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The car, that was the last thing I saw. The last thing I knew. Weeks before I was normal. Went to school got good grades. Blasted music in my car. Now I would never again do those things. You know they say theres a light you see while you die. I didn't see it. Just darkness. Almost the feeling of drowning mixed with complete darkness. Choking on nothing but air. Yes I didn't see a light, didn't hear someone calling for me. Did get drag down to hell with little devils. No I was stuck in a black icky darkness. That smuthered me. That and that alone. View table of contents...


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Rose Kuran:

I stumbled around in the closet. There were to many clothes. There were dresses, shorts, skirts, t-shirts, tank-tops, buckles, belts, and millions of other things stacked in the walk in closet.

I grabbed some black shorts, a gray t-shirt that said "Bite me" in big black letters around the chest, then the essentials, and finally some black high-top Converse.I felt the weird shocks coming from the necklace stop after slipping my shoes on.

Weird freaking necklace! I thought to my self, trying to understand what the heck it did. I checked my self in the mirror one last time before walking out of the closet.

The claustrophobia feeling started to wearing off.

My hair had already dried by itself and was in ringlets around my face. I stated brushing my fingers through each ringlet trying to make my hair less curly. Coming up short.

I kept walking, right past my bed, past the bookshelves. Till at last I was standing directly in front of the bedroom door.My hand quickly began to resting on the cold silver door nob. I wanted freedom.

My heart pounded in my ears. Quickly I found my self not able to turn the nob.I felt that if I turned that nob, I would fall into an abyss. If I didn't turn the nob I was in an abyss.

I sighed shaking my head lightly. This was all nuts, what ever game my mind was making, was about to stop.

With a rush of anger I twisted the nob, the door opening without a sound.


The light outside of my room, was dim. It made the hallway dark and eerie.

My heart slowed down to a light beat. I felt as if in that hallway I was being watched. I knew in my head, that of course I was being watched. I sighed taking a slow step out into the hallway.

The comfort of my room vanishing behind me. I turned, looking into my room. From afar it looked like I was rich.

My dressers and bed frame were made of pure dark waxed oak wood. The bookshelves a fine polished cedar. I felt my cheeks blush. I couldn't imagine myself rich.

I slowly shut the door. Then I turned back, my mind trying to stay concentrated on anything other than the weird feeling of being watched.

My right hand slipped into my shorts pocket. My index finger rolling around the circular pad on my i-pod. It finally landed on "King for a Day, by Pierce the Veil featuring Kellin Quinn."

I hummed walking down the right part of the hallway. My right hand sliding down the black painted wall to my right. The wall itself was completely strait with no bumps.

Darker, and darker it became. Still I hummed, trying to keep my mind at ease.

The volume was so loud I couldn't hear anything around me. So when the hands wrapped around to cover my mouth, I had no clue's other than my weird feeling of watched to tell me I had been followed.

My first reaction was to scream but I was muffled insistently. My body was shoved on the wall. My nose being smashed.

With out a moment of thought I bit down, on the fingers or hand. My teeth connecting with flesh.

The taste of iron filled my mouth, before I was brutally released. My knees wobbled.

I could see in the darkness only a figure, no face.The smell of blood burning my nose, and on my tongue. I wasn't going to wait around to find out whom I had bitten. So with a jolt of energy I pushed my self off the wall to a ruff run. My legs wobbling, threatening to buckle.

Quickly my feet pounded below on the wooden floor. My music still blaring, but it had changed.

Now as I raced down the dark hallway scared to death, and my i-pod was blasting "In the End, by Black Veil Brides."

Over and over the words "Who will tell the story of your life?" rang in my ears. Fear could not describe what I felt. No it felt more like I was having a heart attack on a rollercoaster.

I suddenly felt the warmth of some one behind me. I let out a wale. My scream crashing around in the hall, loud enough to drowned out my music. So loud that I thought the scream wasn't mine.


When I opened my eyes, the light stung. My mouth itched. I looked around the brightly lit room. No one was there, only a huge lamp pointing right at me. I felt tears pooling in my eyes, from the burning light.

I quickly looked down trying to stop the burning. I was sitting in a chair. I pulled on my right arm, it didn't budge. I started to panic yanking widely with both arms. All I achieved my to feel my flesh being ripped around my wrists. My feet were in the same condition. Roped to the chair, or chained I couldn't quiet tell.

I tried to take in a deep breath but ended up taking in about 10 really short breaths. Which wasn't helping me.

The tear that were held back began to rip past my eyes. Dripping down my cheeks. I couldn't stop them. I was terrified. Never once, could I not defended my self.

I opened my lips ready to scream, but as I pulled in the huge breath. Expanding my lungs, preparing for the scream of the century some were behind me a door swung open letting in cold air.

At once the door closed and suddenly Storm was in my face. He stared in my eyes. I lost the air and suddenly his hand was below my eyesight. The bonds on my ankles jerking a bit before finally falling limp.

I jerked back. My chair rushing back.

Storm was still on his knees and now I could see in his left hand a shiny thick angled blade.

My chair slammed into a wall, knocking the air out of me. My head banged back. In a flash I fell to the floor and Storm was sitting beside me. He looked sad, as I moaned trying to move.

I lasted remember Storm coming in this same room, exposing his true self. Creating horrible memory for me. Things that I can never forgive or forget.

So why was he being kind now? What was this?

I cried as my wrist were unbound. I jerked punching at him. My hands barely brushing the surface of his chest before I felt exhausted. He pushed his hands underneath me. Mu body was lifted, my head spinning. Suddenly as if I fell asleep my mind left me in darkness. The more I searched I found I was not in complete darkness but one of my horrible new memories.


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