Any toppings?"

"No thank you."

"What's your address and phone number?"

"My address, 912 Affetto Lane. And my phone number 080-555-6286,"

"We'll have someone deliver." I hung up the phone and sat down next to Keebee on the couch and waited for my food.

*Kurt's POV*


"Kurt! Young girl, sounded your age, ordered this pizza, deliver it to her." My father yelled.

"Yes, dad. Can I take off after this one? I've delivered at least twenty pizzas today." I asked.

My dad put his hand on my shoulder, "Of course, son. You're working tomorrow though."

*Jordan's POV*

About fifteen minutes later, My doorbell rang. I got up, "Coming!" I yelled. Tumbling off of the couch, my dog jumped off with me. I stood on my toes and looked into the peephole, as soon as I saw the pizza box I opened the door.

"Oh, Lord," I said as I stumbled back a couple steps, almost tripping over Keebee. It was obvious he scared me. I never imagined him delivering my pizza.

"I didn't mean to scare you," he said. "Why did you run away last night?"

I hesitated, "I was late." I rushed to get the money, "Come on in, I'll get your money and you can get back to work."

"Actually after this delivery, I'm off," he said.

Before I could even stop myself I said; "If you want I'm going to be by myself all day and we could watch a movie... if you want." What am I doing?!

"What movie? Are you sure your parents would let you?" he stepped in and shut the door behind him.

"They're out until like eleven and then my sister is at a party."

"Neither of them won't be home until later?" I nodded. He whipped out his phone and started dialing a number. "Aaron, get over here."


When the doorbell rang, Kurt got to the door first. But, I didn't feel like getting up and I told him to get it. "Who are you?! Where's my sister, what did you do to her?!" Lizzy, not Aaron. I bolted up off of the couch scaring Keebee out of my lap.

"Lizzy, I'm right here and you're early... you're not going to tell mom and dad are you?" she looked back and forth between me and Kurt.

"What were you guys doing?" Lizzy bent down to pet Keebee.

"Talking and watching TV."

She got up and eyed both of us, "What's your name?" she said staring at Kurt suspiciously.

"My name is Kurt." he was getting scared of Lizzy with every word she said. Lizzy kept staring him down, she turned around.

"He's clean, I'm going to get a shower so I will be clean, I'll be out in twenty minutes," she said over her shoulder. When she left the room Kurt's shoulders relaxed. It's funny to see people scared of my sister... but I can be scarier because I kick butt.

"Does she always act like there's a spider in her shirt, then pretend like the person she's talking to did it?" Kurt asked.

"When she's not mad about something." Then I remembered something. Oh great, that Brian guy... it must not have gone well.

"You mean to say you aren't scared of her?"

"No... not at all."

"How?!" his eyes still had traces of fear even though Lizzy left the room.

"One: I live with it. Two: I get worse sometimes, if you would stick with me you'll find out." he looked like he didn't believe me.

"You'll see it one day."

When the doorbell rang once more, I jumped and Kurt leaped off of the couch. Like, no lie, leaped. Keebee followed at his heels. I mean it's not like the door or the person behind it is going anywhere. The door opened and Aaron, the one I saw last night, stood in my living room. "Nice set up, here," he said looking around, "This is like a hotel only better, and no butler." actually there was a butler... it's Leon's day off though. Good thing too, because if he were here he would tell mom and dad about Kurt and Aaron... unless I work out some kind of negotiation.

When Aaron saw me his eyes widened. Then, he looked at Kurt. Guys... they all jump to conclusions. "Do you have a sister... that kind of looks like you, maybe hotter which might not be possible?" Aaron asked.

"Yeah but shes bipolar," Kurt said.


A couple hours later at four o'clock, I got a phone call. It was my dad. "Hi, Daddy," I said.

"Hi, pumpkin... we're going to be a while, they want us to stay for the ball drop... is Lizzy home?"

"That's alright... I know Lizzy doesn't care. She's taking a shower right now."

"Okay, we'll call later to check back in."

"'Kay, bye dad."

When I put down my phone, Lizzy walked down the stairs. "Who are you?" she asked looking towards me. Aaron looked at Kurt then at me and back at Lizzy."There better not be anyone else coming... because I look like crap."

After a while of Lizzy not responding to Aaron, he got tired of it and stared at the wall. "Where's mom and dad?" Lizzy asked.

"They're still at the party... the Vasquez's wanted them to watch the ball drop." Lizzy rolled her eyes. The movie finally went through all of the previews and 'The Proposal' came on. Lizzy immediately yawned, showing off obviously. Right when I thought things couldn't get any weirder... they did.


It's dark... I hate the dark.

When the power went out I jumped off of the couch. While I was looking for the flashlight, Kurt came up behind me and scared the remaining light in me back out.

Something bad always bad happens in the dark, something really bad happens when it rains too. But it's not raining right-

The thunder clapped and scared me making me jump back into Kurt, who caught me. Keebee is scared of thunder, so he probably ran and hid. I looked out the window, low and behold it started pouring. I breathed heavily and leaned my head back on Kurt, I forgot he was holding me. I quickly stepped forward.

"Looks like a couple rounds of 'Zombies' to me," he said. I looked at him, barely able to see his brown eyes in the dark. What is Zombies, anyone know? He saw the confusion in my face, " It's in a game... Call of Duty: Black Ops?" he said. Never heard of it.

"Whatever that is, you can be sure we're lasting more than just a couple rounds with you and Aaron here... hopefully." Aaron and Lizzy walked in.

Lizzy turned all business. "Jordan, let's hope there's only about four or five guys... everyone got a gun or a knife. Or maybe a tranquilizer?" she asked. I always carried a knife with me, I pulled it out of my right boot.

"What if he has a gun?" Kurt asked.

"Oh," I reached down and pulled a small pistol out of my left boot.


About ten minutes later, I decided to take on someone about five times my size. Not hard at all, considering I had both a knife and a gun. But, sometimes stupid things happen like, I get sidetracked when I see Kurt about fifteen feet away from me, fighting. I started thinking, now, the scene seemed so familiar... "Kurt watch out!" I yelled out. Just as the man he was altercating with was about to sweep his feet, Kurt jumped and kicked him in the face. Cool... I need to try that sometime.

"Jordan!" he yelled back. I looked up, the one I was fighting off was charging at me, his dagger positioned to injur. I held my hands up, it wasn't until after there was a huge slice in the palm of my hand that I realized it was a bad idea. I was thrown to the ground. As I was falling I realized that I was going to have to tell my parents why I have a huge slice on the palm of my hand and why I can't move it. My head hit the ground. I blacked out for a minute.

When I came back to, I couldn't move. Physically I could not move. Then the pain kicked in, the sharp pain in my hand made me wince. I've had worse, nothing a couple stitches couldn't fix, I'm sure. I tried to get up. Someone pushed me back down. "Get off!" I yelled groggily.

"Jordan... Jordan, Jordan, Jordan," a voice said, false shamefully. It didn't sound familiar.

I opened my eyes, a bright light flooded into view. Quickly I squeezed my eyes shut. I heard the light being clicked off. Slowly, I opened my eyes back up.

"Don't you know how to do things and not get caught? Well, apparently you don't." the man stopped to pick up an object. "You have now seen what we're using that chip you got, and you know what it's for. Now, I have to kill you."

"Where are they?" I asked


"My sister, my dog, my two friends..." he seemed puzzled.

"I saw nobody else... Maurice, was there anyone else there?" he turned to a man standing off to the side.

"Sir... they were fighting like ninjas in training with their phones taken off of them."

"Get someone on that... Now!" he yelled.

I looked around, "With that... can I leave now?" the man chuckled. "Is that a no?"

"I wasn't finished talking to you about what you have done and what I was going to do with you." he was still turned around to Maurice, it was my time to get home, by that time, I wasn't sure what I was doing until I ran out the door. Nobody stopped me, I'm pretty sure nobody saw me, I don't know where I'm going.


Over my head a street lamp turned on, I moved into the darkness. I saw all of the shops and stores that were so familiar to me. A newspaper flew past me as the wind started to pick up.

When I approached the porch of my house, all of the lights were off. A sign the power was still out. As soon as I stepped onto the porch, all of the lights kicked on... looks like the power isn't out.

"Jordan, how many times have we told you? You can't do this anymore, me and your father don't!" my mom said.

"I am a kid, a thirteen year old kid, I enjoy this... you don't because you're old!" I shot back. My father looked at me and my sister.

"Lizzy, was there anyone 'here' for your sister?" my father asked.

She looked at me and back at my parents, "Between the ages of... like our age or, old like you guys?" while my mother paced, my father stared at me. "Well, there was these two kids, and these old guys. The kids were pretty hot."

I peeked at my hand, I had used a makeshift bandage using paper towels. "What happened to your hand?" great... my parents didn't notice the huge bulge of paper towels wrapped around my hand. I unwrapped the paper towels which, the bleeding had slowed down... but not all of it stopped.

"I'll get the car," my mother said.

"Why do you do this?"

"Dad! I swear I didn't take it because it wasn't in my pocket when I went to get it! It wasn't me." dad sank down into the chair.

"Did I ever tell you about what happened to your uncle?"

"We had an uncle?" Lizzy and I asked at the same time. Dad laughed a little.

"Exactly... when I was younger, I had an older brother, Tony. We had been home alone for a couple hours and Tony decided we should go and steal something. I followed him through the woods... it looked like he knew where he was already going. He had a motive. Tony knew what we were going to do, he may have even known what was going to happen.

"Anyway, we got to this palace... it looked like DaVinci had designed it. I thought to myself, 'This place looks pretty cool, nothing bad will go wrong.' I always said nothing would go wrong before I stole something. We snuck in, past security guards of every size. Tony seemed to have his mind set on one thing... it can't remember but I think it might have been a crown or something." I knew he was lying, he remembered what it was, "We walked into the room where it was displayed. It was truly a sight to see. As we were sneaking it out, Tony decided to take a shortcut. One of the guards saw us. We got outside, Tony turned around when he heard a noise. I remember the look on his face when he heard the noise. He said to stop. We kept going... We turned around when I heard the shot go off." dad stared at the floor.

"Daddy?" he looked up at me, "It wasn't a crown was it?" I heard the front door shut. My mother stood behind my father. "I think that's the saddest way a husband and wife can meet." Lizzy stared at me.

"So... it wasn't a crown you were smuggling, it was mom?" Lizzy asked.

"My parents were rich, I really didn't care for living in that house. I had communicated with Tony a couple of times. Your father was a lot like him... in a scary way. But your father was younger..." my mom stared at the wall and turned around. "Best be getting to the hospital now, let's go."


"You should be fine in about two weeks, Jordan," Dr. Chinsky said. I had gotten stitches on my hand, and it hurt like hell.

"Thank you," my father said. We walked out the door. I took in the almost final old people smell of the hospital when we walked past a room. I immediately rushed in, "Jordan, what are you doing, get back here, now. We have to get home and discuss this."

"Lizzy, get in here," I said. She came up next to me, I heard her say something under her breath, "What happened while I was out?" All I knew was my two brand new friends were laying in the hospital beds in front of me and my sister.

"You really want to hear?"


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