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The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

Novel By: SavvyApple
Action and adventure

Two sisters and a brother. All working together to save their world. All working together to prevent each other from fading away. All working together to save themselves.

About four months to half a year ago, Ethan (18) and Ava (15), created a magical world. This world was very much real, if you believed in it enough - under certain circumstances, of course. Certain 'rules' applied, including the fact that if you took the risk in creating this world, then it would become part the creator's lifeline(s). Therefore - it dies, you die, or at least cease to exist. Despite the known risks, Ava and Ethan take on the challenge of creating their own world in which, if needed one day, humans could live in themselves successfully.
Ava and Ethan attempted at keeping this world from Zoey (7), thus saving their parents by having at least one remaining child in case something happened to their world, as opposed to none. But when Zoey gets involved in everything, well, then everything changes.

Now, something's going on in the sibling's world; the sun is getting smaller and lower every time Ava sees it in her dreams, which isn't supposed to happen. They had made the sun their main focus point, their main energy source, and the holy item in their world. It was never supposed to set unless said otherwise. Because of how vital the sun is, Ava, Ethan, and Zoey, knowing that they couldn't possibly keep all Evil away from humanity, chose Seven Sun Protectors, also known as the Guardians, or the Strong Sun Seven. The leader, Eli (pronounced Ellie), was to pick out the other 6 Guardians - which happened, but now all Guardians have been stolen and hidden in multiple locations of the trio's world. The confusion alerts all three's attention, and they all must go on a thrilling adventure to save all 7 Guardians, 6 unknown, all before the sun shrinks and sets for good, because after that, their world will have never existed - and neither will have they. View table of contents...

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Chapter 55: Ava

The walk through the forest the rest o the day was tedious. We all tried to remember the path that we had all originally taken - the most likely person that would have remembered didn't, mostly because he wasn't even with us when we started.

This was one of those times when I deeply missed Mark, a lot more than I thought I would, or would like to admit for that matter.

Nonetheless, we troopers kept marching on, until we saw the bright, bright stars and decided to talk only a bit more until we were going to have to sleep. And that's what we did - we only walked about four more steps before Elidi and Ravi crashed straight down onto the ground, making us all laugh.

"I'm too tired…!" Ravi exclaimed. "Walking is such a pain, why do we have legs?" He cried, getting more comfortable on the ground. Everyone laughed and kneeled down next to him and Elidi, who already appeared to be asleep.

I looked up at the sky and noticed that not all the stars that should have been there were shining - something bright and light must have been blocking the sine from some stars.

"Come on, champ, we've just got to walk a bit farther, and then we'll stop… Okay?" I asked, and Ravi groaned a bit but allowed Ethan to pick him up and be carried. I did the same with Elidi, who didn't seem to be as heavy. We walked a bit more, and I'm sure Ethan and Zoey were extremely annoyed with it. Apollo was practically sleep walking, running into trees every here and there.

Eventually we stepped onto the pavement of down town after five minutes. We had been traveling a total of three hours, so it was around eight now. We all wondered how on earth we go to the town so fast - it should have taken a day or two. But none of us argued, instead we went to the inn, and broke the door down.

Not literally, we found the spare key, but we 'broke in' anyway.

Then we all headed off to bed, finding a random bed in a random bedroom and crashing for the night.

It was cold. That's the first thing that popped into my mind when I was dropped into the dream. It was very, very cold. I thought things were going to be a little warmer, but obviously I was wrong.

We were in a cave. No one else was in the room except me, and a girl who had their head down. From what I could see, she was wearing long skinny jeans and hiking boots, along with a white tank-top. Her hair was blonde - but it was almost as if she had dyed little bits of it orange and bright yellow, so you couldn't really tell exactly the color. But besides the hair, she looked like one of the girls that went to my school - one of the ones that barely talked but exceeded in everything she did, and yet had barely any friends because she really preferred not too.

"Can you hear me?" I asked, the first question that came to mind at the time.

The girl suddenly looked up and looked thrilled. "Creator." She almost sang, out of happiness. "I have reached you. Finally." She sighed out of relief and then looked at me.

"You're tired." She muttered.

"Great observation, yes. I'm tired. I fought for my life today to get back Apollo. And before that I had to fight people who I thought I could trust for Ravi. And before that I had to fight a bunch of losers for Elidi. And now we've got to climb up some mountain to save you, right?"

"Being Eli the first Guardian, yes, you do have to save me, but I can tell you what mountain you climb so that it won't be a waste of time as you proclaim it to be." Eli offered, and I shut up. She tugged at her bonds - she was chained against the wall with bonds that looked like they were extremely painful. "It's the mountain that has so many caves that you cannot count. I'm in a save hidden within a cave, I believe."

"Who are we up against?"

"Monsters. Creatures beyond your imagination, which is saying something, because you dreamt up this place. And tricks. Lots of tricks. Be prepared, Creator."

I thought for a while, trying to gather all this information. I knew from experience that Guardians like this, meeting them in dreams, would not last long - we weren't going to have that much more time. "I need an image to know what we're up against." I said, and suddenly there was a lot of pounding.

"Who is our little prisoner talking too?" A huge voice boomed through the cave, making parts of the ceiling crumble. "You know there isn't supposed to be any communication with the outside world."

"He comes!" Eli exclaimed, and hung her head like she was already ashamed.

I watched as the shadow of a huge monster came into view - it was at least four stories tall, had horns, and very, very beefy arms. It almost made me want to give up. But I knew I couldn't, naturally.

"I'll go now." I muttered just so that I could hear, and the scene faded into darkness.


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