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Innocence Is Nonexistent

By: RogerRabbitFaggot

Chapter 1, When you\'re forced to become what you have secretly been dreaming of being, could you ever stop? Could you ever turn back, even after you\'re no longer being forced?

Erin had just stepped off the bus steps, when a little old woman stepped directly in her way. Erin smiled warmly and tried to step around her, but the woman wouldn't have it. Her curly, white hair bounced on her head. She kept the same nimble smile on her pale, wrinkled face. Erin thought she looked sweet, like a cute grandmother who would bake cookies all day. She wore a pale pink sweater over a white shirt and white pants. Erin again tried to find a way around this tiny woman, but again she wouldn't allow it. They stood there, looking like they were in a cowboy showdown. This innocent looking, anxious 17 year old, against this calm, steady old woman. Finally Erin rudely barged past her, tired of playing around with this insane old lady. To her surprise though, the woman grabbed her arm firmly, catching Erin off guard. She spun around to find the elderly woman staring at her, puzzled.

"May I help you?" Erin almost spat, completely annoyed by this woman already.

"Oh." The old woman gasped and Erin was more confused than ever. The elder might have noticed Erin's expression, because she smiled and patted her arm. "You just reminded me of my daughter. She...couldn't speak. She passed when she was just a wee little thing like you are. Sorry if I disturbed you." she warmly smiled and turned around. Erin felt terrible for getting so rude.

"Wait!" She called, stepping forward as the woman turned back around. "I'm Erin." She said, offering her her hand. The woman kindly smiled and clasped Erin's warm hand, with her soft, cold one. "I'm sorry-"

"Oh, don't be honey. You can call me May." she introduced herself, holding Erin's hand with both of hers. "Erin is a very pretty name. Did you know it means Ireland?" she offered.

"No..I didn't." she admitted.

"Are you Irish at all?" May asked. Erin started thinking. She knew her mother wasn't Irsh, nor was her father. And she certainly didn't look very Irish. With her jet black hair, vivid green eyes, and olive complection. She didn't know what origin she was. She didn't know WHAT she was. Who didn't even know WHO she was exactly. Suddenly Erin felt uncomfortable.

"I don't think so. I have to get home though, my mom is expecting me for dinner." Erin lied, awkwardly pulling from the womans grasp and turning on her heel, hurrying away. She heard May's faint voice behind her;

"Goodbye my dear Anna. How I've missed you so." Erin's heart thumped faster and faster as she tried to get away from the woman as quickly as possible. She was a dear, sweet lady but she made Erin's inside churn.

She was almost home when she tripped over a slab of concrete that she'd never noticed before. She fell to the ground, her head painfully banging off of the sidewalk.

She instantly became woozy and her vision was blurred by her own blood. She almost forgot how to breathe for a second. She was losing consciousness fast, her eyes were fluttering helplessly closed as she felt herself being scooped up effortlessly from the cold concrete. She thought she was dying, but her vision remained for a few seconds, allowing her to see the profile of the strange man that was handling her so tenderly, before her sight faded to black and her body fell limp in his arms.

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