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DESERTED by raven banks

Novel By: raven banks
Action and adventure

This is a holiday the Cross family aren't returning from...
When Mary Cross, mother of three, recieves a free family holiday the family all jumps on board. But the mysterious, remote island is abandoned?
Where is everyone, why were they called to the island?
And somewhere, a boy is lost, calling for help... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 26, 2012    Reads: 12    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Deserted by raven banks


The cold of the stone wall he rested against was leeching into him and icy shivers ran down his spine. There was no point in getting up though. The grey, stone walls of his room held no interest any more. He had long since stopped searching for cracks or secret holes or a way out of his cell. So far, the only way he knew of was the door. But the only key was kept by his imprisoners.

The possibilities of anyone getting him out were slim as well. He knew there were people out there who would try but this prison was in a secret location and their attempts wouldn't get past the guards.

The one guarding him at the moment grabbed onto the bars on the door and shook them roughly, bringing on a shower of dust and pebbles from the ceiling. Rani inched back further, coughing and squeezing his eyes shut.

Laughter echoed outside the little room and he bit his lip, bringing his knees up to his chin as the door swung open. Tarish walked in slowly, cocking his head to the side. "Get up, boy," he ordered in a gruff voice that demanded respect.

Rani jumped slightly, pushing off the floor and standing up. He still leant against the wall though. He had last eaten two days ago and he felt like he was going to lurch over. It felt like he had been in this place for years but in reality, he had only been holed up for a week. This was the first time anyone had come in.

"Sorry I didn't clean-up a bit for you," he grinned. "I don't get many visitors."

Tarish glanced around his bare room and clicked his fingers. "Search," he exclaimed, ignoring Rani's comment.

Two other guards came in and one grabbed his arm. The cold, wet hand gripped him tightly and Rani froze. A shiver ran down his arm and he shook violently. Slowly, the two creatures searched him. In his pockets, they found a leaf, some paper, a crayon and flint. Their careful, elegant hands looked normal when they weren't touching him. When one grabbed onto his bracelet, he shook his head. "No, that's just something my sister gave me."

Rani's sister had been on the cruise with his brother and him. She hadn't made it to safety and the bracelet was the last thing she had ever given him. She had said to keep it safe in time for her return.

The creatures wide, doe eyes surveyed the blue beaded bracelet before pulling it off and throwing it onto the ground. Rani's eyes widened and he pulled out of their grip. "Wait, you can't take that!" he yelled angrily.

Tarish walked over and looked down at him carefully. "Please," Rani whispered. "I'll do anything you want."

For a second, Tarish considered this and Rani's hopes were lifted slightly. But Tarish's foot came down before he could stop it, smashing the glass beads and grinding them into the stone floor. "Boy, you will do what we say anyway."

Rani's hands clenched into fists and he shivered as the guards' hands clamped around his wrists again, pulling him up. His dark blue eyes glared into Tarish's.

Grinning sarcastically, Tarish sat down on the cold floor. The guards pulled Rani down too and the sudden movement made his stomach clench. "Oww," he moaned softly.

"Is there anyone else out there?" Tarish demanded.

Rani glared, shivering violently now. He had to clench his teeth to keep them from chattering. "N-no," the answer shook as another racking wave of cold ran through him. "Please can I h-have a blanket?" he begged.

Tarish looked up and a guard handed him a box. Out of the box, Tarish took out a bucket full of water. Rani laughed. "You really know how to torture someone, don't you?"

Tarish took a cup and dipped it into the water. Rani felt like screaming when the cold liquid was thrown in his face. His nose was going numb now and his eyes flickered. "There is no one else!" he yelled desperately.

"We'll see," Tarish smiled.


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