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One Day When a Suitcase Fell on my Head*

Novel By: RazzleColaYing
Action and adventure

A young girl is sitting under a tree in a forest on an island, when a suitcase falls on her head... not long after, two young teenagers wander to the island looking for a way to get back home...
(Adventure with a pinch of action, romance, and fantasy!) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 15, 2008    Reads: 229    Comments: 8    Likes: 3   

Hiljea sat under a tree feeling quite bored, one cool morning. Her family had lived on this island for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, and she didn't know any different. She had run away to be with herself today because she didn't want to do weaving or play with stupid dolls her cousins made her play with. She desparately wanted to hunt; just like Mikal, her brother. But of course, she was a girl, she had to play with dolls and weave.


"AHH" she let out a loud scream and looked at what had hit her on the head. It was far too big to be a coconut! It was rectangular and grey, and she picked it up and ran to Gar Hulland, the only person wo could speak English on the island, and write it. Gar Hulland was a learned man who used to live in a faraway land called America. He said people there travelled in metal capsules that moved if you pressed some buttons! And in this new land America, people could travel from one country to another in a HUGE metal bird called an Airplane! Gar Hulland was also a the school teacher here, because one of the Airplanes he had been on had crashed near the island (he liked the island so much he decided to stay).

"Gar Hulland! Gar Hulland!" she panted as she raced into his hut without even knocking "AN ALIEN HAS LANDED!!! on MY HEAD!"

" Oh come here darling" he said, walking over with his long silver beard traliling behind him " Not to worry, hand it to me."

Hiljea handed it to him. "Gar, what is that thing?"

"Oh! Hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha......" chuckled Gar Hulland merrily "Why dear, it's a suitcase! Someone's airplane has crashed!"

Hiljea was very confused. How would this crazy Gar have evidence another "Airplane" had crashed just because of this box? So she asked him. "No, it isn't evidence, but people from where I come from carry bags like this overseas- when they travel. Usually, if an airplane had crashed, these would have fallen out! I'm very excited, just you wait; someone-or a group of people- will trudge up that very beach of yours today, or tomorrow asking for helP!

And wise old Gar Hulland was right. Someone did come trudging up that beach that afternoon.


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