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The car, that was the last thing I saw. The last thing I knew. Weeks before I was normal. Went to school got good grades. Blasted music in my car. Now I would never again do those things. You know they say theres a light you see while you die. I didn't see it. Just darkness. Almost the feeling of drowning mixed with complete darkness. Choking on nothing but air. Yes I didn't see a light, didn't hear someone calling for me. Did get drag down to hell with little devils. No I was stuck in a black icky darkness. That smuthered me. That and that alone. View table of contents...


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Everyone had finally fallen asleep. My body ached all over. I felt completely alone, even when Storm was asleep on the grey coach barely 5 feet away from me. My brain, hurt and I felt the headache starting. It was almost completely dark in my hospital room except for the monitors glowing screens. My heart rate monitor, had been silenced hours ago but in the shadows I could see as it raced around. I could remember everyone. I couldn't remember how I had gotten here. Which was driving me mad. The last thing I could clearly see, was meeting Drew.

My body shook violently under the covers.

Everything past that was blurry and unclear. I tired to concentrate but I just couldn't. The black slate had been placed on my memory, and now was stuck. What had happened. I asked my self over and over, but failed to answer the question. I was terrified to go to sleep, to go to a world I had thought was real merely hours ago. Back to the place I had been while I was in the coma. Terrified that I would find just more questions, there. My heart line, pounced up. I tried to calm myself before some nurse came in do so manually with a sleep agent, or drugs of some kind.

I took in a deep breath. Held it in and looked around. Everything was wrong. I shouldn't have been here, I should have woken up in Ilissa's room, on Storm's chest. Instead I was in a very uncomfortable bed, for people of sickness. I felt the loneliness washing over me again.

My world was spiraling madly into something I couldn't see. Something, I didn't know. Something that terrified me to my soul. I let the air out slowly. I could only see my past, my missing past. Instead I should have been happy, I had a future. I had a life.

I sucked in more air. I felt my body shake again and suddenly there were icy hands around my lips. Slowly the fingers traced across my face. Then suddenly they disappeared. My shivering put on hold.

"Come" a ruff voice called.

Slowly and carefully I pushed myself out of the bed. Onto the cold tiles. Slowly, I thought but, my slow brought me into the hall in seconds. Everything was wish washy, like I had fallen asleep and this was merly a dream.My head pounded, as I walked further down the abandoned dark hall. If I had thought it through I would have thought this was stupid.

"Come" the voice repeated, and I quickly followed my slow walking now turned to a quiet jog.

I needed to find this voice. Needed to touch the owner. Need to confirm to myself that I wasn't going insane. The dim lights above me flickered before vanishing completely. My body tingled, my heart pounded, and my mind raced. I reached out in the complete darkness, begging for something to touch.

All I felt was air. I suddenly was crying. I couldn't hold in the emotions any more. The bitter truth was, I didn't understand anything anymore. So I sat there on the ice cold ashy tiles, crying.



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