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The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

Novel By: SavvyApple
Action and adventure

Two sisters and a brother. All working together to save their world. All working together to prevent each other from fading away. All working together to save themselves.

About four months to half a year ago, Ethan (18) and Ava (15), created a magical world. This world was very much real, if you believed in it enough - under certain circumstances, of course. Certain 'rules' applied, including the fact that if you took the risk in creating this world, then it would become part the creator's lifeline(s). Therefore - it dies, you die, or at least cease to exist. Despite the known risks, Ava and Ethan take on the challenge of creating their own world in which, if needed one day, humans could live in themselves successfully.
Ava and Ethan attempted at keeping this world from Zoey (7), thus saving their parents by having at least one remaining child in case something happened to their world, as opposed to none. But when Zoey gets involved in everything, well, then everything changes.

Now, something's going on in the sibling's world; the sun is getting smaller and lower every time Ava sees it in her dreams, which isn't supposed to happen. They had made the sun their main focus point, their main energy source, and the holy item in their world. It was never supposed to set unless said otherwise. Because of how vital the sun is, Ava, Ethan, and Zoey, knowing that they couldn't possibly keep all Evil away from humanity, chose Seven Sun Protectors, also known as the Guardians, or the Strong Sun Seven. The leader, Eli (pronounced Ellie), was to pick out the other 6 Guardians - which happened, but now all Guardians have been stolen and hidden in multiple locations of the trio's world. The confusion alerts all three's attention, and they all must go on a thrilling adventure to save all 7 Guardians, 6 unknown, all before the sun shrinks and sets for good, because after that, their world will have never existed - and neither will have they. View table of contents...

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What time was it? Ava couldn't tell. It was to dark to tell - yes that was it. Too dark to tell. It had to be at least midnight - that was when she had fallen asleep. There wasn't any clock in her room, but why not? Ava brushed her chocolate brown hair out of her eyes. Her brilliant blue eyes, no doubt about that. Ava shivered. The cold was trickling down her spine like ice-cold water.

Ava turned towards the window - a gentle, rather cold wind was blowing the curtains back. Ava rose out of bed and shut the window. Zoey must've left it open last night. Zoey must've woken Ava up. Or was that just the cold January air?

Zoey was sleeping on the top bunk, as usual. Half her blankets were hanging off the bunk. Ava sighed and climbed up the ladder to fix Zoey's blankets. Little, tiny, fragile, headstrong Zoey. Zoey was almost nine years younger than Ava, who was fifteen. Zoey was about a month away from turning seven. She resembled Ava in several ways. Age, height, and the obvious wasn't really counted - but the hair, the nose, the facial features were the same, except the eye. Dark brown eyes. Eyes that shone like the sun. Ava fixed up her little sister's blankets, and tried going to sleep again. She couldn't, that dream... No. No thinking about it. No.

At this point Ava liked to go down to the kitchen to get hot chocolate, so Ava climbed out of bed yet again and silently walked downstairs.

The minute she flicked on the light, Ava knew someone was there. Hiding. Probably under the counter, or behind the cabinet. Ava called out. "It's only me, Ethan." Ethan grunted of relief and popped out from behind the cabinet. He was snacking on what seemed to be lemon squares. He had crumbs all over his face, but he probably knew. Chances were he was saving them, as a snack for later.

"You scared me, you know Mom and Dad would get pissed if they knew I was down here eating these... They're so addicting!" He sighed and stuffed his mouth with another cookie.

Ava grunted and crossed her arms. "They probably already know, they're just waiting for you to barf it all up in the morning." She reasoned. In return, Ethan simply ate another lemon square. Ava rolled her eyes then went into the pantry to grab a packet of instant hot chocolate. She filled up her cup with hot water, emptied the packet into the cup, and started stirring at the breakfast table. Ethan sat next to her and continued to eat cookies.

"What's up?" He asked. Ava shrugged.

"Not sure... But something's wrong. Has Zoey talking about it lately? Anything at all?" Ava regretted asking, out here, just in the kitchen. Anyone could've heard.

Ethan shook his head. "Nothing. You'd think she tell everyone about it, but so far she's be pretty secretive."

"I kind of regret telling her, you know. I doubt she can keep her mouth shut forever. We shouldn't have told her." Ava stopped stirring her hot chocolate and sipped it.

"We didn't really have a choice, she would've found out anyway." He protested, starting to roll up the bad of lemon squares, or what was left of it.

Ava looked at the old cat clock in the corner of the kitchen. Half past two. She sighed and took another sip of the hot chocolate. "I'm no idiot, you know. I know there's something else on your mind... And what is that?" Ethan asked, and Ava sighed again.

"I had a feeling something was going to happen... And it is. Dreams, Ethan. Every time I go to bed they come up at least once... Something's happening. Every time it gets lower, and smaller...." Ava shuddered, not wanting to think about it.

"What's getting lower?"

Ava snickered. He wouldn't believe her, it was too ridiculous. "The sun." Ethan started to laugh, but Ava shushed him. "Don't laugh, it's true. It's probably almost gone now... I don't know, maybe I'm going crazy?"

Ethan was about to unroll the bag and eat another cookie, but he stopped and smiled. "Ava," he sighed, "you helped me cerate the world. You're not any more crazy than myself."

Ava snickered. "That's not any more comforting."


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