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The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

Novel By: SavvyApple
Action and adventure

Two sisters and a brother. All working together to save their world. All working together to prevent each other from fading away. All working together to save themselves.

About four months to half a year ago, Ethan (18) and Ava (15), created a magical world. This world was very much real, if you believed in it enough - under certain circumstances, of course. Certain 'rules' applied, including the fact that if you took the risk in creating this world, then it would become part the creator's lifeline(s). Therefore - it dies, you die, or at least cease to exist. Despite the known risks, Ava and Ethan take on the challenge of creating their own world in which, if needed one day, humans could live in themselves successfully.
Ava and Ethan attempted at keeping this world from Zoey (7), thus saving their parents by having at least one remaining child in case something happened to their world, as opposed to none. But when Zoey gets involved in everything, well, then everything changes.

Now, something's going on in the sibling's world; the sun is getting smaller and lower every time Ava sees it in her dreams, which isn't supposed to happen. They had made the sun their main focus point, their main energy source, and the holy item in their world. It was never supposed to set unless said otherwise. Because of how vital the sun is, Ava, Ethan, and Zoey, knowing that they couldn't possibly keep all Evil away from humanity, chose Seven Sun Protectors, also known as the Guardians, or the Strong Sun Seven. The leader, Eli (pronounced Ellie), was to pick out the other 6 Guardians - which happened, but now all Guardians have been stolen and hidden in multiple locations of the trio's world. The confusion alerts all three's attention, and they all must go on a thrilling adventure to save all 7 Guardians, 6 unknown, all before the sun shrinks and sets for good, because after that, their world will have never existed - and neither will have they. View table of contents...

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Chapter 44: Ethan

I must admit, it was unusually nice to sleep in even a minute. Of course, Ava though, of course had to say that we had slept in too much, thus making us rush through bathroom breaks that we usually had in the morning, skip breakfast, and head back onto the trail towards the bridge.

We had nearly forgotten what direction we had come from and whcich direction we were supposed to go in. When we did remember, Zoey took the map out of her backpack just to be sure. The bow and arrows trailed along with her - partiall dragging on the floor, but not really. She was the only one that really had to carry extra baggage, except for the extra bag of food.

We had lost a good amount of food bags from the great chicken run, but luckily everyone's stomachs seemed to have adjusted to the lack of food each day - no one seemed to complain that much, except for Zoey that first day we had spent in Brittanica.

Elidi and Ravi usually took turns carrying the food bag, since they didn't want to act like brats who didn't have to carry anything - thus they had offered, and of course we had accepted. It was Ravi's turn to hold the bag, and at the time I was walking next to him and Ava. We were dudging by, and it seemed as though he were strugging with the bag. My bag that I was carrying was relatively light - maybe switch them?

"Here, switch." I offered, and Ravi smiled at me and took the bag with all my stuff me and I took the bag of food from him, grabbing myself an apple. It was a lot heavier, that was for sure, but I didn't really mind - as long as Ravi's job was easier.

"You have indeed made my job a bit easier, thank you Creator Ethan." Ravi said, and I snapped my head towards him.

This kid could read minds? Seriously? Go figure, everyone seemed to have an awesome talent except for me. The only thing I had was being a beast at swordsmanship, but frankly that just showed how much of a no lifer I was when I was younger and spent all my time playing video games and walking around the house with sticks, pretending that they were swords.

"You're a lot more important than you think yourself to be," Ravi said, again reading my mind, "you just don't think the talent is there. You're a Creator, Ethan. You had the imagination to make this place. That's pretty important."

I huffed. "Thanks, but come on. You can read minds. Ava is like... Ava is a Dreamer, and so is Zoey. Zoey is even beast at archery, which is saying something. And I'm sure Elidi has got some hidden power."

"She can persuade people rather easily."

"See. And me... I'm just. Ethan." Luckily Ravi and I were kind of trailing behind everyone, so the other three didn't hear me say that - otherwise I would never be able o live that down, it would erase my entire reputation as being the cocky Ethan that I was.

"You're a Creator!"

"That's not that special, so are Ava and Zoey."

"It's etremely special."

I shrugged. "Sure." There was a moment of awkward silence following my pesimism. "So," I said, wanting to get to know Ravi a bit better than just the optimistic person that tries to convince people they're not worthless, "tell me about yourself. Eli chose you aas a Gaurdian. What makes you so special?" I asked, slightly teasing.


"...The other Gaurdian?"

"....The other Gaurdian...." Ravi seemed to have an epiphany, and that's when I remembered that it was hard for Elidi and Ravi to remember any other Gaurdians unless their name rang the bell - almost literally. "Eli. She... Eli. She picked me.... I forget."

"You relaly don't remember why you were thought to be qualified for this job?"

Ravi looked at me like I suddenly was talking jibberish. "Being part of the Seven Sun Protectors isn't a job. It's a way of life. And it's certainly an honor." Ravi argued, and I held up my hands in surrender as we decided to let that part go. "She said something about me being the spiritual side of the sun. The spiritual side of everything, which apparently was extremely important." He muttered. I could tell little Ravi was a bit embarrassed.

I clapped him on the back. believe it or not, I was actually, yeah, okay, really impressed. This kid was what, nine, could read minds, and he was a Gaurdian. Impressive.

I was about to applaud Ravi more so, when Zoey coughed. "Guys," She muttered, examining the map a bit more before looking up at us, "I suggest we get off the path now and get ready for the bridge encounter. PUt our stuff in trees or something. We've come within abou thalf a mile of the bridge."


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