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This story is about a world, like earth , but the people are a
Anthros. The species stayed away from each other, but there were some who mixed. Now, there was one race, that ruled over the planet, enslaving those who went against them. The race was taken down, by humans when they came to this world. After 200 years of peace, a stir of darkness happened. The peace was breaking and an enemy has reappeared again. View table of contents...


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Cato prowled through the forest by his village, taking his time since he has to go back and train more with his father , the alpha wolf. The wind blew towards him, bringing with it the scents of many things and..the scent of a cat...? He growled and quickly took off threw the forest after the scent.
Lisa's ears twitch and she looked up at the trees as the wind blew through their leaves. She sniffed the air and her thin fur rose. She could smell wolf and it seemed to be getting closer. She hissed and ran to the nearest tree before climbing it with her awkward feet. She wasn't used to trees or the shadows. She was used to the open space of the desert and the fowl stench of dirt and rotting flesh at the slave market where she was kept. Cato barreled out of the foliage and looked up. He sniffed the air and grinned and ran to the tree Lisa had climbed up. He growled and jumped up at her. "Here kitty kitty kitty!" He said.
She hissed down at him and climbed higher. "Go away you mut!" She yelled down at him. He just laughed and jumped at her, just barely missing her tail. "why should I? your in my territory!" He said to her circling the tree. "you will have to come down eventually" He smirked and leaned up against the tree. "Ha! no I don't. I'll just kill what ever comes my way" She said hugging the branch she was on. "You will have to release waste so you will still have to get down" He said crossing his arms. "Maybe I'll just pee on your head" She said smirking down at him. He scowled moving away from the tree to look up at her. "If you do that ill just climb the tree and pull you down." He said running at the tree jumping a bit higher making her move further along the branch away from him. She tried to sit more balanced but her hands and paws weren't used to the surface of the tree and slipped. She hisses and tried to pull her torso back up but she couldn't, for lack of upper body strength. Cato grinned and stared up at her. "Come on, fall already!" He said excitedly.
She growled and curled in her feet and tail. "shut up mut! I'm not going to fall" She said but it was sort of to late to say that. She heard something crack and her eyes went wide, the branch snapping from her weight. She shrieked and landed on her back, knocking the breathe out of her. Cato grinned at her but didn't make a move towards her. Lisa quickly rightened herself and growled at him.
Her tail swished back and forth as she glared at him. "What are you waiting for?" She said to him but he just smiled. "Do you want to play?" He asked her. It caught Lisa by surprise making her stare at him."..wait what? ...play?" She asked him and stood there confused. "Yeah! Have you ever played before?" She shook her head. "No. I haven't. Only thing ive played was chase with trablin guards." She said to him. "Oh. That's what we call tag." He said smiling happily. " oh. Well i guess we could play..tag" She said smiling a little. Cato smiled widely and wagged his tail. "Great!" He said. She frowned for a second before poking him and taking off. "But your it!" She yelled as she ran past trees.
He grinned and quickly followed after her gaining fast. "I'm going to get you!" He said. She looked back at him then back to the forest in front of here. "I don't think so!" She yelled back and sped up her speed. But Cato just matched her speed and caught up with her. He tapped her on the shoulder and sped past her. She laughed and chased after him. "Your lucky your legs are longer then mine!" She said to him. He laughed at her and looked back at her grinning. There was a sudden sound of a loud snap and Cato was thrown up into the air by a huge net. Lisa's eyes grew wide and she stopped running. "..oh god..please tell me they aren't here.." She said to no one in particular. She ran over and pulled at the netting trying to pull it loose. "Hurry! Please get me out!" He yelled, thrashing around in the net. "Shh! If Trablins are near they will find us!" She said to him as she pulled down hard on it. There was a sudden noise, and birds flew screeching. Lisa looked around. "..crap.." There was some shouts and a band of Trablins come stomping threw the foliage. "Seems we actually caught something interesting! And look! A purple cat. Bet shes the one that escaped" Stated the head Trablin. Lisa hissed at them, folding back her ears and fur rises. "Go away you scum!" She shouted at them. "I don't think so. Technically, you belong to us and he will soon enough" He said walking over to them. Lisa jumped at him but she was just knocked aside. Cato growled. "Leave her alone!" He yelled at them. A few other trablins walked over to cato and let down the net but kept him inside. Lisa hissed and glared over at him. "Let him go you fiend!" She said, fixing to leap but is stopped by a meaty hand grabbing the back of her neck making her squeak. The trablin picked her up and held her there by her neck. Suddenly there was a howl and wolves come running, some jumping at the trablins, pushing them away from Cato. A huge black wolf walked over and untangled Cato from the net and helped him up. "Father.." said Cato but his father didn't respond just looked at the trablins and growl. "You are on my territory! Leave at once or face our rath." He said. Lisa hissed and lashed her tail back and forth as the trablin squeezed down. "Ha! We can't. That boy and this mixed blood bitch is our property now,Alpha!"said the Trablin leader. Cato growled and looked at his father. "Father, shes my friend." He said staring at his father with a glare. His father just looked at him then at the Trablin leader. "I dont think so" He said and jumped at the trablin, tackling him to the ground and biting at his throat. The others started attacking the trablins. Some fled, in fear of being killed like the one holding onto her neck. He dropped her to the ground and tried to run but he was tackled by two wolves. There were deep screams coming from all around them for a moment before it all stopped. Lisa rubbed the back of her neck and looked up at the sound of someone walking over. Cato leaned down and helped her up, concern clear in his yellow eyes, that stood out on his black face. "Are you ok?" He asked her. She nodded "Yeah I am" she said smiling a bit. He smiled tightly and looked at the Alpha. "Um..this is, uh...I'm sorry, but what's your name?" Asked Cato feeling ashamed of not asking her before. "Oh, my name is Lisa. I don't think you told me your name either." She said raising her dark eyebrows. He chuckled a little. "My name is Cato, Son of the Alpha."


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