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Blood Stained Glass

Novel By: Revera Love
Action and adventure

All Kinsey Risner wanted this summer was to stay home with her family and hang with her friend Machelle but when her part-addicted amie drags her to an end of the year bash for as Dark silent stranger Kinsey's life will never be the same. One night with no memories leaves her sick and shivering plagued with nightmares all to real. It isn't long before those she cares for are gone and she is left with only one sickening conclusion.


Follow Kinsey in her journey to understand this new dark world and her place in it. A tale of finding where you belong.
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Submitted:Mar 19, 2012    Reads: 102    Comments: 11    Likes: 1   

I woke to the high ring and gasped. Around me papers rattled, books closed, and pens clicked shut. Afternoon light burned through Msr's. olnly window and right on to my paper making the evidence of my repose all to clear.

I drew the back of my hand over my cheek and came back pink and wet. My face burned brighter then my hand as I hurried to gather my stuff while chidding myself for thinking hot pink pen on a French 2 Final was a good idea!

I was the last one to turn in my test to Msr's. desk. When I did he looked up at me with those eyes. Eyes that always reminded me of a sheep dog with glasses.

He wasn't a particurally old man but his salt and pepper hair and mustache would lead you to believe otherwise. Msr. Black was one of those teachers that wore a suit even on casual friday. I know I'll always respect him but it doesn't mean I have to like him.

I felt his big brown eyes on me now, watching as I turned in the only paper that looked like barbie threw up on it. He tisked his tongue and sighed speaking in that fake accent that made me wince.

"A little advice Kinsey, Fait Attention dans la classe." I had no clue what he said so I mumbled something that I hoped would pass for an apology and hurried to the door. I think he said something else but I was gone.

Once outside I was faced with a bigger problem. 5,000 students pouring down the hallway on the last day of school. Can you say mob mentality.

I jockeyed for a place in the not so steady multicolor stream of ditchers, pitchers, and bitchers. I just managed to fight my way between a trio of girls so tight I had to hold my breath; when the tips of a perfectly chisled french manicure caught a strangle hold on my arm.

I watched in dismay as the light to freedom fell under the thundering bodies. Machelle pulled me against her and began chattering excitedly. I tried to listen over the drone of gleeful students but it was no contest.

Machelle was tall and probably one of the most beautiful girls in school, with her long black tresses aand cream coffee skin. Her mother's latino grace made itself known in every sway of her hips and tip of her head. When that girl moved, your eyes couldn't help but follow.

The only thing I found not attractive about her was her eyes. Held in a face framed by the cosmos were green eyes the color of sunbleached seaweed. It was the only thing I could rival about her. My own were striking blue just like everyone in my family except Dad.

The crowd let out into a beautiful afternoon. I watched the kids pile on buses or, the lucky ones, ambling with a swagger to their cars. While the rest clumped like blood clots in a vein congesting the flow with their sparks of excitement.

I couldn't help but smile to the Oklahoma sun. Freshman year was over! And the whole summer vacation splayed out like an endless feather blanket before me.

"So you want to go?" I flicked back to the present and my chattery friend. She was still clutching my arm and standing so close to me I had to look up to see her. Those akward eyes stared at me intently and I hated myself for not listening.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about."

She shot me a glare and realeased my arm. I let it hang to the side and waited for her to composure to slip. Her face cracked a smile and then she was beating on my skull with ring enforced knuckles.

"Earth to Kinsey, A hot guy is asking for you personally. Do. You. Read." I swiped her hand away and pretended to laugh. "Loud and Clear and I'm reading my bus number about to roll off so if you'll excuse me."

I tried to walk past her when something gripped the handle of my backpack and reeled me back.

"No way, It's the last day of school. I'm not letting you ride the Nerd Train. I'm gonna drive you home."

I tried to protest as she dragged me across the student parking lot to her glittering white and gold mustang. Reluctantly I dropped my bag in the back seat and climbed into the muggy car.

This wasn't the first time she'd taken me for a ride in her new baby. In fact I'd grown familiar with the cracking tanned leather and uber clean dash, and I knew how her crystal angel bobbed and bounced with joy as she drove but that didn't make this comfortable.

I hated how the seat would catch my hair ripping my already short strands by the roots. How that angel always managed to flash in my eyes and remind me how perfect and luxurious it was.

I looked at it now and couldn't help but prickle under that crystiline gaze.

The car roared jolting me out of my private audience with the divine. Machelle paid me no attention. Judging by the sheen of her pink lips she'd taken my absense to freshen up. The rearview was pointed to hte side so she could marvel at herself as she drove.

I said nothing and wound my fingers around the 'Oh Shit' bar. The angel twinkled in the corner of my eye. This was going to be a long ride.


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