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Prologue- Beginning of hell "Now put that there...okay thats good,"instructed the man in the white lab coat and glasses. He pointed to an open space in the seemingly endless piles of boxes that filled the semi-large warehouse. "And be careful,"one if the burly men holding up the metal container stumbled and he added in a stern tone"Don't drop it-or you'll both get a deduction on your paychecks"

The only two workers looked at eachother and shrugged. The man in the lab coat decided to regard their ignorance lightly. They didn't know about the deadly contents that occupied the boxes. And that if one were to break open even a slight...it could mean the end of the world. He did this,of course.But it was an accident and was for a good cause.He had started to work on a (hoped to be successful) cure on cancer.

Using his own equipment in his at home lab, he combined two random cancer traces together. After a few other alterations he decided to test it on a rat. The results? Well lets just say the rat wasn't a rat anymore. But,of course, he had to act like the boxes meant nothing to him. Any suspicion towards the containers could attract the attention of a snoop. And he couldn't let the government find out about this either.

Suddenly a box in front of him shook ever so slightly. Sadly he noticed it and so did the worker beside him. The worker eyed it suspiciously and scratched his chin with his free hand. "Hey Roy" the scientist gave him a stern look and the worker corrected himself" I mean boss. What exactly is in these boxes anyways?"Roy pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose where they had slipped down. He couldn't tell these idiots about was inside them. They would immediately go blab about it to someone and get them all in trouble.

Anyways, he couldn't tell anyone about these dangerous little death traps. At least, not until they were shipped away safely into the middle of the ocean and were finally destroyed. Only then would he tell someone who had an iq of more than 150. He shrugged nonchalantly and replied," probably just some china and dishware." Then he glared at him and added" so don't tip over the boxes. They're obviously fragile cargo."

The worker looked frightened for a moment but shook it off and avoided Roy's eyes. Every person who had met him said he had eyes that could stung you like daggers. It kind of satisfied him to think that merely staring at someone could unnerve them so easily. But it had also made him an outcast. Even in elementary school he was called out because people said he made monster faces at them. That is why he had started researching cancer.

So that people would stop thinking of him as a monster. And start treating him like he was a hero. Most people who had worked for him in the past had somehow managed to cope with looking him in the eyes without flinching, but these two were newbies, so he cut them some slack about that. Roy cleared his head of the memories and got back down to business. These boxes had to be on the ship by 12:00 a.m. He looked at his hefty watch. It was already 11:36 and they were supposed to be here 45 minutes early.

What could be holding them up,he wondered. Roy let out a puzzeled sigh and nervously tapped his pen on the clipboard in his hand. Oh well, he thought, I guess I'll wait another minute or two before getting all riled up for nothing. His brown crinkled with unconcealable worry. If this failed, he might have gone on the verge if madness.


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