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Pokemon: Legends of Sinnoh

Novel By: Pokemon Master
Action and adventure

In the vast land of the Sinnoh Region a young boy named Cole begins his journey as a pokemon trainer. But during his adventures he must defeat the evil Team Galactic. Can he defeat Team Galactic and become a Pokemon Master? Read on to find out! (please comment!) View table of contents...



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Chapter 1
The Beginning
As the sun shone through the windows I began to stir. Waking up I realised that today was the day I started my Pokemon Journey into the Sinnoh Region. My name is Cole and I want to be a Pokemon Master just like my dad. He left when he defeated the Pokemon Champions of the Kanto, Johto and Hoenn Regions. One day I wish to challenge him and win. Getting out of bed I quickly got dressed.
As I put on my favourite jacket my mum arrived at my door. "Cole, I want you to take Gligar with you on your journey. Ever since your father left him here to become a master he hasn't had time to train him anymore. So I want you to take him." My mum said handing me Gligar's Pokeball. "Sure mum." I replied taking the Pokeball and attaching the Pokeball to my belt. "Well I better go." I said heading for the door. My mum came over and hugged me. "Be careful." She said. I nodded and walked out the front door beginning my adventure.
As I made my way along Route 201 I was thinking about what Pokemon I'd want as my starter. I had a choice of Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup. I was thinking about choosing Turtwig. As I made my way into SandgemTown I saw two trainers walking out of a building with a Chimchar and Piplup. I headed for the building hoping that was Professor Rowan's Lab.
Walking in the door I saw a man talking to Professor Rowan. Walking up to them I saw the man leave out the back door. I wondered who he was but had no time for that. "Hello, Professor Rowan." I said walking up to him. "My name is Cole and I'm here to receive my first Pokemon." Professor Rowan looked at me. "Well I have just one Pokemon left. It is a Turtwig." I was in luck the Pokemon I wanted was here. "That's the Pokemon I wanted" I said with a grin on my face. The Turtwig then jumped into my hands. "Turtwig!" it said clearly happy that I wanted it. "Cole I want you to have this Pokedex to use on your journey." Professor Rowan said. I thanked him and left the Lab and headed for the Pokemart to buy Pokeballs for my journey.
As I made my across town I heard a cry of a Pokemon. Looking around I saw three Starlys heading for me. Calling out Turtwig and Gligar I knew I had to defend myself in some way.
"Turtwig use Razor Leaf! Gligar use Poison Sting!" I yelled. Both Turtwig and Gligar fired their attacks at the small flock of Starlys. The attack hit two of the little birds however one came in with Quick Attack. "Turtwig jump!" I said hoping the attack would miss. Turtwig jumped causing the Starly to go straight underneath it. "Now Gligar, Metal Claw!" I said. Gligar went in and struck the bird down. It then flew over to the other two we hit earlier. The three then flew away.
That was a close one I thought. I then headed for the Pokemon Centre not knowing that a boy had watched my every move.


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