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The car, that was the last thing I saw. The last thing I knew. Weeks before I was normal. Went to school got good grades. Blasted music in my car. Now I would never again do those things. You know they say theres a light you see while you die. I didn't see it. Just darkness. Almost the feeling of drowning mixed with complete darkness. Choking on nothing but air. Yes I didn't see a light, didn't hear someone calling for me. Did get drag down to hell with little devils. No I was stuck in a black icky darkness. That smuthered me. That and that alone. View table of contents...


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Rose Kuran:

After practicable being drag down stairs by my imaginary friend. I was sat down at a table. For a second it was just me an Yuki, but then a whole crap load of people were buzzing around me.

I quickly pulled in the faces, Drew, Storm,Luna, Eric, the twins, Chloe, and Mike.

"What the heck..." I was cut off mid sentence when everyone's eyes looked directly at me. There eyes were all so lifeless.

"Heres the thing baby sister....You and you alone have the power to make us real, or make us imaginary. So you see when you felt alone and lost, you gave us life in that hospital. Of course I know how you hate hospitals, so after you stopped crying I got Storm here to take you to our house." Yuki smiled as she finished. I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

"So in other words, I'm insane." I said starting to giggle. Even though everyone's eyes were on mine.

"You see, bending reality like this is unreal....For all I know I'm still in the hospital with a coma and this is all but a dream." I said my giggles now a laughing hysteric.

No one seemed to think my remarks were funny so slowly my laughter died down.

I bit my lower lip, still in mid transition of shock, horror, and doubting myself.

My eyes flashed from one face to another. Life was missing, well like almost truth. I felt like they had planned this out, waited, and now it was all falling out. I blinked madly. Where had that idea come from. Everyone paused, before Yuki's hands shot towards my face. For a second I thought she was going to kill me. When my eyes wouldn't shut I was forced to face the music.

Her hand was still coming toward my face, but it was like in slow motion. I paused before slapping it with no effort. She frowned before tossing something silver to Storm. Again the slow motion began and suddenly Storm was running at me but he looked as if he were a zombie. I sighed, what ever it was I wanted to see it. Before registering it someone had grabbed my hands.

My neck was covered by something colder than ice. I cried for a moment. Then the cold pain, stopped. Yuki and everyone else let out a sigh, I had neglected to notice. The slow motion stopped and suddenly everything around me, was at top speed.

I growled, which for me is terribly odd, before turning and trying to run back up the stairs that just moments ago I had been dragged down.

I didn't make it 2 feet before Storm was in front of me.

"Were are you going." he asked politely, his hand lacing around my hip and dragging me towards him. My growl now became a snarl and I pushed Storm. My eyes fluttered, the sudden air stinging my eyes. Storm had hit the wall and was laying on the ground panting.

He started lifting himself up, when suddenly I flew up the stairs. I didn't even see them. My bedroom door slammed behind me and I watched at the hinges bulged against the sudden weight. I was looking into a mirror before the end of that second. So suddenly I noticed the weird necklace that was barely on me. The ends hadn't been latched. I sighed.

"Storm and his clumsiness." I muttered under my breath before clipping the latches.

Authors' note: any one have any clue what the necklace does???

alt This is the necklace


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