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Prologue- Beginning of hell (continued) In the distance a horn sounded and he knew that it had to be the ship. Sighing in pure relief he left his assistants tobdo whateverbit was that they usually did and walked over to his small desk in the corner of the warehouse. It was Roy's favorite place inrthe warehouse because it offered privacy and also a good view of his workers. Just in case they somehow were able to slip up. Across the warehouse a knocking sounded from the door. The workers,now finished with their job of moving boxes, looked at Roy expectantly and he looked up at them. "Oh one of you go get the door please? Its probably the boat captain with some papers that needbsigned so tell them to come back here to me."

They both nodded at the same time and one decided to get the door. The luxury of having servants, Roy thought sarcastically. Roy turned his swivel chair around to face his computer and typed in his password. He went into the microsoft word doc that had his experiement log on it. He began to type in: DAY 56:VIRUS HAS BEEN SUBDUED TEMPORARILY. VIRUS IS TO BE SHIPPED AWAY AND DESTROYES FINALLY IN THE MIDDLE IF THE OCEAN. NO ONE IS TO KNOW ABOUT VIRUS. NO MORE RESEARCH WILL BE DONE TO CREATE A NEW VACCINE. TESTVRAT WAS KILLED FOR SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. THINGS ARE- He stopped typing when he heard one of the workers scream.

It was cut off by a sickening gagging sound.When Roy looked up from the moniter he gasped in shock. The poor worker was being held in the air by his throat. His feet dangled an inch or two off the ground. The worker scratched frantically at the large hand that gripped his throat tightly. The man who held him was tall and burly. Even with his night black suit on you could see his muscles flex as he squeezed harder.

His black shaded glasses hid most of the top half of his face but Roy could tell that he looked angry. A head set stuck out of his right ear. Roy stood abrupty and began to shout when the man held up a badge with his free hand. Just as Roy thought the workers face was going to blow up the man let him go. The worker flopped on the ground as he gasped for air. The man's serious expression didn't wither as ge stared down at him. Looking back up he said in a mild but loud voice," We are with the FBI. I have been sent in to evacuate the premises immediantly."

The man nodded sideways at the boxes," and take whatever is in those boxses for study. We will use force if we have to-so don't even think about fighting us.


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