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To Save a Squirrel - A Spongebob Story

Novel By: Saphire
Action and adventure

Spongebob finds out Sandy is in Texas, so he goes to find her.
I don't own spongebob, just made up a story for you. Rights go to Nickelodeon and Viacom View table of contents...



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One day, while Spongebob was at work, Mr. Krabs ran into the kitchen. "Ahoy, Spongebob!" he yelled, with a tired look on his face. "Hi! Mr. Krabs!" Spongebob yelled back. "Well it appears that when I was looking through my mail, I found a letter addressed to you." Mr. Krabs gave him an envelope. Once Mr. Krabs left, Spongebob opened it. "It's from Sandy!" he exclaimed. It read…

Dear spongebob,

My aunt Mabel died. I was called back to Texas this morning to go to her funeral. I'll be gone for about two weeks. I wanted to let you know so ya'll wouldn't freak out when you found out I was gone. Can you also take care of my house while I'm gone?

Love, Sandy

PS: I think I may have sent this to Mr. Krabs. I hope you get it, though.

Spongebob was shocked for many reasons. Sandy's aunt died, Sandy was in Texas, she didn't tell him earlier, and he had to take care of her house while she was gone.

For the rest of the day Spongebob could hardly make any krabby patties. He had always gone to Sandy's house after work, and he couldn't bear not seeing her all day. Once the clock turned 6, he ran out the door, leaving Squidward in the dust saying "Well off he goes to Sandy's again" But instead of going to her house to check up on it, he ran to Patrick's rock screaming "Patrick! Patrick! Sandy's in Texas and I want to go see her!" Once he got to Patrick, he said, "What do I do?" "Well," said Patrick, "you could take the Water Ways airplane and go there." "But who would take care of her house, and mine, too?" Spongebob said back. "I will." Patrick relieved Spongebob's worry. "Thanks Patrick!" Spongebob said. "How do I ever repay you?" "How about ice cream?" Patrick suggested "Ok!" said Spongebob, as they went to go get the ice cream.

After the ice cream, Spongebob went home to pack. He had Patrick help him. "Now Gary," Spongebob said, as he left the house with his stuff, "Patrick's going to take care of you while I'm gone. Ok?" "Meow" said Gary as Spongebob shut the door. Patrick and Spongebob took the bus to the airport. Once they were at the terminal, Patrick bought two candy bars and gave one to Spongebob. "Here buddy!" he said. "For the road. Now I need to go to the bank." They sat down at the gate. "Ok, Patrick, here's the guidelines for both houses, and here are the keys. Feed Sandy's pets twice a day and Gary once." Just as Spongebob was saying that, a voice came on the loud speaker. "All for Flight 43 to Dallas, Texas, please board now." Spongebob gave Patrick two keys. "Well I'm off to see Sandy! Bye Patrick!" "Bye Spongebob! Have a nice trip!" Patrick waved to Spongebob as he walked away. "Well, here I go!" said Spongebob. He showed the attendant his ticket and boarded the plane.

Spongebob sat down in his first-class seat. "Wow! First-class!" he said. He took out his IPod and listened to his favorite song, Doin' the Krabby Patty. After a while they were ready to take off. Spongebob looked out his window at the airport. "Goodbye Bikini Bottom!" And they took off.

It only took a few minutes before they were ready to break water for air. As the plane lifted into the air, the water still stayed in the plane. Once they were aloft, the seat belt sign went off. Spongebob then saw a lady walk down the aisle with a snack tray. When she reached Spongebob she said, "Anything I can get for you toots?" "Sure!" said Spongebob, knowing what he wanted. "Do you have any hamburgers?" "Why sure I do!" she said, and handed him one. Then he paid and she went to the next person. Once she was gone, Spongebob took out the secret krabby patty sauce and put some on the hamburger. Then he took a bite. "Mmmm! Just like a krabby patty!" Then he looked at the fish behind him. He too had a hamburger. "Hey!" Spongebob yelled at him. "What do you want!?" the fish said back angrily. Spongebob knew he needed to be cheered up. "I see you got a hamburger. May I turn it into a delightful concert for your mouth?" "Look kid, I'm not in the mood for anything like…" Before he could finish, Spongebob grabbed the hamburger and squirted some secret sauce on it and shoved it in the fish's mouth. The fish had no choice, he had to chew and swallow it. "Well I'll be!" he said, now without a grumpy look. A very pleased and happy look! "Gosh this is the best thing I've ever tasted! I must know the recipe!" "No can do mister fish. It's the sole property of the Krusty Krab. And no one, not even Plankton can find out what it is." Spongebob said. He knew that even in the middle of the ocean, in the air, he had to protect the formula. "Wow, a very protected one. Say, where is the Krusty Krab?" the fish said. Spongebob got a pleased look on his face. He had just gotten Mr. Krabs another customer, and another two bucks! "It's in bikini bottom, on Conch St." "ok, I'll go there when I get home." The fish then went back to reading a book. Spongebob got out his candy bar the Patrick got him and ate it.

A few hours later, after a couple sodas, some chips, and about 10 songs on an iPod, the pilot said "Hello everyone this is the pilot speaking. We will be landing in Dallas in about one minute so make sure you have your water domes ready." Spongebob looked out the window. They were almost on the ground! Once the plane touched down and parked at the gate everyone started to get up. Spongebob got his stuff. Then he dug out his water dome. It was the one Sandy got him and Patrick when they first met her. Then he put it one, got up, and left. Now, this was the kind of plane where you get off on the ground. Spongebob walked down the stairs, looking around the land checking out every single feature. He then saw a sign that read "Welcome, Sea Creatures to Dallas!" Spongebob got into the air port. It was smaller the one next to it, which was the human airport ten times bigger. "Well," Spongebob thought. "I'm here. All I need to do is find Sandy."


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