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Temashi was once a land full of many monsters, dragons being one of them, until one day all dragons vanished. Seishi Kean is part of a guild of mages called Kinkou Guild which works at providing powerful assistance to help protect people. As Seishi and his friends progress through their experiences a old legend of a monster called Konton comes into play. Seishi and his friends then start on a path to find this Konton only to discover that the Konton is a fake. So, with the aid of a summon guardian, Tsuru, they begin their own search to find the real Konton and information on where the dragons might have gone. Their journey takes them to the original birth place of the Konton and meet a princess who claims she is the sister of the real Konton. With this knowledge Seishi and his friends ask the princess to show them where the Konton is. She agrees to help only after Seishi and his two friends take a vow of friendship and face a trail to strengthen their bonds. Through this trial, Nami and Sonzai, Seishi's two friends, slowly uncover a dark secret Seishi had wanted to keep secret till the day he lay dead. View table of contents...


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When I next opened my eyes, I was alone in a place of tall white walls with black designs spreading across their surface. I looked around in confusion and fear and started to run forward. "Relax. You've made it into the hidden realm. Now, all three of you must find each other," Tyra's voice said. "In this place, the Labyrinth of Bonds, there will be many challenges of which involve your fears and sorrows. Your mind is keen to playing tricks but be careful, don't get lost because you'll have two options if you do. Get stuck in the hidden realm or get rescued by your bonding friends," Tyra's voice echoed. "Begin your adventure," Tyra said then it was silent.

"Seishi," a deep voice bellowed in the distance.

"Father?" I asked in confusion.

"Come to me Seishi. Let me see your face," the voice bellowed out to me and I quickly made my way towards the voice.

"Father, I hear you. I'm coming!" I yelled.

"Seishi!" Sonzia's voice yelled just as I turned a corner to see a long red tail vanish. "Remember what Tyra told us," Sonzai yelled from where he stood.

"I'm scarred guys," Nami sobbed out in worry.

"Just keep moving," Sonzai yelled to her.

A cold wind gust through the place causing me to stop as the sound of whispers echoed around. "Does anyone else hear that voice?" Nami called out in question.

"It must be a trick," Sonzai yelled back and I yelled in shock when something ran behind me. I tried to catch it but it vanished through the wall. I ran into the wall then fell over in surprise.

"Seishi are you alright?" Nami yelled to me and I rubbed my head.

"Tyra wasn't kidding about the mind tricks," I muttered as I stood up to my feet.

"We'll be alright so long as none of us get stuck in a trap," Sonzai yelled out. "Keep your minds sharp," Sonzai said.

After hours of walking around, Nami yelped in a fearful shock. "I can't believe I found you," Sonzai laughed then Nami huffed so I sat down and rest against the wall because my legs were tired.

"Seishi, where are you?" Nami yelled out for me.

"I'm here," I yelled back.

"You're fare away," Nami said sadly.

"I know," I sighed as I closed my eyes but when I opened them I saw a blurry red creature vanish behind a turn. I stood up and quickly chased after it. "Dad wait," I yelled as I turned around the corner and froze at the sight of my dad; a mighty red dragon with yellow eyes and a faded yellow belly.

"Why do you look so happy to see me?" Father asked me with his deep voice.

"Dad," I cried out as I ran forward and hugged his rough belly. I was small again when I did and we were surrounded by tall trees as we sat in a large nest of broken trees and mounds of leaves and hay.

"Why were you gone so long?" I asked him as I rubbed tears from my eyes.

"I had to visit some of my friend. I didn't mean to be long," my father said as he nuzzled me gently with his nose and I hugged it.

"It's okay, I was just so worried you wouldn't come back for me," I sobbed then he picked me up with his hands and held me like a baby in his arms.

"Oh Seishi, I would have to be dead to leave you all alone," my father said as a smile lined in his scaly lips.

"I'm glad you're home," I said as I became relaxed at the touch of his hot skin and scales.

"Me too," Father said as I slowly fell asleep in his arms.

I woke up again and looked at my dad as he slept circled around me to protect me from the cold. I rubbed his snout and he peaked open his eye to look at me. "You're up early Seishi," Father said to me and I smiled.

"I wanted to make sure you were still here," I laughed as I sat up then I hugged his arm. "Will you let me set on your back today?" I asked him and he laughed.

"Yes, you can. Where would you like to go today?" Father asked me and I thought for a long moment.

"Let's go to the sanctuary," I said and he smiled.

"I was just thinking about going there. I guess we can go together," Father said as he lifted me up onto his head and I held onto his frill of red fur.

We flew through the air, laughing and having a good time together. Father kept telling me funny jokes and we'd both laugh until he suddenly became quiet and I began to fall off his back. I yelled for father to catch me but he continued away as if he could not hear me.

I sat up when I hit the ground to find myself back in the labyrinth. I clenched my fists angrily then stood up. "Give back my dad!" I yelled as blue fire burst around me and I punched through the walls angrily. "Give him back!" I yelled.

"Seishi what are you doing?" Sonzai yelled to me in shock.

"He was here, my dad. I just saw him," I yelled in anger as the flames charred the walls around me.

"Seishi it was a trick. You dad isn't here. Not in this place," Nami yelled to me and I shook my head.

"That's not true. That was him, he was here," I yelled out hurtful tears coating my cheeks as I launched a burning fist against a wall. I then began to wreck through the walls like an unstoppable ox as I thought about finding my father. I wanted to find my dad again no matter how many walls I had to bust down.

"Seishi, you're destroying the bond," Nami yelled in worry.

"Seishi, you're becoming consumed by your rage," Sonzai yelled to me then I punched down a wall and froze at the sight of a large glowing white glass sphere that turned black just as I saw it. The glass then shattered and a demonic creature covered in black skin with two white horns, sharp fangs, claws, bare black skin, a long arrow tipped tail, and two black wings leapt at me. I blasted it off of my with a flaming punch and it stood on all fours then arched its back revealing it's spine of pointed white bones that protruded from its back like tinny horns. It hissed at me then it stuck its long black tongue out at me.

I frowned in disgust then I looked at Sonzai and Nami as they stepped out into the open area. "What is that?" Sonzai gasped then the creature stood up on its legs and held up its fists as black and white fire formed around them. It launched a fire ball at me and I dove out of the way.

"Seishi, Sonzai, to complete this test we have to hold each other's hands," Nami said as she gripped Sonzai's hand and they both reached out for me. I ran up to them with my arms stretched and was about to grip their hands when the creature appeared between us, gripped my scarf, hoisted itself up using me, then kicked Nami and Sonzai away knocking me on my back. It then stared at me with its glowing golden yellow eyes as it hissed.

It licked my face then I kicked it off of me and into the wall. It climbed up the wall then jumped at me. It punched my chest and lifted back up into the air using its wings. I reached up and gripped its tail causing it to howl in surprise then I slammed it into the ground. I then ran up to Sonzai and helped him up to his feet then we both ran up to Nami. She reached up for us just as the creature ran at us.

We gripped each other's hands just as the creature tackled us and we were pulled back into the real world. I yelled in surprise startling Tyra as I sat up in the bed I was laying in. "When did I get in bed?" Sonzai asked he as Nami sat up.

"Ken and I brought the three of you here so you could rest and bond," Tyra replied then Sonzai laughed.

"Haha, we did it, I can feel our bond," Sonzai laughed then Nami sighed.

"Yeah, we did it," Nami said then I looked down sadly as I thought about the memory that tried to trap me in the labyrinth then I rubbed my neck with a sad sigh.

"You had trouble but you pulled through," Tyra said then she handed each of us a cup of hot tea. "Here," she said and everyone but me drank the tea.

"Seishi, are you alright?" Nami asked me and I glanced at her.

"I never really realized how much I miss him till now," I said then a tear glistened in the light of the small fire burning in the black marble fireplace and I quickly rubbed it away.

"Memories are powerful," Tyra said with a sad sigh then she stood up and sat next to me on the bed. She then gripped my scarf and pulled it down. I jumped slightly then frowned as she looked at my skin.

"What are you doing?" I asked her in confusion then she let my scarf go when she didn't see anything there.

"I was wondering what you were hiding under your scarf is all. Everyone knows that a Konton has permanent markings on their skin," Tyra said then she looked at Sonzai then to Nami and back to me. "You're magic was causing your friends to sweat while the bonds were being tied," Tyra said then I rubbed the back of my head.

"Really?" I asked then Tyra tapped my cup.

"When one begins to rage inside the labyrinth it causes their real magic to go haywire. This, in return, inflicts a sort of backfire on the bonding friends," Tyra nodded then I looked into the cup.

"I'm sorry," I muttered then Tyra shook her head.

"You'll feel better when you drink the tea," Tyra smiled so I drank the tea.

"So now you'll tell us where the Konton is?" Sonzai asked as Tyra looked at Ken who then left the room.

"Sonzai, there is something troubling you," Tyra said and Sonzai frowned.

"What do you mean?" Sonzai asked with question.

"You're most eager to find the Konton. Why?" Tyra asked.

"Because I want to know who it is," Sonzai answered.

"Are you afraid that what you think might be true?" Tyra asked and Sonzai looked down.

"Yes," he replied leaving Nami and I confused. "Please tell me my suspicions are wrong Princess Tyra," Sonzai nearly begged in worry.

"What was that thing we were fighting before we came back?" Nami asked when Tyra didn't answer Sonzai.

"That is the true form of a Konton," Tyra answered and I gripped my cup tightly as I placed my free hand against my scarf.

"True form?" Nami asked in fear.

"Are you afraid of the Konton now?" Tyra asked Nami.

"I don't know s-should I be?" Nami said in worry.

"Princess, please answer my question," Sonzai said then Tyra stood up and looked at him.

"I can't because I don't know the answer yet," she muttered then Tyra looked at me. "Are you still sad about the labyrinth?" Tyra asked me and I sighed.

"I just can't wait to find my dad," I replied then Tyra sat down with a sigh.

"So does everyone else," Tyra muttered then Sonzai looked at Nami then to me.

"Seishi," Sonzai said and I frowned as I looked at him.

"What do you need?" I asked him and he was silent for a moment.

"When you came back from that syphon spell, you were different," Sonzai muttered. "You were using so much power, it was a little frightening but not as frightening as the pulsing markings that appeared on your neck," Sonzai said and I rubbed my scarf.

"You want to know about my power?" I asked him.

"During the end of that battle with the false Konton," Sonzai answered and Tyra glanced at me.

"That was a fraction of what I really can do," I replied and Sonzai was shocked by my answer.

"A f-fraction? Are you telling me that you're stronger than what I know you as?" Sonzai asked me and I looked down.

"Yeah, and after so long of relaxing my abilities, I guess I have more than what I should," I said to him. "I'm sorry to say it but you will most likely never be able to match my full potential," I muttered then Sonzai stood up, walked over to me, and gripped my scarf so he could pull my head up to look at him.

"How?" Sonzai asked me and I frowned.

"It's just the way I was raised, to be strong," I said to him then he shook his head.

"No, that's not true. A normal person raised by a dragon can dream of becoming as strong as your fraction of power," Sonzai growled.

"The point of bonding is to trust each other. To begin the second step of bonding, all three of you will be locked inside a room, sound proof, so that you may share your deepest or darkest secrets," Tyra said as she nodded to Ken when he came back into the room then he looked at the three of us.

"Come on you three, I'm going to take you to our sacred temple," Ken said so all three of us stood up and followed Ken.


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