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Fifteen year old Sadey was just a normal teenage girl who was no different than anyone else. Later on she finds herself to be something more than she thought she could be. After being attacked by someone from an evil clan. She had to go live with her dad's brother for half the year. Learning how to keep the ones she loves safe, and having to be more careful of who she can trust. Sadey makes new friends along the way; one of them will betray her. View table of contents...


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I stare hard and long, but still can't seem to understand. When I stare at that spot I see a flicker of light, my grandma used to say its your guardian angel watching over you. Then I saw a face and heard a voice.
"You, you will be watched and then they'll come" the fading face whispered and disapeared. Now that was fucking weird, I was not sure if that was my imagenation or what.
"Sadey, come do the dishes and pack your suitcase's." Dad yelled from the living room and I could hear him playing video games with Brandon. I shook my head back and forth, like I was saying no. Other thoughts came into my mind and I just couldn't shake them away. Who was Uncle Curt and Aunt Ashlen? Have I ever met them? Why am I going to live with them for half the year? I pushed the thoughts into the back of my mind and went straight to go do the dishes and pack my things.
"Sadey" Mom yelled from the proch in front of the house.
"WHAT! I am busy packing and doing the dishes" I yelled back and little pissed because I have to do all this stuff.
"Go to the Grocery store, I got the list of things you need to get." Mom said seeing me walk unto the proch. I just pretended that I was jolly and happy what was going on. Mom handed me the list and the keys to the big red four door ford, aka the truck.
"See you in ten to twenty minutes" I said and left longer then I suspected. I had to go to three to four different stores just to find this certain shampoo for my little brother. When I got home, the place was dead silence. No lights, no heater, no TV, no nothing was on except for the refrigaerator. Usually the TV and the two hallway lights would be on and the midnight blue dodge was still in our two car garage.
"Mom, Dad, Brandon are you guys here?" I said very loudly and could hear feet shuffling up stairs. Then one of the steps on the staircase creaked.
"Guys is that you? This isn't funny at all." I squeaked and new it wasn't them and ran outside. The truck wasn't in the driveway or the garage and mom hide the keys to the dodge. I also still had the keys to the truck in my hand and I was freaked out. Frist I see a ghost, then there's someone in the house and it's none of my family members. The truck is gone and I have one major headache. The face I saw earler reappeared in the corner of the garge.
"I warned you... They'll watch you and then come for you." The fading face disappeared and right there in the middle of the garge stood a guy. I felt frozen to my spot and my voice didn't seem to work. I felt the tears prick at my eyes, but I wouldn't let the roll down my cheeks. The man came over touching my curly red hair.
"Aahh... I didn't know this day would come so soon." He chuckled breathing into my ear and then I found my voice, but for some reason I just couldn't seem to move at all and the tears threating to come back again.
"Don't..You..Dare..Touch..ME!" I said almost yelling and feeling little cranky now and he just chuckled. He was entwining alock of my hair inbetween his fingers.
"You got an attituide... We don't want to deal with that do we" he laughed and stopped "I'll come back for you later." he was gone in a matter of seconds. I fell to my knees and started to shaking like I was freezing cold. I could hear Brandon's voice and then mom, dads voices to. I could also hear them going into the house, but I didn't realize only Brandon went inside and mom, dad were in the door way of the garage looking at me.
"Sadey" I heard moms vocie and felt her arms warp around me. The shaking started to ease down, but not fully.
"Man, I didn't think they'll come after her now" Dad said walking over to me and putting his hand unto my shoulder, Mom stopped hugging me and got up. I was shaking so badly that I couldn't even get up by myself. "It's, okay sweetheart everything will be okay, you will be safe and sound very soon." Dad whispered into my ear and picked me up, brought me into the house. He laid me down into mom and his bed, mom covered me up and gave me a kiss on both of my cheeks.
"Honey, she's as white as a ghost. Why did they have to come for her now? She hasn't even started blooming yet. I dont want to lose her now or at all." I could hear mom and dad talking out in the hallway. These words kept me wondering, She hasn't bloom yet? What didshe mean by that? I just couldn't think about that because I was way to damn tried and dirfted off into a deep sleep. I woke up with a sore back, muscels and a horrible back pain.
"Ah....your awake, I'm so glad and how are you feeling?" I heard a high pitched girly voice right behind me. "man can you sleep" the girl said looking at me in aw. I rubbed my forehead and looked at my sorroundings and of course I was in a moving mini van. There was a guy sitting in the drivers seat he looked like he was in his fortys and same with the woman sitting in the passenger seat. I shook my head back and forth confused of how I got here in the frist place. Then I looked back at the girl who was starring at me and poking my shoulder.
"Where am ? Who the heck are you guys to begin with?" I asked
"Mom, dad she's awake and she looks really cranky" The girl said injoring my question.
"ah..si si" the woman said opening a book to read and the girl didn't look happy at all.
"Mom! Don't start speaking in spainsh again! Dad!" The girl whinned, I brust into a giggle fit just when we were pulling into one long drive way. They all just looked at me and I didn't know why, maybe it was because I was giggling out of control. My face started to turn tomato red.
"Sor...Sorry for laughing all of a sudden it's just that she makes a funny face when she whinned." I said pointing at their daughter, who was now sitting right next to me. I also started whiping the reamaing tears of laughter away from my eyes. "so can you guys now answer me? Where are we and who the hell are you?" I was getting kinda little pissy and all they did was just stare at me. I felt really unconfortable and started shifting from side to side. The side door opened,I screamed a high pitched scream and put a hand over my heart.
"My god dad, you scarred me half to death and who the hell are these people to begin with?" I was really tired, hungry, in pain, and didn't feel like that this daywas going to be short at all.
"Sorry...well this is your cousin Mckenna, your uncle Curt and Aunt Ashlen and these are the people your going to be living with for the next six months. Also we're in Wisconsin and not in Califrona." Dad said helping me out of the van. I noticed that the house was huge and it had trees everywhere, the house is a three storie house and seemed like it had a basement to. I just gawked at the place and was kinda happy that I was going to be living here for awhile. I just smiled , the house was a emarld greem with a hint of green, blue and pruple. The place didn't have to many windows and which was a good thing, there was a four car garage connected to the house. We went to the back of the house and there was a big huge pool with a slide, diving board! It just looked like a water park in their back yard. Then we all went inside to find both of the family here. The kids were off playing in the woods. While the grown-ups and teenagers were surrending this one big and I mean big rectangle table. They all looked at me with a very serious look on their faces. I was motioned to sit right next to dad at one end of the table. Papers were infront of each person and including us. Little snacks were set from one end of the table to the other. I turned my head to look at the corner of the room and that same face appeared kinda fading.
"Their looking for you.... Their going to kidnap you and you'll only have six months before they find you." The fading face said and totally disappeared, shivers ran up my spine. I turned back around to look at everyone and they were all starring at uncle Curt and aunt Ashlen. Curt got up coughed a couple times and then started speaking.
"Brother and sisters, aunt's and uncle's, niece's and nephew's welcome." He coughed again but kept going on " we are here today because of the Recklins." There was a gasp from half of the table and still Curt kept going.
"They have been watching Sadey and choosed to act now. She is not yet bloomed and they are already trying to kidnap her. They'll do anything to get their filthy hands on her. It has been over two hundred years since the last time we heard or saw them. We have about six months before they know where she is....." I inturrpeted him by banging my fists on the table and knocking my chair over.
"What the Fuck!.... You can't be serious. This is all about me and can someone explain to me. Why I keep seeing a goddamn face telling me things. Who are these Recklins? Is that guywho tryed to kidnapped me a Recklin.. I am so fucking lost here." I said almost yelling and didn't notice. I was clunching my fists so tight that they were turning white. Everybody starred at me then at Curt and everything was dead slince for five mintues before Curt started again.
"Yes, the guy who tryed to kidnap you is a Recklina and a very deadly one to. He has been watching you since you were five years old. Sadey you are a very special person and a very important one as well. You hold very special powers and gifts. You are what the anicient women called you the reacartion of the goddess. You are what is called the savor of the world from the world. You can also be turned evil and kill millions of life. The Recklins are people who should not get their hands on you. If they do and the world will be ruled by Recklins for two hundred years before the next one comes." Curt said sitting back down and looked at me for awhile. My head started to pound again and I couldn't think stairt. I got up and said
"I'm going to get some fresh air okay." I almost made to the door, but I colapsed and someone caught me just in time. I didn't know how long I'v been out, but I woke up with everybody starring at me. Okay wasn't everybody, it was alot of them though. They just looked at me with an aw experssion and thats what confused me the most.
"You have about six months...and I think you'll start to bloom very soon." That same coice said and I could tell that person or ghost was smiling at me. Right there standing right next to me and I recongized the face. Now I notcied that it was a guy and he wasn't bad looking either. Lime green hair and it was a emo hair cut to. Wearing a dark blue T-shirt and black jeans. He also had a dragon tattoowrapping around his right arm. The tattoo went from his shoulder all the way to his wrist. He also looked like was in his twentys, but sometimes people can be much older then what they look.
"Oh, your cute." I said thinking out loud and not even realizing it. Everybody brust out in laughter and I sat up very confused.
"Well, your the first who had said that to me. So would you please stop calling me a ghost or an it. My name is Kazma and I'll call you by your real name, Leesong." Kazma said rolling my nick name across his tongue. I just realized what they were luaghing about and my face turned bright hot red. Curt walked into the room smiling and bowed toward Kazma.
"Well well, what a little surprise this is. You finally show your self in 2000 years. Why appear now, then long ago?"
"I know Leesong is going to be different from all the rest." Kazma said smiling and bowing back.
When I sat up even stairter I noticed that my left arm had swirls of lime green and blue from my fingertips to my shoulder.
"Okay, who was drawing on my arm and its not fucking funny." I said not even in the mood anymore.
"What are you talking about that someone drew on your arm." Curt said not really asking a question and looked at my left arm.
"Ah....your already starting to bloom and those swirls on your arm appear to show that you are now beginning."
"I don't believe anything that I heard and I just......." I stopped and looked around, noticing the only people left in the room was Curt, Kazma and me.
"Kazma is she post to start blooming at this age?" Curt asked looking at my left arm with the funky swirls still.
"Actually no and they are post to start around age 26 to 30. We have never had any of them start at fifteen before." Kazma said bowing to Curt and Curt bowed back, then jut left. I was alone in this bedroom with this fucking guy and I dont know any goddamn thing about him. Sorry for swearing so much, but I have an issue with not trying to swear. The bedroom is huge, theres a fireplace on the right side of the room. Three bookcases in the far corner and in the middle of the room is the king size bed (and which I was lieing in). There are three chairs infornt of the fireplace, Kazma was sitting in one of them. He sat there watching the flames leap higher and then back low. The flames looked like they were dancingto a nice and slow melody. When I watched them I seemed to feel relaxed, claim, and even safe. We didnt speak for awhile and we just sat there watching the fire dance. The head ache I had disappeared and same with my sore musscels.
"Why do you ot believe that your someone really special?" Kazma asked not even looking at me.
"Because is not an answer." He said appearing right next to the bed, that I was laying in. He looked at me and turned away like he was hurt in the feelings. I started to feel really bad and had to say something, then I did.
"It's just that alot has happened and I always felt like that I was not really special. Iam only 15 and a whole lot of other 15 year old kids dont have to go through this. Its just to much I hope you understand." I said tears coming down my cheeks, I didnt want him to see me cry. So I turned my face to the oppsite side.
"Your a good person, I can tell that your lost and confused. It doesnt mean you have to call yourself not important, not special and all those other bad things you think you are." He said embrassing me into a huge and the tears wouldn't stop, they just kept on coming.
"Why do you care so much about me."
"I care for a reason"
"Do you actually care about me?" I whipped the reamianing tears and stairred him in the eyes for a long time. He didn't say anything, didn't do anything except for stair stairt back at me and into my eyes.
"Ha, I knew it you don't care about me" I said jumping out of the bed and the tears started threating to come back "just to say, I don't believe shit." I ran from the room and I could hear him yelling my name. I ran out of the house and into the surrounding woods.
"Fuck this, Fuck everything!!" I yelled slowing down, walking at a decent pace. "um...now I got my self lost damn it. Its not my day at all." I walked further and deeper into the woods. Not knowing how big the woods are or were I was going. I came to a small clearing and in the middle of the clearing there was a huge tree. I watched the tree and how the roots were entwining in, out of the soil. The trunk it self twisted and turned, making the branches swirl out. The swirls of the tree reminded me of the markings on my left arm. Walking toward the tree and I almost climbed the tree to the tippy top. The tree was almost about 25 to 26 feet tell. I was about 23 feet up and looked out to the clearing. Feeling clam, gentle, smooth and almost forgot all about my worries.
He sat there right next to me and smiling. I didn't realize he was there until he made the branch move.
"Why are you here right next to me." I looked over at kazma and notice it was uncle Curt instead. I was totally surprised that it was him and not Kazma. "um...why are you here instead of Kazma." I looked away and looked back out to the open space. Curt set his hand unto my shoulder and looked at me. I still didn't notice houw high I was off the ground and another thing I am deathly afaird of HEIGHTS.
"He asked me to go check up on you while he went to go do something. Anyways you will start your training in a week or two. You will not be let off easy and you can not run off. We can't risk anything to lose you to anyone and special the Recklins." Curt saud taking his hand off my shoulder and was ready to jump from the tree.
"Wait...please don't leave me just yet." I grabbed him by the shoulder and I just didn't want him to go just yet. He looked and stairt at me at me for awhile. Then he brushed my hand off his shoulder. He stayed and looked up at the sky for awhile. Until the stars started to peak out from the now dim colored sky. The moon was almost a full moon and you could see it perfectly.
"We should start get going before its really dark out."
"Lets go then" Curt said ready to jump off before I screeched really loudly. He looked at me and my face was as white as a sheat of white paper can get. Eye's wide, looking down, Curt 9looked down and back up at me. He brust out into laughter and I hated him for laughing at me. I was very close to the trunk and held on for my dear life.
"Stop laughing its not funny, I am deathly afaird of heights."
"Then how did you get up here? If your so afaird of heights." He chuckled looking at me.
"I dont know how I even got up here and why I am even here to begin with." He stood up pulling me up and away from the twisting trunk. I looked at him and he held me tight. Then throw me over his shoulder.
"What...are you going...to do?" I screeched and felt sick to my stomach.
"I'm going to jump"
"What!! Are You Insane!!"
"Nope, it's faster and easyer" Curt jumped off the branch and I screamed closing my eyes shut tight.
"Stop screaming, were on the ground." Curt said setting me down onto the ground. I stopped screaming opened my eyes. We were back at the house and Kazma was sitting on the roof.
"How did you???"
"Can't tell, its my little secret and trick to say."
"Well it wasn't funny at alll." I hit him on the chest and stomped off toward the house.
Kazma appeared right next to Cruts side and chuckled.
"You found her by the tree didn't you."
"What do you mean by that."
"She was in the tree and not by it."
"Thats weird because since being alive for almost over 4000 years. The chosen one has never climbed it but stood right under the swirling branches." Kazma iched his head and looked very confused. Curt and him talked for hours before going into the house for the night.


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