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An ongoing novel of two teams of secret agents. Yes, secret agents. As in, spies. These two teams are made up of a variety of students, all in different areas of expertise, different levels of experience. And, like any spy would do, they have a mission.

They were told: Find the target. Eliminate the target.

But what happens when their target is each other? People who have never even thought about helping each other suddenly form bonds and avoid orders from HQ -- something prohibited at the academy.

Will they be able to somehow survive? Or will this so-called 'mission' end up in deaths and guilt? View table of contents...



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Drip. Drip. Drip.
Kyle let out a short burst of laughter. His vision was blurred, his head throbbing. He could feel his blood rushing through his veins, his heated skin flushed. Days like these were the worst and the best. He never thought of anything when he was in this state of mind - high on drugs. Wasn't that bad? He chortled. Right. Like he cared.
It never failed to amuse him as to how much the school let him get away with. The rules clearly stated, "Absolutely no smoking, alchohol, nor drugs are permitted on campus grounds or anywhere near the school campus." But he knew that everyone in this school found a way around the so-called 'written-in-stone' laws. No one followed the rules completely. No one.
He stood up, stumbling. The room began to spin, and the rested his head against the cold concrete walls.
Thud. Thud. Thud.
Kyle felt his heart's rapid beat. His clouded mind wandered over to why he was high in the first place. What was it, stress? Boredom? An escape? He couldn't recall. Not that it mattered much to him, really. The point was, now he was high on crystal meth. Which probably wasn't a good thing to be, especially since there was a high chance that ----
He froze, frowning. As whacked up as his mind may be now, his senses, had, of course, spiked. There was a faint - very faint - beeping noise in the wall behind him.
"Ah, crap." He shook his hair out of his eyes, taking in the sudden pang in his head. Turning, Kyle rested his hands against the wall, shuddering at the cold surface. He tapped one spot, then another. It took him a couple of tries, but he reached a place where the tap resounded. Hollow.
Stumbling backwards, he formed a tight fist and brought it against the wall as hard as he could. Much to his surprise, it broke. Not all the way - just enough to make a hole in the concrete - but still.
"Hah! Victory for the druggie!" he crowed triumphantly, pumping his fist into the air.
With a twisted grin plastered on his face, he stuck his hand past the debris and pulled out a small sphere.
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
"Gotcha." He whispered, a strange light coming to his eyes. With practiced hands, Kyle quickly twisted the silver ball open, revealing the core underneath. Wires crisscrossed over the core, making it almost impossible to disarm. But not to him.
Kyle reached into his pocket, pulling out a small knife. Carefully picking the wire, he sliced it apart. The beeping stopped. He sighed. "Hm. Elementary." He scoffed, tossing the broken sphere and beginning to walk away.
He had only taken a few steps when a sudden noise alerted him. Kyle dashed to the turn of the corridor, rolling into the darkness. He crashed into the wall, his head throbbing even more. He cursed at himself for losing control of his own body and being high. Drugs were definitely not good at times like these.
"Damn." The smell of smoke and a fresh explosion filled his lungs and stung his eyes. He coughed, covering his dark eyes with a sleeve.
"You shouldn't be so careless, Mr. Toncid," a voice said from next to him.
Kyle stood up, waving the light smoke away. He found himself face-to-face with the principal of the academy. He scowled. "What the hell was that for?"
The middle-aged man shrugged. "Merely a test."
Kyle raised an eyebrow suspiciously. He blinked. "I could have died."
The principal laughed and gave Kyle a mischievous grin. "Ah, but you're alive, aren't you? Oh, and you failed, by the way. You should have cut the red, not blue. Whoever said that the blue wire was always the one you cut was clinically insane…"
Kyle snickered. "Not that I could tell." He muttered. It was the principal's turn to raise his eyebrows.
"Hm. You have a mission. Follow me."
Kyle groaned. "What?"
The man turned and spoke to the boy again. "You heard me. Now, unless you want to be disarming the hidden bombs down here for the rest of the afternoon…"
Kyle gazed at the man, who was already starting to walk away. He couldn't be serious. He knew Kyle was a druggie. And Kyle failed that test. Why the hell are they sending him off to another mission? It wasn't as if he was a high-ranking student who was an expert at everything. Well, he had the potential to be - and that was why he was ranked as a lower-class Potential - the best hack in the academy. That was the one thing that he could stand by.
He let out a sigh. "Why not?" He had nothing to lose.


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