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This is a Assasins creed book in a way with my own charactors and in the present day please read it enjoy! View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: The First mission

The Assasin that was training for 8 years, who practiced day and night, was just recruited for his skills, now he is in The Creed, A group of Assasins with no mercey for their enemies. Jayden the newly recruited assasin was ready for his future to come.

Jayden was then took to his room, his roomates Leo and Jake, were there to greet him. Whats up Jayden? Said Leo. Jake just nodded his head at Jayden. Jayden said hey guys. You guys are Assasins asked Jayden. They both nodded. Just then they were all given Their assasin Cloaks, They were Snow white Jackets with a cloth going from their waist to their feet, almost like a cape, and Combat boots, Gauntlets with communicators and Big hood. They were suprised they wore the same cloaks. Just then the Grandmaster called them. The grandmaster said you are different from the others, My amulet glows when I am near special people. Your not saying we are retarted grandmaster? Said Leo. Jake smacked his head. The Grandmaster said no, You are...... INTRUTER ALERT, INTRUTER ALERT! We will contiue this conversation later. Now go! Pull all the levers on the high platforms there are three levers each of you take one! Jake took off and went left, Leo ran Right , And I went straight.

Jake climbed a rope and easily pulled the lever, Leo climbed a tall latter, and Jayden Ran up a wall and climbed his way to the lever. They compleated their mission. they then were told to assasinate the enemy soilders, he gave Leo Two sai's, Jake a Sword and Jayden a Tomohawk, They quickly went and took out 3 snipers on tall buildings outside. Then they fought their way to the center of the base, and were told to light a signal flare to let everyone know its ok to go back to normal.

They went to the Grandmaster then he thanked them for doing a good job and gave them all throwing knifes, and hidden blades. He then told them to return to their rooms and rest, they followed orders. They then went in their room, they all congratulated each other, took off their armor and slept.


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