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The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

Novel By: SavvyApple
Action and adventure

Two sisters and a brother. All working together to save their world. All working together to prevent each other from fading away. All working together to save themselves.

About four months to half a year ago, Ethan (18) and Ava (15), created a magical world. This world was very much real, if you believed in it enough - under certain circumstances, of course. Certain 'rules' applied, including the fact that if you took the risk in creating this world, then it would become part the creator's lifeline(s). Therefore - it dies, you die, or at least cease to exist. Despite the known risks, Ava and Ethan take on the challenge of creating their own world in which, if needed one day, humans could live in themselves successfully.
Ava and Ethan attempted at keeping this world from Zoey (7), thus saving their parents by having at least one remaining child in case something happened to their world, as opposed to none. But when Zoey gets involved in everything, well, then everything changes.

Now, something's going on in the sibling's world; the sun is getting smaller and lower every time Ava sees it in her dreams, which isn't supposed to happen. They had made the sun their main focus point, their main energy source, and the holy item in their world. It was never supposed to set unless said otherwise. Because of how vital the sun is, Ava, Ethan, and Zoey, knowing that they couldn't possibly keep all Evil away from humanity, chose Seven Sun Protectors, also known as the Guardians, or the Strong Sun Seven. The leader, Eli (pronounced Ellie), was to pick out the other 6 Guardians - which happened, but now all Guardians have been stolen and hidden in multiple locations of the trio's world. The confusion alerts all three's attention, and they all must go on a thrilling adventure to save all 7 Guardians, 6 unknown, all before the sun shrinks and sets for good, because after that, their world will have never existed - and neither will have they. View table of contents...

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Chapter 2: Ethan

After getting Zoey her chicken soup, Ava and I gathered in my room to fire out what's going on with it. "How far down was it when you last saw it?" I asked.

Pause. "Let's just say we better hurry up and solve it, or it's going to be to late." Ava replied grimly. "Ethan, we need Zoey. We're not going to figure it out without her."

I sighed. "But we can't, not yet." She wasn't ready, was she. They could keep the secret from her a little longer. They could protect her for a little while longer...

Couldn't they?

* * *

"Zoey, go do somethingother than watch TV, won't you? You've been sitting in the same exact place ever since Mom and Dad left, go and do something else. It's still light outside, why don't you go outside and play with a neighbor's dog? Go draw, go do something." I suggested, but Zoey just turned the volume on mute and chook her head. "You need to do something with your life, go on, get up."

"I don't feel like myself today, Ethan." She muttered, her face turning a slight shade of green, but passed before I could say anything. "I don't think I'm sick, but I feel kind of... I suppose the word would be empty."

Ava slammed down the knife she was using to cut an apple in the kitchen, where she could hear everything clearly. "That's it!" She walked into the room and shut the windows, closed the curtains, and turned again to face us. "Whatever'sgoing on, it'sdoing something to us! Ethan, we're going to tell hernow."


"Ethan! Look at her, she's turning green!" I looked at Zoey, who looked sad, but about to throw up. I hesitated; we didn't need to do it, not yet.


Ava grunted with satisfaction. "Zoey, we have something to tell you about… Our World. Something's going on... And it's not very good."

Zoey blinked, not know what do say. "See," Ava continued, ignoring the lack or response, "recently I've been having these visions - dreams - at night, and, well, the...the-"

"Ava." Zoey interrupted, looking at her feet. She brushed her chocolate brown hair identical to Ava's and her brown eyes shone through. "The sun. It's leaving, but not by wi-"

"How do you know?"

"Well..." Zoey started. "Remember when Mom took me to the park a couple weeks ago? Well, I was... examining the map a bit, and I saw this... thing. Something... I don't know, it's hard to explain, but anyway, the next time I looked, it wasn't there anymore. It just vanished. And it kept happening every time I went to the park and came back. I'm supposing you don't know what's going on either, but... I can tell it's something big." Zoey swallowed, probably because it was such a relief to get it all out.

"There could be thousands of possibilities," I muttered, probably not helping anyhow.

Ava snorted. "No, not thousands, just a few. Be smart about this Ethan, you're 18 in your senior year, you should know about critical thinking by now. The problem, or Challenge, if you want to go formal-"

"We don't."

"-has to do with the sun, that should be obvious."

"You didn't let me finish at first you know." Zoey piped up. "The sun is leaving against its will. Someone is interfering. Remember how we agreed on there being seven Guardians? So we created one - Eli - and she was to pick the other six. That much is covered. Their job was to protect he sun, our main power source, from evil and such. If I'm right and you guys haven't changed the law, three Guardians were to also how the sun up, like Atlas from those Greek myths and stuff. The others just guarded the sun, but together they created the Strong Sun Seven, and together they general knew that they had to protect the sun. So, if something's going on with the sun, then it's pretty obvious that the first step is that the Guardians have been captured."

"Unless they're dead." I coughed. The pessimist.

"No, Zoey's right. IF they were dead, the sun would be gone by now." Reasoned Ava. The realist.

"Meaning we can still do something about it, before it's too late. We can do it." Zoey smiled like the seven year old she was. The optimist.

"So," I added to my pessimistic title, "We're supposed to find the Guardians and free them so they can keep holding up the son and not let us fade. We can assume that they're inour world, leaving us with another problem;"

"How do we get into our world?"


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