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The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

Novel By: SavvyApple
Action and adventure

Two sisters and a brother. All working together to save their world. All working together to prevent each other from fading away. All working together to save themselves.

About four months to half a year ago, Ethan (18) and Ava (15), created a magical world. This world was very much real, if you believed in it enough - under certain circumstances, of course. Certain 'rules' applied, including the fact that if you took the risk in creating this world, then it would become part the creator's lifeline(s). Therefore - it dies, you die, or at least cease to exist. Despite the known risks, Ava and Ethan take on the challenge of creating their own world in which, if needed one day, humans could live in themselves successfully.
Ava and Ethan attempted at keeping this world from Zoey (7), thus saving their parents by having at least one remaining child in case something happened to their world, as opposed to none. But when Zoey gets involved in everything, well, then everything changes.

Now, something's going on in the sibling's world; the sun is getting smaller and lower every time Ava sees it in her dreams, which isn't supposed to happen. They had made the sun their main focus point, their main energy source, and the holy item in their world. It was never supposed to set unless said otherwise. Because of how vital the sun is, Ava, Ethan, and Zoey, knowing that they couldn't possibly keep all Evil away from humanity, chose Seven Sun Protectors, also known as the Guardians, or the Strong Sun Seven. The leader, Eli (pronounced Ellie), was to pick out the other 6 Guardians - which happened, but now all Guardians have been stolen and hidden in multiple locations of the trio's world. The confusion alerts all three's attention, and they all must go on a thrilling adventure to save all 7 Guardians, 6 unknown, all before the sun shrinks and sets for good, because after that, their world will have never existed - and neither will have they. View table of contents...

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Chapter 25: Ava

We all hurried up and got all the stuff packed up - though there wasn't much, considering we hadn't really unpacked in the first place. Then, slightly reluctantly, we followed the five people with the lanterns. I caught up with the old woman who had offered us a stay at her inn. "Thank you, but... who are you, exactly?"

"Forgive us. I'm Mrs. Rogers - not the most original name of course, but it's my name - and this is my husband, Loyde, or Mr. Rogers. That young man is Chris, my nephew" Mrs. Rogers gestured to the guy with brown hair. "and his friend Matt." She pointed to the other black haired guy.

"Aunt P., it's Mark."

"Excuse me - Mark. And over there is my granddaughter Lizzie."

"Nice to meet all of you." Trying to get a clear focus on everyone's face was pretty difficult as I said this, but that was also because it was at least 4:30 in the morning.

I was still startled by the dream I had just had as we all continued to walk towards town. The Sun, dear Gaurdians we didn't have nearly as much time as we thought we did. We needed to get to the town, settle in the inn, but not even bother sleeping - we had to look for the Gaurdian and find all of them as soon as possible.

Lizze was talking to Zoey, getting to know each other better. "How old are you anyway?" Zoey asked.

"Oh, only twelve."

"Not possible."

"It's true, I"m just really tall so I look about fifteen. Hey, before I forget - what are you guys doing here? I've never seen any of you guys around town, and then all the sudden we stumble cross you guys sleeping on the edge of the forest like hobos. WHy are you guys here?"

I eyed Zoey, making eye contact with her, telling her not to discuss the reason. We didn't know if we could completely trust these people, and even then, we didn't know if everyone in Brittanica knows about the rebellion anywya. And if they don't, well why would we notify them and make them worry if we've got it situated (for the most part) anyway?

Zoey seemed to understand well enough. She smiled and shruged. "We don't go to town often, and we were just on a plain camping trip."

"That was a heck of a lot of food for 'just a plain camping trip'."

"We're hungry people." Zoey replied, eyeing me as well as Ethan. LIzzie didn't reply after that.

I turned my attention back to Mr. and Mrs. Rogers. "So you own an inn?" I asked, picking up a rock and turning and twirlling it in my fingers.

Mr. Rogers nodded. "It's on the more quiet side of town but it's within walking distance to a market and a bit near the diner. It's not a bad location, but we don't get that much business."

"Oh. Right. Business. So... You... Well uh, how much would it be for the four of us to stay?"

"We don't charge minors, not really anyway. We might ask for a little, because of this young man here - but you guys were sleeping in the woods, I dont' think you have to be charged.. You seem to have the food, the sleeping material, you people seem to be nice and lovely; you won't be charged." Mrs. Rogers smiled at me as we stepped onto a paved road. I dropped the rock in relief, thankful we didn't have to pay anything for the most part.

"Welcome to downtown," Mark greeted in an overly extravagant way, probably thinking I dropped the rock from amazement. "Hey wait, we didn't catch all your names! We'll need them for the tour around town tomorrow."

"Sorry. I'm Ava, and that's my younger sister Zoey and our older brother Ethan. And this is our friend Elidi. And to review you are... Mark, Mr. and Mrs Rogers, Chris, LIzzie." I pointed to each corresponding person, and they one at a time smiled at us.

Chris nodded in approval. "Tomorrow Mark and I can take youfour for a tour around town - you know, introduce you guys to some people?"

Ethan nodded. "Yeah, that'd be cool. Ava we could get a feel for around town so we know who to talk too?" I nodded. "And you guys could tell us how the heck we got to town so fast, I thought was had a heck of a lot more miles."

Chris and Mark smiled at each other like this question was a inside joke between them from a long time ago. "Shortcut we found a while back."

"It makes it so much easier to get to ther river and back."

"you young ones can talk about that tomorow - or later today, rather. For now, you four get situation - welcome to the Rogers Inn. You four can have rooms two and three." Mr. Rogers smild, handing Ethan the keys from his back pocket and pointed in the general direction of the rooms.

"Have a nice stay!" Mrs. Rogers wished, and we walked off.


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