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The car, that was the last thing I saw. The last thing I knew. Weeks before I was normal. Went to school got good grades. Blasted music in my car. Now I would never again do those things. You know they say theres a light you see while you die. I didn't see it. Just darkness. Almost the feeling of drowning mixed with complete darkness. Choking on nothing but air. Yes I didn't see a light, didn't hear someone calling for me. Did get drag down to hell with little devils. No I was stuck in a black icky darkness. That smuthered me. That and that alone. View table of contents...


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Rose Kuran:

For the first time, or the first time I can remember I had a blank dream. Absolutely nothing happened it was just dark, and it felt like a never ending blink of an eye.

When I woke up under the pink canopy, the sheets were curled around me. It felt like I was super glued to the blankets themselves.

My body was sweating, my heart pounding in my ears. I felt absolutely horrid.

I scrambled to get out of the tightly wrapped comforter. The air rushing to my damp skin making me shiver.

I was still here, in a room that was similar to my real room.

I was still questioning my sanity, as I scooted across the mattress.

When the comforter finally released my feet, I slid out of the bed. The cool tiles help my feet grow back to their normal temperature, but I myself felt like I was boiling.

My stomach was churning, maybe because I hadn't eaten. Perhaps it was from anxiety, and all this was causing the room to spin around me.

Before I knew it I was in the shower. I had taken off all my clothes and the new necklace. Before stepping in the soft cool water.

It wasn't but minutes before my body was back to normal. So I sat there my hair dripping, and the water pounding on my head.

I had bowed my head and held my eyes closed to keep the stray droplets from flying into my eyeballs.

I was sitting on the tiled bottom of my walking shower. My legs were wearily spaced in front of me.

I slowly began to notice what the coma had done to me.

My whole body look 2 sizes smaller. My skin color was a tone paler, and the worst was that I desperately needed to shave.

So I did just that. I took out some shaving cream, stood and walked over to the little built in chair like thing placed inside my shower.

The foam was cold and the razor was sharp, and before I started I was done. So I just rinsed off.

I began planing. First I thought of how I would go downstairs, and who I could trust. Millions of plans raced around but one thing was certain, if I were given the chance of freedom I would take it with no hesitation.


After drying my dripping hair I wrapped my self with a towel.

I brushed my hair over and over, wonder what everyone in the real world was doing. How my friends were.

I yawned and put the brush back into its small tote beside the sink with the other millions of brushes and comes.

"They want you to love it here." I didn't have to turn to know who owned that ruff, handsome voice. My body shivered just from hearing it vibrate around me.

I turned to look at Storm. He was standing there in my bathroom doorway, dressed in some black slick looking jeans. His hair was wavy, and almost covered his left eye. His wight shirt was stuck to his body so tight I could see his abs.

He smiled as my eyes finally found his face. His pale eyes were sparkling, and his lips were looking so inviting.

I started towards him. His smile growing wider.

"I am using my bathroom for a reason, if I wanted to let you see me wrapped in a towel I would have used your bathroom!" I hollered showing my annoyance, and suddenly followed my words.

I felt my face blush, I had just told him I wanted to be in his bathroom.

I was about to slap myself when Storm started laughing. It made my body rigid, I could feel the heat flowing through me. There was even this little shock wave that went through me.

I was about to take back everything I had just said when Storm's hands wrapped around me. They were just around my waist.

He slowly stroked his hand up and down on the towel making my knee's buckle.

I looked back up at Storm and he looked so completely man like. I could see the small beard hair, and my hand reached out to stroke just around his jaw.

It was bumpy and ruff. I smiled before leaning up to nip at one of his snake bites. He moaned ruffly and suddenly his hand gently pushed me against the wall.

He was breathing ruffly and his face was so close to mine that if I just flinched our lips would touch.


I wouldn't breath, afraid that if I did that in this dream, or coma I would lose my control. I would kiss Storm and then descended into the deepest part of the coma. Somewhere I would never wake up from. Somewhere I was terrified to go.

So I didn't breath, didn't move.

Storms eyes were boring holes into me, before suddenly he let out a sigh.

"Could you please wear this. It really brings out your eyes." Storm said and I felt the cold metal slide onto my neck. I groaned, my body severely feverish. The weird tingling from when I first latched it on returned to my body. The necklace always made me feel weaker, more lost in the darkness of my body.

I looked up trying to consentrate on anything other then the small sharp pains trailing down my neck.

I found Storm's face just intime to see his mouth twitch upwards. Then I felt those same lips brushing up my color bone. The touch making the room spin.

"Rosie..you are not in a coma. This is the real life, and you have made us part of it. I only hope that I can out do that bastard who calls himself me." Storm's words buzzed around me. My mind jumbling to make since of anything, through the pain radiating around my neck.

I rushed in air before pushing lightly of Storms chest. He just growled at me and licked up my neck making me shiver. However the pains stopped for a moment.

"Storm please I need away from you..I feel faint." I began and he just continued. So I was about to scream when he looked up at me. His eyes giving me that "Do it and see what happens!" look. I gulped hard, swallowing dry bitter air. The little shocks returning to my body.

I started coughing ruggedly. I felt my air giving way and the feeling of suffocation swarmed inside of me.

Storm with drew. I watched as he turned the sink on. I could hear the water rushing around, like it was in my head. Storm turn just as I thought I was about to fall. He pushed out the small cup. I took it quickly. I dumped it back, thanking God for the quick escape.

Storm smiled before slipping out. Leaving my heart to race, and my body to flush pink.

I began to walk to my closet when Storms words replayed in my brain.

"Rosie..Storm has never called me Rosie." I whispered out loud. My heart speading up a little at that moment.


Author's note: Please comment and tell me what you think.


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