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24 Hours to Change My Fate

Novel By: Ranisi
Action and adventure

An hour by hour account of one day lived by Ashaylie Jennett. She is framed for murder, and is desperately trying to prove her innocence in time to get the true criminal arrested before anyone else is killed. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 18, 2012    Reads: 30    Comments: 3    Likes: 4   

Sometimes to help the people you love, you have to do the things that hurt them the most. They will be upset, but if they love you as much as you love them, they will be able to forgive you. This is the story of one day that changed my entire life, and the lives of those I love.

My name is Ashaylie Jennett. I have curly black hair that is parted down the center, grey-green eyes, a petite and upturned nose, high cheek bones, and small but well shaped lips. I am 5'4 and slim. I am a secretary for the CEO of a large business corporation.

1:00 A.M.- I was sitting on the couch with Jason, who has been my boyfriend for the last three years. There was something on the television, but we were otherwise occupied. The sound of an urgent news report caused us to stop abruptly.

"Seven dead bodies were found in the female restroom at the local Walmart. The victims were all killed within the last twelve hours. We are still identifying two of the bodies, but the other five consist of Kelly Redson, Jaline Fletcher, Gretchen Hatchenvaun, Thereasa Williams, and Emily Quill. Details of the killer's whereabouts are unknown. There are no witnesses that we know of, but police are checking the store's security footage. If you know anything please contact the police. Citizens are asked to be on the lookout."

I turned the T.V. Off, and stared at it for a moment while I collected my thoughts, "Jason?"

He didn't turn towards me, he just stared at the screen, "Yeah?"

"They said Jaline Fletcher. Is that you Jaline? Like your sister?"


I'd met Jaline a few times, she was twenty-two, pretty and nice. She and Jason were faternal twins, and very close, "Oh Jason, I'm so sorry," I hugged him around his shoulders, he responded by absent-mindedly putting his arm around my waist. "Are you okay?"

He didn't answer for a long time, but finally he turned and met my gaze. His normally sparkling brown eyes were dull, "I don't know."

"Is there anything I can do?" Anything to make you happy again.

He blinked like he was starting to process thoughts again. "I will tell you if I think of something, but I need to call my parents. You don't have to wait up for me."

I nodded, I kissed his cheek, "I love you, make sure you get some rest."

"Of course. Love you too."

I got ready for bed, but something was bothering me. It is hard to sleep when you think people might be out there waiting to kill you.

I heard someone knocking on the front door, "Police Department! Open the door!"

I sprinted for the door.

"Can I help you officers?" I asked as calmly as I could. In truth I was extremely worried.

A tall officer came forward and handcuffed me while saying, "You are under arrest for serial murder."

Jason emerged from the connecting room, "Is something wrong officer?" Jason then looked at me and and came forward to put his hand protectively on my shoulder, "Where are you taking her?"

"This female," he spat the word venomously, "murdered seven other women."

Jason looked at me and dropped his hand. "Ashaylie, please tell me that you didn't do it."

I looked at him helplessly.

He stepped back, "I don't believe it. I- I can't believe it."

The police escorted me away from the house and into their car. I wanted to tell Jason that I was innocent, but I couldn't. I still couldn't speak or think clearly. Someone in the group had drugged me while the tall officer handcuffed me. Someone was trying to frame me.


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