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Temashi was once a land full of many monsters, dragons being one of them, until one day all dragons vanished. Seishi Kean is part of a guild of mages called Kinkou Guild which works at providing powerful assistance to help protect people. As Seishi and his friends progress through their experiences a old legend of a monster called Konton comes into play. Seishi and his friends then start on a path to find this Konton only to discover that the Konton is a fake. So, with the aid of a summon guardian, Tsuru, they begin their own search to find the real Konton and information on where the dragons might have gone. Their journey takes them to the original birth place of the Konton and meet a princess who claims she is the sister of the real Konton. With this knowledge Seishi and his friends ask the princess to show them where the Konton is. She agrees to help only after Seishi and his two friends take a vow of friendship and face a trail to strengthen their bonds. Through this trial, Nami and Sonzai, Seishi's two friends, slowly uncover a dark secret Seishi had wanted to keep secret till the day he lay dead. View table of contents...


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Chapter Four

We arrived at the hut just as a swarm of small six inch house pixies in fur clothing pieces pelleted out of the windows. "Come back here with my grandmother's ring!" A lady with pulled back brown and fair skin yelled as she ran out of the front door to chase them.

Sonzai then snapped his fingers and trapped the pixies in a whirlwind until they all fell down, got back up, and flew away leaving behind the ring. The lady picked it up then looked at us. "Are you here to try and buy my land?" She growled suddenly then Sonzai crossed his right arm across his chest and bowed slightly

"No miss, we're here from Kinkou Guild. You had a request for us and we accepted it," Sonzai muttered and I folded my arms.

"I accepted it he just tagged along," I growled then the lady pushed back a loose lock of her hair.

"Finally, it took long enough for you to pluck that paper off your board," she said with a sigh of relief. "You're just in time for some dinner. Would you like to join my house for supper?" She asked then I smiled.

"No we shouldn't," Sonzai frowned.

"We'd love to. No better way to regenerate strength then by eating a warm meal cooked by a nice young lady," I laughed thankfully as I elbowed Sonzai.

"Yes that would be nice of you," Sonzai grumbled then she led us inside.

Setting around a small table, I sat on the floor as Sonzai stood and the lady sat with her one chair at the table. "I'm terribly sorry, I had two chairs at one point but the pixies flew off with one of them and a lot of my pots and plates," the lady muttered sadly then she looked at me then Sonzai. "My name is Elame," Elame said then I finished off her stew.

"My name is Seishi. That lad is Sonzai," I said to Elame.

"So how are you going to get the pixies to leave my home alone?" Elame asked me and I smiled.

"I'm going to create a pixie ward. I just need a pixie hair and a pixie wing," I said then Elame stood up and lifted up a small bird cage. She pulled off the cloth that clung around on it and a small female pixie began to screamed at Elame.

"I happen to catch this one in a small trap spell my grandmother taught me when I was a little girl," Elame said as she gave me the cage. The pixie screamed at me then I stared at her.

"Um, little Miss, is it alright if I have a piece of your hair and one of your wings?" I asked the pixie.

"No," she said in her small voice. "You can't have any part of me," she hissed.

"Elame, do I have permission to make a deal with you and the pixie?" I asked and Elame frowned.

"State it first then ask me," Elame answered.

"What is your name pixie?" I asked the pixie who calmed down slightly.

"My name is Fae," the pixie, Fae, replied.

"Fae, I want to ward off some unfriendly pixies. I would like to know if you will help Elame keep her home safe," I said and Fae seemed to listen. "If you lend me a hair and one of your four wings, I'm sure Elame would love to let you stay in her home. If you don't allow me this, I'm afraid I'll have to kill you. You see if I use your hair and wing you will be the only pixie capable of entering and leaving," I said then the pixie began to stroke her long red hair.

"I don't want to die but why should I trust you?" Fae asked me.

"You are a very beautiful pixie Fae. I'm sure you will be a lovely house pixie who doesn't steal. I don't run away from my words Fae. I make a promise," I said as I opened the cage and Fae looked at me.

"You're very nice for a mage sent from a guild," Fae said to me then she pulled out a piece of her hair and ripped off one of her wings and it quickly grew back. "Thank you for potentially saving my life. Here's a token of my loyalty and part of the promise," Fae smiled and I took the small hair and wing, tied them together then looked at Elame.

"Elame, pixie wards take a while to cook up. It's going to take about a day to prepare," I said and Elame looked at Fae.

"I'm sorry for putting you in that cage," Elame said then Fae flew up into the air then sat on Elame's shoulder.

"That's fine, I'm glad you didn't smash me," Fae said then I placed the pixie hair and wing in a small wrap.

"Elame could you fetch Seishi a small bowl to mix the ingredients together in?" Sonzai asked and Elame went to get a bowl when I stopped her.

"That's fine, I don't need a bowl. I'm going to use my hands," I began, "To make a ward it's strongest, you need to cook it directly on a flame with a constant temperature."

"How are you going to use your hand to do that?" Sonzai asked.

"With my magic. That way I can increase the essence of the ward," I replied. "It'll take a lot of energy out of me and I've got to concentrate so I don't mess it up," I muttered as I began to search for something until I found a small blanket then stretched it out on the ground. "I'm going to meditate. Sonzai, you'll have to keep those pixies out until I'm done preparing the ward," I muttered as I clenched my right hand into a fist, placed it under the palm of my left hand, curled down my pinky and ring finger, crossed my thumb over the two folded fingers, then stuck my middle and index finger up into the air.

"I didn't know you could meditate," Sonzai gasped at me then I gave him a concerned expression.

"You don't know a lot of things about me because I'm hardly around you," I muttered then I lifted up my elbows and held my extended fingers vertically to the bridge of my nose as I closed my eyes.

The ingredients were lifted up into the air and a fire quickly sparked and formed a blazing sphere around them. I then entered my meditation phase.

"Seishi," a muffled voice said in my mind. "Why are you helping them? Why are you working so hard to save them from trouble?" The voice asked.

"Be quiet, I didn't meditate just to hear you talk," I hissed out loud startling Sonzai into giving me a strange look.

"You might want to keep your words inside," the voice hissed back and I lost my meditation. The ingredients fell to the floor and I gasped out in exhaustion.

"Damn," I huffed angrily.

"Seishi?" Sonzai asked.

"Sorry, my self-confidence always gets the best of me," I laughed then I quickly began to meditate again.


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