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The car, that was the last thing I saw. The last thing I knew. Weeks before I was normal. Went to school got good grades. Blasted music in my car. Now I would never again do those things. You know they say theres a light you see while you die. I didn't see it. Just darkness. Almost the feeling of drowning mixed with complete darkness. Choking on nothing but air. Yes I didn't see a light, didn't hear someone calling for me. Did get drag down to hell with little devils. No I was stuck in a black icky darkness. That smuthered me. That and that alone. View table of contents...


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Luna Child:

I woke up to pure chaos. Nurses were running around, machines beeping to no fucking end.

My head began pounding, even though my eyes had barely opened.

"What's going on?" I moaned as I slowly pushed my self out of the hard chair. Everyone ignored me. I blinked a couple times, trying to get the tired out of my system. The setting was familiar, even through the bizarreness. I was still in Rose's hospital room. Still by the pasty bed. I glanced up, past the almost flat blue covers of the rigidly yellow past of a bed. There was no one, Rose wasn't there. I yawned, not really surprised. This was Rose, she never liked hospitals.

I wouldn't blame her, especially since the last time she had been in a big hospital like this was because she had to point out her dead parents. I lowered my head slightly, searching the busy room for familiar face. The only one I found was my sisters, and her' was twisted with displeasure.

"Took you long enough!" she barked before grabbing my arm and pulling me away from the numerous amount of nurses scurrying about.

"How long has Rose been missing?" I asked as we started down the dark hallway. The lights were really dim, I noted it to myself while waiting for Julie's response.

After what seemed like a split second, Julie's voice ripped from her lips,

"No one actually knows, but the nurse that was going to give her a sedative last night around 11:50 found that she was no were. They checked the camera's but they for some strange reason went hay-wire last night. So we and this hospital have no fucking clue were Rose is."

Julie finished, her voice almost a scream. I rolled my eyes.

"Did any of you check her house?" I asked my cockiness obliviously showing because Julie whipped around. She snarled at me

"You really think we haven't done that, Storm went there at midnight!!" her voice no longer restrained echoed through the halls. I felt my hands start to sweat. Rose was missing, but who would take her?

Julie turned, then stomped forward. I stood there feeling the bizarre strangeness settling in.


Rose Kuran:

I woke up in my room. My eyes hurt.

The light pink sheets were crinkled at my feet.

I turned, fumbling to get up. My hair was a mess, bundled over my head. I yawned, then started for my bathroom. When my bedroom, became unfamiliar. The bed was the same, with the pink sheets, 4 black pillows, 2 stuffed animals, and the over throw pink lace.

Instead of stepping onto wood though, I stepped onto tiles.

"What the hell?" my mind screamed.

The tiles were an off shade of white. My head launched up as I looked around, taking in my surroundings. There were dozens of bookshelves to my right, stacking to the roof. To my left was a dresser, and 2 doors. In front of the giant bed was another door, which I think is the bedroom door.

I shivered, were the heck was I?

I didn't know what I was suppose to do as I stood there. Should I run and open all the doors, or hide under the bed sheets?

I was about to hide under the bed sheets, when the door directly in front of me creaked open. I held in a breath I don't know why. I felt like I was fighting.

A head with white hair, burst into my room.

"Little sister!!!! You're awake!! I'm so happy!" the girl screamed grabbing me and twirling me around.

"Yuki??" I whispered almost out of breath.

She smiled and nodded.

altImagen this as Rose's bed but the white canopy is Pink :) Hope you enjoyed my chapter, please comment.


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