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The Tiana Carly Journals - 2058

Novel By: Nixie
Action and adventure

Britain is a wasteland of disease without presidentual control and the death of the Prime Minister, has motivated his son Ethan Dunstable, into revenging his death. He is out to kill me Tiana Carly, with the cure in his hands and military Division behind him!

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My name is Tiana Carly, I'm 27 years old and the year is 2058. Tonight I am alone, hiding in a bunker on the outskirts of Longshot, England. I can not go into great detail but know this, I have been wronged by the British government and I'm being hunted by a secret military group called the Division.
���������� It all began, April 2054, during the Collapse when a new disease called Dishapiam syndrome, which resulted in a slow and painful death mutating the human form inside out, spread through the South West of Britain causing death in it's thousands. This struck immense fear in European leaders and the UK was quickly separated from the European alliance.
���������� The disease resulted in the collapse of the British government and its society. Through fear a war broke out between the United Kingdom and rest of Europe, which only helped the disease spread across the ocean, causing death in it's millions throughout Europe!
��������� Eventually, the Disease�reached our door and I was the first in my family to show signs. My parents, Kate and Rees Carly, allies of the United Nations and of the presidential system, were told in confidence by the British Prime minister Ashton Dunstable, that there was a cure in the hands of the Division but it was now out of his control.
���������� With only weeks to live my parents went in search for the cure to save my life, that's when they were captured, tortured and killed by the division!
���������� Prime minister, Ashton Dunstable took care of me and in doing so caught the disease. That's when I was placed in a medical safe house where testing began for a new resolve. Dunstable found a antidote solution to control the disease but not completely cure it. He saved my life but unfortunately he was too late to save himself and passed only weeks before.
���������� Now Britain is a wasteland without presidential control and Ashton's son Ethan Dunstable is out to revenge his fathers death. He is out to kill me, with the Division behind him!
���������� That's when I escaped the medical safe house with Jessie Jacobs, merely five days ago. Jessie was once a member of the Division but when things started to go wrong she decided to leave and fight against them.
���������� So here I am, knee high in mud and in pain waiting for my one and only ally Jessie who I have come to trust intimately. She swore to me that she'd return with the solution… but with the Division armed and on foot only yards away from this bunker, I fear the promise soon to be broken.
���������� The pain began to kick in though I fought it for as long as could it got to much and my body shook violently before I collapsed, my face hitting the dirt with a thud as I passed out beneath the stars.
���������� I'm not sure if it was the rain or the needle that woke me but when I came to Jessie was leaning over me with a profound look - one of relief. I immediately pushed her away from me knowing the disease is contained by fluids and she should be sheltering not hovering so closely above me!
���������� I sat up and looked over at her. She was wearing a heavy duty anorak with the hood over her cap and plastic gloves which I noticed when she wiggled her fingers at me... I don't know where she found the gear but I will remember to ask her later, as of right now all I cared was that her skin was dry!
���������� She smirked with a raised eyebrow.
���������� "That isn't funny, you shouldn't be taking chances" I told her and wiped the water off of my face with an open hand. Soaked through, my mousey hair looked black and clung to my skin. My back was caked in mud which I tried to shake off by pulling at my tank top.
���������� Jessie stood up, her head looking over the mound of mud that was quickly melting in the battering rain. She looked back at me with a square jaw.
���������� "What are you thinking?" I asked her knowingly.
���������� "I'm thinking, seeing as your not one for taking chances how about we find somewhere safer to hide for the night?"
���������� I stood and moved to stand next to her all the while feeling my muscles adapting to the antidote solution she'd given me just minutes ago. She watched my face scrawl beneath my forced smile and looked away to hide her face.
���������� "What?" I asked her as if it's an everyday occurrence.
���������� She looked back at me angrily "I hate seeing you like that, that's all!" and then sighed and she changed the subject "How far to the next bunker?"
����������� I looked around us, the rain made it hard to see far "About 10 to 15 meters, north and south. There is an industrial estate south of here?" I indicated with my hand out and she nodded searching the area with her eyes
���������� "South it is then!" and with that she started to climb out, her black army ankle boots sliding against the mud. Despite the damp earth she managed to get out and then reached down to help me.
���������� I stared at the gloved hand. All it would take is one cut, one opening, one slip.
���������� "Will you just take my hand before I knock you out and carry you out of there!" she said irritated. I rolled my eyes and slid my hand into hers to be instantly pulled up and out. I was propelled toward her but I managed to stop myself falling on top of her, my hands instead going straight into the wet soil.
���������� Before we had time to move a helicopter sounded above us! I looked up naturally, but saw nothing... the rain spun like a blades of water into my eyes blinding me.
���������� "Come on!" Jessie grabbed one of my mire hands and I had no choice but to run weekly alongside her. Seconds later the bright light of the helicopter come over the top of us, it's full beam light shining down in our direction. This wasn't just a helicopter, it was the size a plane, it's blades stretched out like wings and it was fuelled by a new formula called green led, making it faster.
���������� Head down, my feet pounded into the mud and sunk with every step. Jessie called out something about the next bunker… but I hadn't heard in time to register and I fell down the bunker landing, this time flat on top of her.
���������� I paused only inches away from her face, everything felt slow and calm as her green eye's searched mine tenderly. This is the closest I'd ever been to her. I'd always thought her face fierce looking, but now closer, I saw her delicate features and I couldn't look away.
���������� "Don't move" she whispered as the helicopter passed above us, eventually dieing off into the background while we still lay there.
���������� It wasn't until a drop of rain fell from my nose onto her cheek that I realised just how close we were. I felt my cheeks blush and cursing pushed myself off her as fast as I could.
���������� She wiped her cheek "It's just rain!" she said simply, but she new better of it.
���������� Anyone would think Jessie wanted to catch the disease, I new that it would make it easier on us in this situation but I didn't want that for her to feel the pain that it inhabited.
���������� Moving away from her I lent against the mountain of mud behind me and closed my eyes, knowing to well Jessie was watching me. She said nothing but she and I both knew that it was going be a hard night jumping bunker to bunker if were to find somewhere safer to stay!


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