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Temashi was once a land full of many monsters, dragons being one of them, until one day all dragons vanished. Seishi Kean is part of a guild of mages called Kinkou Guild which works at providing powerful assistance to help protect people. As Seishi and his friends progress through their experiences a old legend of a monster called Konton comes into play. Seishi and his friends then start on a path to find this Konton only to discover that the Konton is a fake. So, with the aid of a summon guardian, Tsuru, they begin their own search to find the real Konton and information on where the dragons might have gone. Their journey takes them to the original birth place of the Konton and meet a princess who claims she is the sister of the real Konton. With this knowledge Seishi and his friends ask the princess to show them where the Konton is. She agrees to help only after Seishi and his two friends take a vow of friendship and face a trail to strengthen their bonds. Through this trial, Nami and Sonzai, Seishi's two friends, slowly uncover a dark secret Seishi had wanted to keep secret till the day he lay dead. View table of contents...


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Chapter Eleven

For many hours, we walked towards Ankoku ruins until we arrived at a tall black wall. "Tsuru, what is that?" Nami asked in worry.

"This is the great wall that separated Ankoku from the world. The people of Ankoku were believed to be connected to a Konton," Tsuru muttered.

"Were they?" Sonzai asked.

"Yes, in this village, many Konton lived," Tsuru said and we all gasped in surprise. "The Konton were sealed at birth as was all the people. The real Konton was never actually known because of the seal. Every person in this village could use only the same amount of magic. The people from here, even when sealed, were very powerful and because of this gift of magic, the high wizards attacked. In the hopes of finding the secret, they found a Konton instead. The Konton, sealed up, could only do so much to protect his home. They did kill him and after that, the wizards realized that the Konton was very real. But because of their attack, they were unsure if they killed everyone. Several people escaped with their children and twelve woman ready to give birth fled. Those woman were hunted down but only seven of the woman had been hunted and found with their baby in arms," Tsuru said then I looked at him.

"My father said that he was disappointed with the wizards and the few mages who took away all the lives from Ankoku," I muttered then Tsuru sighed.

"As were all the guardians. It's a shame such a peaceful village was killed relentlessly because of one soul," Tsuru said then Tsuru was silent as I looked up at the black wall.

"How do we get in?" Nami asked then Tsuru folded his arms.

"We simply walk through. The wall is simply just a ward for evil. It was supposed to protect the Ankoku people from the outside evils but the wizard's weakened the spell and marched a war in on the people," Tsuru replied then we all walked through the ward.

Our eyes then gazed upon the burnt ground and fallen black marble buildings. Many tall statues carved from white marble stood tall but broken. "This place, it's incredible," Nami gasped in awe of the broken design.

"It is but think of what it would have looked like before the attack," Sonzai said then Tsuru looked at me.

"Seishi. I need you to do something. You and I are the only two strong enough to do what must be done," Tsuru muttered and Sonzai frowned.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sonzai asked as he folded his arms angrily.

"Seishi has more magic than you and so the magic I'm about to use will last longer if Seishi allows our magic to connect," Tsuru said.

"How am I supposed to do that? I've never heard of connecting with magic," I asked in awe.

"It is an ancient spell once used to see the past events and how they happened. It is only used by guardians such as I," Tsuru replied and I frowned.

"What do you plan on doing with the spell?" I asked him and he looked around.

"I'm sure among this mess there was a wizard strong enough to track the Konton without losing it. I fear that there is a wizard hiding the Konton," Tsuru sighed then a lady in heavy black robes and a white frame crown with glass jewels appeared out of nowhere followed by a warning arrow made of black material. A tall boy in heavy black robs stood next to the lady. He held his bow pointed at us.

"You're wrong Tsuru," the lady said startling everyone.

"Am I young one?" Tsuru asked the lady whose face was hidden behind a white fox mask with black designs.

"I can't let you find the Konton. He is the last thing the remaining people of my home are praying on to make wrongs right," the lady muttered sadly.

"So the Konton is a he?" Tsuru asked then he bowed his long neck. "Forgive me Princess," Tsuru said. "But it is peril we find the Konton," Tsuru said.

"I can't let you do that," she muttered.

"Please," Sonzai begged. "If we don't find him then he may just become a god of chaos himself," Sonzai said then the lady folded her arms.

"I can't help you and I won't," the lady grumbled.

"So you know how to find the Konton?" Tsuru asked and she huffed and remained silent. "So you realized my play? Please, I sense you want to see him again. We can bring him back to you," Tsuru muttered.

"So you're a princess?" I asked and she glanced at me from behind her mask.

"Yes," she answered then Tsuru drew his katanas and pointed them at her.

"Tell us how to find it," Tsuru hissed startling all of us.

"I won't help you," the princess yelled in shock.

"Why not?" Tsuru growled.

"Because the Konton is my brother," the girl yelled in fear then the boy shot a black arrow through Tsuru's hands causing him to drop his katanas then he vanished in thin air.

"Thank you Ken," the princess muttered.

"I know he's a guardian but he didn't have to be so rude to you Tyra," the boy, Ken, grumbled.

"You can't leave this place now," the princess said to Sonzai, Nami, and I. "If you want to find the Konton, you'll have to learn how to see the power inside," Tyra said as she lifted the hood that sat on her crown to show her long white hair. She then pushed down her mask showing her pale face and bright blue eyes. "My name is Tyra. I'm first princess of the Ankoku Ruins. That boy with the bow is my older brother, Ken, he is second prince," Tyra said then Sonzai frowned.

"So who's first prince?" Sonzai asked.

"The Konton. The Konton is first until they decide otherwise," Tyra replied.

"So you're going to help us find the Konton?" Nami asked.

"Yeah, but before I show you where he is, I want to see how strong your bonds are between the three of you," Tyra answered then she stepped forward and gripped my hands.

"Why the sad face? You look upset about something," Tyra muttered and I looked down. "I've heard about a boy who looks like you. You're Seishi right?" Tyra asked me. "You're the boy raised by the last dragon," Tyra muttered sadly then she hugged me tightly. "Did you know it was the dragons that originally created the Konton?" Tyra asked me and I sighed.

"But the dragons are all gone now," I said then Tyra let me go and smiled.

"No, dragons are still with us. Just hidden. It's not often said but inside a Konton lives the spirit of a dragon," Tyra said then she walked over to Nami and took her hands. "I have a rare gift often called 'Sight'. I can learn about you through touch. Your name is Nami," Tyra smiled. "Nami is a fitting name for you. I've always wanted to hear the sounds of the vast water," Tyra said then she let Nami go and walked over to Sonzai. She then took his hands and looked at him.

"Sonzai," she said his name as if curious. "Have hope. Not all is lost yet. You still have time to find that place inside," Tyra said then she let his hands go and looked at Ken. "Brother, these three have promising futures. Shall we send them off with a stronger confidence in the right path?" Tyra asked.

"Are they tied together with a destiny?" Ken asked Tyra then she looked at me then to Sonzai and Nami.

"Yes, they are tied together. I want to tighten the bond they have. They know strengths inside," Tyra said then she snapped her fingers and her robes became a white dress.

"Then what is first?" Ken asked then Tyra held up her hands and a black goblet with white designs appeared in her hands.

"It was a far travel from your city. Let's set and drink," Tyra said as she handed the goblet to me then gave Nami and Sonzai one.

We drank the cold water and the goblets vanished. "Tsuru said you are strong. But nobody is strong alone but strongest with the help of friends," Tyra said then she looked at Nami then to Sonzai and back to me. "Is it in your interests to be able to work as one?" Tyra asked.

"Work as one?" Nami repeated.

"She wants to know if we would like to be bonded together," I muttered to answer Nami.

"You know a lot of things don't you?" Tyra asked me and I folded my arms.

"My father taught me most of what I know," I replied then Tyra smiled.

"My father died trying to save his family," Tyra said then she sighed sadly. "So do you want to be bonded?" Tyra asked.

"If it means being stronger together then I'm in," Nami smiled to Tyra who looked at Sonzai.

"Well, two heads are better than one," Sonzai laughed then I looked down.

"To make a bond, at least three people are needed. Are you willing?" Tyra asked me and I glanced at Sonzai then to Nami.

"I don't know. Being bond to other people might hurt them," I muttered and Tyra frowned.

"Hurt them? What about yourself. I sense secrets inside your soul. Some rather dark ones," Tyra said.

"Quit predicting me. It's freaky," I muttered as I frowned and turned away from her.

"Sorry, it's my physic sense. I don't always control what I say," Tyra giggled then I frowned.

"Besides, I don't see the point in bonding," I muttered and Tyra folded her arms.

"When you bond with your friends; they will be able to scene when the other is in trouble or needs someone with them," Tyra said then she sighed. "So are you in?" She asked and I looked at Sonzai and Nami

"I guess I am. I'm sure they'll need my help at some point," I muttered and Sonzai grumbled under his breath.

"Great, now please, all of you sit and take each other's hand," Tyra said as she took Sonzai's right hand and Nami's left. Nami took my left then Sonzai took my right as we sat down.

"So how do you bond people?" Sonzai asked.

"A bond spell of course," Ken replied causing Sonzai to frown then Nami looked at Ken.

"So what did you do to Tsuru?" Nami asked Ken.

"We sent him back through the guardian gate. He's alive and you can summon him again but it's easier to do this without the presence of the guardian," Tyra answered for Ken as she closed her eyes. "Now, we must enter the hidden realm in order to tighten your bonds," Tyra said so all of us closed our eyes.


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